Thursday, January 1, 2015


To assist the Apostolic Visitors, this "list of crimes" will remain at the top of this blog through January 10 and may be updated to include new items during this time. Newer posts will be posted below this one.

  • Most Reverend Archbishop Savio HON Tai-Fai
  • Your Excellency Archbishop Martin Krebs
  • Reverend Father Nowak
The people of Guam were made aware of your upcoming visit to our island (January 4 - 10) by Archbishop Apuron’s news release of December 18, 2014. 

While we are sure that you would have preferred a quieter context for your visit, now that your arrival is a matter of very public attention and in fact proudly (but falsely) trumpeted as a response to an invitation from Archbishop Apuron, please permit me to publicly share and document just a few of the matters at the heart of the ongoing and crippling division in the Archdiocese of Agana. 

To assist you in your investigation (though Archbishop Apuron wants us to think you are just dropping by for coffee), I will attempt over the next few days to address and document as many of the following tragic items as possible. Most of these are already thoroughly documented throughout this blog but I will gather them together for easier reference.

Thank you for your attention to the war that rages in this archdiocese. We pray you will see what is at the root of it...or rather, WHO is at the root of it.

Here are a few of the items I intend to document for you:
  1. The illegitimate removal of Fr. Paul Gofigan as pastor of Santa Barbara parish.
  2. The defamation of Joseph Lastimoza and the subsequent persecution of his family for implying that he was guilty of a crime that he did not commit when labeling him a "danger to children". 
  3. The slander and calumny of Fr. Paul Gofigan and Joseph Lastimoza by Archbishop Apuron by his implying to a group of clergy that Fr. Paul and Mr. Lastimoza were engaged in a homosexual relationship.
  4. The public rejection of a magisterial instruction issued by the Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacrament as regards the manner in which the neocatechumenals distribute Holy Communion.
  5. The public disgracing of Msgr. James Benavente by accusing him publicly of financial mismanagement without according Msgr. James his right to defend himself.
  6. Archbishop Apuron's lie about procuring the counsel and agreement of the Presbyteral Council and the College of Consultors to fire Msgr. James as Director of the Archdiocesan Development Group and remove him as rector/pastor of the Cathedral parish.
  7. Archbishop Apuron's public lie about the closure of the National Museum (located at the Cathedral), wherein Archbishop Apuron blamed the closure on Msgr. James even though Msgr. James had been removed from his position several days previously. 
  8. The attempt to assign the title of a multi-million dollar property owned by the Archdiocese of Agana to a separate corporation (Redemptoris Mater Seminary).
  9. The en masse dismissal of four of the five members of the Archdiocesan Finance Council when those members would not permit Archbishop Apuron to assign said title, an illegal act given that the en masse dismissal left the archdiocese without a canonically required finance council until a new one was appointed. 
  10. The incardination of a priest, Fr. John Wadeson, into this archdiocese who had been banned from the Los Angeles diocese because he was "credibly accused" of child molestation without publicly acknowledging the priest's past even to discredit the charges.
  11. The refusal of Archbishop Apuron to follow his own sex abuse policy in the matter of Fr. Wadeson, and his removal of Deacon Steve Martinez as the Sex Abuse Response Coordinator, when Deacon Martinez pressed for an investigation as required by the policy. 
  12. Archbishop Apuron's sudden dismissal of Fr. John Wadeson once Wadeson's record was made known on this blog and Archbishop Apuron's subsequent hiding of Wadeson.
  13. The lie to Aaron Quitugua about the reasons why he could not attend an accredited off-island seminary: Aaron was told the archdiocese did not have the money to send him but he was still refused sponsorship even when Aaron said he would pay for his education himself.
  14. The false accusation of the Concerned Catholics of Guam, Inc. as an organization which "plots against the church".
There are also a few items that cannot be as thoroughly documented but perhaps you will be able to investigate these yourself:
  1. The inordinate influence Father Pius Sammut, who is NOT a priest of the Archdiocese of Agana, has over Archbishop Apuron's every decision.
  2. The just as inordinate and extremely detrimental if not outright dangerous influence Giuseppe Gennarini has over critical decisions in this archdiocese including who gets ordained at RMS.
  3. Relative to the above item, the ordination of men from RMS who have not passed academic and psychological muster, men who Archbishop Apuron knows he should not ordain but ordains them anyway. 
  4. And while this is referenced in item 8, a more explicit investigation into the assignment of the "control" of the very valuable property which the Redemptoris Mater Seminary occupies. We fear that Archbishop Apuron, after his en masse firing of the members of the Archdiocesan Finance Council who opposed him, assigned the control of the property to RMS, which is a corporation separate from the Archdiocese of Agana and controlled by a Board of Guarantors 100% of which is the Neocatechumenal Way and 50% of which is the Gennarini's. 
  5. The recent accusation by Mr. John Toves that Archbishop Apuron sexually molested his cousin while both the alleged victim and Mr. Toves were seminarians at the minor seminary on Guam in the early 1980's. While this is just an allegation by a person who was not himself the victim, as apostolic visitors empowered by the pope, you would be able to address this issue privately and directly with Archbishop Apuron and take the appropriate course of action if necessary. We assume of course that Archbishop Apuron wouldn't lie to you as he has to us. 


