Thursday, January 22, 2015


...take over our altars and tell us about your damn problems!


  1. Amen. We are not doing justice with the gifts we have been given!! Especially the gift of Yona given to the people of God in Guam. Archbishop, why did you do such injustice to our poor, young, sick, why...just tell us why.

  2. Tim these people are not from Guam, stop caring about these "foreigners" and concentrate only on those who live on Guam.

    1. Deacon Gus Cepeda is not from Guam?

    2. The "presenters" that hijacked the Mass to "invite us to joy" were foreigners? They looked pretty damn local to me...

  3. The use of the word, persecution, by these smug, cuddled and privileged individuals makes me physically ill. If you want true persecution and not the ala NCW-type, but real persecution, you only need to watch what ISIS is doing in Iraq and Syria, and just see what happened on this past Sunday, 18 January at about 4:30pm in the afternoon, Pastor Nguyễn Hồng Quang and his associate Pastor were attacked in Vietnam and lay in a hospital trying to recover from serious injuries. How, pray tell, are the NCW "persecuted"? By exposure? By uncomfortable truths that slightly break through their denial of reality of their cult? Pray tell, what persecution?

    1. To quash criticism from within "the Way" and from the outside, the NCW hammers home two ideas into its members:

      1) "Judge not!" - The NCW misinterprets Jesus's command in Matthew 7 in order to eliminate criticism from within the movement. click here to read more.

      2) "We're being persecuted!" - The development of the NCW persecution complex in the life of a new member starts as early as the 4th night of the initial catechesis. This persecution complex serves two purposes: a) it allows all criticism from the outside to be deemed to be persecution, and b) it impels members to turn to each other for the moral support that they'd normally get from their families and outside friends. click here to read more.

    2. Chuck, I thank you again, I was the one in the Neo Plug stream to talk about the sewer analogy, " must go down into the sewers...."blah blah blah. Again, I can't thank you enough for posting the references to affirm and support those areas of our practice that are being corrupted, or at the very least (I am being polite) their prevarications of their perverted practices origins.


    3. Chuck, a system, culture, or a methodology, ( not sure what to call it) that operates on this persecution complex sounds not only unhealthy but really sick. Who in 2015 operates this kind of a system built on fear and using emotional weakness of members. Sounds really evil to me. Playing with minds and emotions to gain power control over people. Sick beyond words and allowed to happen in the name of the catholic church. Disturbing.

    4. "The Persecution Song"

      At the very start
      There were whispers in the dark
      And for all the world to see
      There was witchcraft at its heart
      And on the autumn air
      The scent of bonfires everywhere
      And a fell wind stirred the leaves...

      The persecution song

      Telltale signs of possession
      Little Miss Demeanour in the demons bed
      Gasps she just could not suppress
      After lights-out midst the dead
      And a past on which sin cast its darts of wickedness

      Time was running faster for disaster
      Strange nights were burning
      In the furnace of her dreams
      A name was uttered, Lilith
      Mistress, playmate, master
      Such sights were stolen in the throes of ecstasy

      And in the thick of all
      In the Black Goddess's thrall
      With the wood unseen for trees
      Victoria stood tall
      Promiscuous in step
      The Devil breathing down her neck
      As jealous zealots stitched apiece...

      The persecution song

      Telltale signs of possession
      Fickle Miss Demeanour hissed and disappeared
      To her Sisters of the cloth
      She now reeked of Astaroth
      Again the curse had surfaced
      Sneaking back the pagan years

      Weaving webs of great revealing
      Hidden in the convent
      An evil libido abided, undone
      Breathing, deceiving
      Feasting on her deviant feelings
      She'd clung to her crucifix
      Once her torturers begun

      Her screams came quick
      The miserichord
      Den to vice and screw
      That had reddened many tongues
      Wrung symphonies
      Of suffering from her

      Many moons hardened pure hearts
      Those plagued by her black arts
      Their rooms secreting phantom orgies
      Vile rites and rifled graves

      Mere hours, now towered
      Above this bent and beaten flower
      Her naked body privy to
      The Abbess and her ways

      Victoria fought
      No guilt was wrought
      Just a torrid retort of blasphemies
      Nails and crosses vomited forth
      From this pretty little whore now arched like Hell

      Arched like Hell

      At the very start
      There were whispers in the dark
      And for all the world to see
      There was witchcraft at its heart
      But then the end grew nigh
      A dirge inferno filled the sky
      In its customary key...

