Monday, January 26, 2015


Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai
Secretary for The Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples 
Piazza di Spagna, 48-00187
Rome, Italy

January 26, 2015 (Agana, Guam)

Your Excellency:

My apologies. Sorry to bother you again so soon. I know you are now aware of the very unbecoming behavior of our archbishop, as this weekend, he again publicly smeared Msgr. James Benavente by including a copy of an internal review and a list of accusations with this Sunday's archdiocesan newspaper.

However, I did not expect him to go even further.

Yesterday afternoon, I began receiving calls from the local media asking about these accusations. As you may know, the media is quite used to coming to me when there is an issue involving the local church. 

I did not know why they suddenly were calling me. I figured that maybe someone sent them a copy of the archbishop's accusations or they themselves had picked up a copy since the U Matuna (the name of our Catholic paper) was distributed to all the parishes on Guam. 

I was in a hurry to go somewhere with my family at that time so I didn't have time to question. However, I advised the callers that:
Msgr. James had been asked by the Vatican not to engage the archbishop or any of his accusations publicly.  And since last July, when the archbishop first went public with these accusations, he had been waiting for an opportunity to discuss these matters personally, confidentially, and charitably with the archbishop but not only had he not been afforded this opportunity, he is yet to be given in writing a copy of the many accusations against him which have now appeared in the press at least four times. 
As mentioned, I did not have time to ask the reporters how they found out about the most recent publication of the accusations, but I found out when I returned home and found this in my email:

The above is a picture file. The attachment is the report which was included as an insert into this week's U Matuna. The full document can be found here:

This is an email from the chancellor, Fr. Adrian Cristobal, to Jolene Toves and Sabrina Salas, two reporters at a local TV & Radio station, KUAM.

Archbishop Savio, not even the most despicable politician treats his worst enemies this way. Yet we have an archbishop and a chancellor and probably a nun who works in the chancery, not only willing to lower themselves to this level, but repeatedly if not eagerly so.

Seriously, Archbishop Savio, what are we to think of our religious leaders, especially our own archbishop? 

Signing away a multi-million dollar asset belonging to the patrimony of the Archdiocese of Agana  in secret and without the proper approvals is one thing, but this consistent public trashing of a priest-son is beyond what most decent people could ever imagine. 

Sadly, this kind of behavior has turned the Catholic Church on Guam into a laughingstock and huge source of scandal, even for non-Catholics. Truly, this has gone beyond anything remotely human and we are beside ourselves with disbelief and grief for our Church. 

Note: there was some concern that the gmail address is not really Fr. Adrian's and that he might have been framed since he did not use his archdiocesan email address which is:

However, here is the google profile belonging to

Michael Jucutan is the neo vice-rector at the cathedral.
Patri Piju is Fr. Pius (the Samnut)
Edward Garcia is a neo member of Fr. Adrian's Barrigada parish.

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