  1. How about the recent allegations against the Archbishop himself?


    1. Wadeson case concerning readers!

  2. Regarding item 4 of 13,
    I want to be fair to “brother” Anthony Sablan Apuron
    I would like ask the Apostolic Visitors to the island that they assist a “brother in need”
    If they please call to assure him of the “verbal approval” or fax a copy of the “written approval”
    A week as past and under current mismanagement at the chancery, I hope they it, but………………..

  3. Turn him over the backside is cooked.


  4. My God, how can we respect AAA?


  5. Where is Fr. Wadeson?

    1. Someone know where Wadeson is. Give it up. We will find out.


  6. Watching feedjet tonight thousands of people all over the world are reading about Anthony Apuron and his cult.

  7. Number 8 and 9 are real biggies. AAA transferred or attempted to transfer a multi-million dollar asset of the archdiocese to a third party. I am confounded as to how that alone is not sufficient grounds for his removal. The icing on the cake is that AAA outright lied when his misdeed was exposed. He tried to assert that because he was corporate sole of the grantor and on the board of the grantee that no transfer resulted from the assignment. Um, sorry AAA, that's not how the law works and you know that damn well yourself. I really doubt whether the apostolic delegation is going to do anything. If they have not acted yet, why would they act now. Sadly, I don't think Archbishop Krebs is concerned about the welfare of Catholics on Guam. I think he would rather have the Catholics on Guam suffer and diminish rather than have to face down a fellow archbishop. The office of the apostolic delegate has known about AAA for years. It must bear some of the blame for the extraordinary loss of faith that has occurred on Guam during the episcopacy of AAA.

    1. to anon at 11.21 and 2.51, these kinds of comments do not help at all in our struggle.
      Further they show little understanding on how our church is working.
      From the start Tim and many of us mentioned that it would be up to us to do most of the lifting, hence this blog and other actions like CCG and many others in the shadow.
      Archbishop Krebs is a cleric of very high integrity, his work in Africa and the people with whom he interacted there are all witnesses to this.
      By the same token, he is bound by canon law, and diplomatic protocol, on what and how he can do things. This might be frustrating to most of us, but it is deliberate.
      Once the machine starts working, it is hard to stop.
      His predecessor did intervene in the finance issues but his work was cut short by a reassignment to Somalia.
      These nuncios have very difficult jobs, balancing all the interests of our Church.
      Slandering their good work, will not bring any positive things to your mill.
      Actually reading you, I am reminded of the type of attacks usually used against our Church by protestants.
      If your loose your faith, do not blame others for that, look in the mirror.
      We always have had bad bishops in our history, the faithfuls are often challenged, but this is what being a Catholic is, nobody promised us a cake walk.
      Ask Fr Paul or Msgr James, do you hear them bemoaning the nuncio or the Vatican, no
      they look on how to be better servants and spread the gospel.
      Your comments bring nothing to the table, and when you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
      Ask the holy spirit to show you the way, the real one, so that you will not be lost.

    2. I would concur with Frenchie on the matter of the Nuncio. As far as I know, a nuncio or delegate has no real power. He can only look into and pass on information to the congregations which have the real authority, but even then, in the matter of bishops, their authority to act is limited, as only the pope can act against a bishop.

      That said, there is NO DOUBT that our loud banging has brought about action where there was none before. I was advised early on that aside from serious crimes involving sex or money, they vatican probably won't act unless it hits the papers. Well, it hit the papers. Let's keep banging.

    3. I don't want to disregard your points about the property. I will address those soon.

    4. I am also wondering about the property that was given to use for the old Mong mong Catholic Church. The old church moved from across the power plant to its location now. I am wondering why
      the property was not given back to the San Nicolas family. I am trying to find out about this.

  8. Correction to the title...AAA is the Pastor of the Cathedral Basilica. No I am not a NEO, but.a former Sacristamt of the Agana Cathedral Basilica living in California. Merry Christmas everyone.

    1. The Cathedral is both the seat of the diocese and a the parish church of the village of Agana. The archbishop is the “pastor” of the diocese, for which the cathedral serves his office. However, he is NOT the pastor of the Agana parish. He has NEVER served as its pastor in any matter. All of the pastoral duties of the Agana parish have been relegated to the rector, making him the de facto pastor of the Agana parish, even though he was never officially given the title. To learn more read:

    2. Thanks Tim; I stand corrected as I may have missed this post dated 7/28/14. I will continue to pray from a distance for reconciliation and unification of the Catholic Church in Guam.

      Former Sacristan of the Agana Cathedral Basilica, living in California

  9. Sad, but true. If it is true, people will leave the Church in droves. Seems the Bishop of Rome isn't afraid to face down his fellow bishops. God save us.

    1. Face them down and slap them down. Without blinking an eye. Pow, pow, pow! Stunning! And correct. Pope Francis. Radical. C'mon Delegate Martin Krebs ...step up! We are depending on you.

  10. I have to agree. Evil triumphs when everyone sits back n do nothing. So the challenge we continue to do nothing?

  11. To The Apostolic Visitors
    In regard to “brother” Anthony Sablan Apuron
    When one has two fathers he is condemned to be a motherless child. Moreover he will also be a fatherless child. With two men who present themselves as his fathers with whom can he bond as his father?

  12. "China jails six 'cult' members in continuing crackdown". Only Gov't places of worship will be assigned. Good luck to the Brothers of the NCW . China must have got a whiff of Kikobird.

  13. To The Apostolic Visitors
    Regarding “brother” Anthony Sablan Apuron
    His failures as a member of Christ’s faithful, and obligated with moral responsibilities, to live within the most basic of Catechism of the Catholic Faith “The Ten Commandments”
    Painfully obvious commandments the 6th and 9th
    The husband of one wife, 1972 he willingly, openly entered a marriage, 1986 he renewed his vows, with promises of enduring love and devotion to her (fast forward) during the past decade, probably more, he has been enjoying an adulterous life, his mistress is the young vixen (it is typical of older men to pursue younger women) and her name is “ncw” new catholic way, she is young, very, very, very young, centuries younger than his current wife, “ncw” she is sexy, exciting and very secretive, as I see him today, it’s obvious he is without moral responsibility, flaunting his mistress in public, he had several opportunities to receive advice, denounce his illicit affair, a moral man would first seek a divorce.

  14. Tim, JW Bloggers,

    I am often reminded (only because I had a great Church History teacher) that Rome has ALWAYS BEEN SLOW AND DELIBERATE. This has always been the difficult part for me to accept. Our human instincts seem to want instant gratification, yes, quick fixes. These are natural instincts, hence, I am doing my best to suppress them, control them better, and do follow the examples of many priests here on island who have exercised prudence.

    Tim, you are so very much correct and on point. Once the wheels of true justice starts to turn, there is no stopping it. It turns deliberately and it will be final for it will come from Rome.

    I recently consulted an Archdiocesan Priest and he gave me great pointers. One of them is to always guide your actions with reverence and prudence. Being local, I said to myself, "Yeah, I know, I know". Truly, I did not know and am still in discovery mode.

    I have refrained from name calling and only call out the actions of what does not seem right. I do have my opinions, and that is all they are, my opinions.

    My entire Family prays for the best outcome we can have from our Archdiocese and the upcoming visit. To remain in concert with Deacon Steve and the MANY Clergy who may be under fire, we continue to pray for peace.

    Thank you Tim and those who work in the foreground and background for continuing your hard work in keeping us posted.

    Peace and may the New Year bring New Resolutions.

  15. Tim it is easy to see you have been working very diligently. It looks like you are attempting to make an all our effort to cover every aspect in detail. You certainly have taken on a huge task to deal with the continuous flow of drama from apuron. I sincerely commend you for your efforts. Leaving no stone unturned only adds light to the magnitude and intensity of what has been occurring. I am sure the visitors will appreciate seeing the long menu list. They will surely appreciate being given the opportunity to get a sense of the extent of extreme diversity of issues happening and be better prepared to ask important questions.

  16. Dear Tim,

    Please don't forget the accusations by the Archbishop that Fr. Adversario was having an improper relationship with Fr. Blockley and leaving Fr. Adversario without insurance in his time of need. It was an atrocious way to treat a priest that has served the Church and our country in the name of the Church. I know Fr. Adversario is more concerned for the Church than his reputation but besmirching his reputation was uncalled for.

  17. Tim,

    Thank you again for your efforts. To the JW writers, I just sent the Nuncio my third letter updating him on the Deacon Steve fiasco. Please send him a letter of your concerns. If he comes armed with all that has gone wrong with our church on Guam, he will be better prepared to ask questions. Commenting on this blog is great. However, don't let Tim do all the heavy lifting. Thank you.

  18. To The Apostolic Visitors
    Regarding “brother” Anthony Sablan Apuron
    Abuse and Mistreatments of the Flock = (YOU can’t touch ME) (it’s the WAY / get out of MY way)
    Every member of the non-NEO Church has a right and an obligation to seek protection = “NOT from ME”
    Abuses are immoral and a crime against divine law = “NOT applicable to ME”
    Abuses are mistreatments of the flock that the I was ordained to protect = “NOT applicable to ME”
    Abuses are abominations that hurt the priesthood and the whole Body of Christ = “NOT applicable to ME”
    Compassionate, Fair, Humble, Moral, Just, = is this me, wait I have to LOOK…………….. waiting……..

  19. To The Apostolic Visitors
    Scandalous Behavior = WHO DO I SEE? WHO DO I HEAR? WHO IS HE? WHAT DO I SAY?
    “brother” Anthony Sablan Apuron

    AAA = the 1972 person I knew (verses) = Brother = the person walking now

    Do I say good morning aaa or brother, how am I to know, is there a sign, label, signal, I don’t know

    Aaa when was retirement, when I went job to job I resigned from one to have the other
    Brother when was graduation, was it RMS, Guam, online, were you allowed to use your 1972 credits
    Is he allowed to exchange one vows for another, while still in the same attire, who is the father, Pope or Kiko
    At his age, will I see aaa start mass, and midsentence brother will end mass, Please DO NOT allow that
    Aaa when you arrive at a yet to be neo parish, how do I know brother didn’t exit the car eyeing the possibilities
    Aaa in Yona, at what point in the Q&A did you leave, brother was there to answer, did I miss the sign, signal again
    I really do not know, who would I be talking to, if in the same room, I look for signs, he talked at me once, I walking out, he was walking in, he said something, I shook my head, I pointed, and walked away, mom always said don’t talk to strangers

  20. UGLY QUOTATION OF DIANA TODAY: Dear Anonymous at 1:55 pm,

    The RMS is producing priests for Guam. Can you not see how many RMS priests are serving in the parish churches of Guam???? If the RMS seminary was not producing any priests for Guam, there would not be any RMS priests in any of Guam's parishes. But you cannot see that. You feel that the RMS is not a diocesan seminary. We have two seminaries because that ONE seminarian cannot get along with his fellow seminarians in the RMS. He would rather be alone.

    Nevertheless, God turned something that was discriminatory toward the NCW to something good. The pope is happy to know that we have two seminaries on Guam and both of them are filled. The other seminary no longer has only one person in it.

    1. "the other seminary" is a sham it is de facto a dormitory where non neos have to spend the evening.
      RMS only takes in kiko birds, all others are not welcome.
      This is tantamount to Apartheid South African government pretending they had separate areas because the blacks did not want to live in white areas........ So pathetic.

      Of course you have to anticipate that Pius and his minions will attempt to control the agenda and create issues to deflect from the real problems, during the upcoming visit from the Vatican officials. They will bus neos to the Cathedral if they have a service there, and other shenanigans.
      There will be photo ops that will be portrayed as goodwill for the arch, and many misleading attempts.
      Fortunately the parishioners of Guam have become more adept at reading between lines and underlining the gross manipulations.
      Most likely Pius will direct his security "expert" to try to narrow opportunities for clergy and non clergy to interact with the visitors outside of the "guided tour"
      A North Korean style visit they anticipate, but I bet they will have a tough time corralling the three professionals.
      They will try to impede and channel, but these are not choirboys, this should be interesting.
      In the meantime sign the petition.......take a stand.


  21. Pope was informed of many untruths by Arcbishop Apuron.

  22. 1.7mil hits and only 116 signed petition??? Oh, that's right, forgot 1.68mil hits were from neocats playing in the jungle😜 C'mon people, sign up. Si Tom Cruz.

    1. Thanks for the promotion, Tom. Just a note, the petition has only been online a couple days and most of the work to get signatures is occurring through CCOG members and volunteers who are circulating hard copies. Those numbers won't be recorded on the ipetition module. Perhaps CCOG will post the hard copies later, but primarily the signatures are to be sent to AAA and the Visitators. A hard copy of the petition is available for download at