      The persecution song

      Telltale signs of obsession
      No wailing banshee would dishonour their name
      Nuns dragged her to the blasted oak
      Storm-clouds threatened holy smoke
      They hanged her there like Judas
      With the Hellcat in her reined

      Time was running faster for disaster
      Exorcism, torture, gallows
      Now a shallow grave
      A name was stuttered, Isaac
      Tongue-tied, simple, bastard
      They made him dig the pit
      Mindless of what it claimed


  4. Pictures were taken of Guam people homeless showing how poverty increased on Guam and yet Archbishop did nothing for the poor. In fact used money intended for poor people for rms and self. The poor lay on the streets homeless and Apuron gives a multi million property to a cult. Francis knows and soon so will the world.

  5. Diana admitted that neo things are like Hollywoodian movies. Lol!

    Diana January 22, 2015 at 12:20 PM

    If someone already told you about a good movie and you went to see it, you already know what to expect and the surprise is lost. But when someone told you to go see a great movie, but won't reveal anything about it, and simply said, "You just have to see it. It's really good." When the person sees the movie, he becomes surprise and then goes off to tell the other person how great the movie was, and he just have to see it. That is how the Catechesis works.

    Simply, this is how Kiko-catechism works! Goodness...! Just look at their strange practices. They turn church life into episodes of a never ending Hollywoodian soap opera. They stole their immersion baptism from the Protestant Baptists. They turn it into a spectacle by holding the little naked baby high up like a puppy in triumphant procession. Lol! These kids will watch these videos as adults one day. They will ask what the hell their parents were doing at their baptism. Gosh!

    The same goes with their open space Hollywoodian confessionals when anyone can hear the ugly sins of all others. It is just show, a spectacle to attract the weak and feeble minded. They tie them up into an addictive submission of their silly Hollywoodian ideology.

    Just look at their
    - monitions
    - echo-reflections
    - guitar performances
    - kissing sessions
    - insane dancing, etc.
    during official mass.

    These are just another Hollywoodian tricks to entice the naive. These poor folks enjoy their "mass" because they are allowed to behave like Hollywoodian actors and actresses. They are allowed to disrupt the Sunday service. But these performances inserted into sacred liturgy corrupt their sense of right and wrong and their adherence to decent doctrines. Then they become mindless Hollywoodian puppets of the cult.

    1. Thank God this is not how Jesus catechized.

  6. More neo funsies from Diana's blog:

    Antoine Tajalle January 22, 2015 at 3:15 AM

    I am guessing that this is why you find it hard to believe in modern day angels and prophets. When an anonymous person pays your power bill? What do you call this person? When someone has all the right words and seems to make sense of all that is happening to you? What do you call this person? An Angel? A prophet? Of course not in the exact context of the bible, but to do so in terms of modern day experience, would not go against catholic theology.

    So an angel or prophet in the "terms of modern day experience" can be anyone... This is devious and heretic. How far these suspect theological innovations will go on? How much more indecency until it is enough? Looks like neos encourage free improvisation about church teaching. Typical liberal tactics. Once this genie is out of the bottle Catholicism as we know it is over. Good job in exposing his cult. Thanks, Antoine. ;(

    1. Diana's real name, or at least the Diana that wrote this comment, is Sue.

    2. Sue the finance officer at RMS ? The one from Malaysia?

    3. Has Sue/Diana been walking the way for 7/8 years as mentioned in the past? Or did she lie about that too? And that's another thing I know about neos, they seldom ever tell the truth. From aaa, VG, on down. They create ideas in how they would like things to go and brainwash the other members. How sad. That's all they know, even at the risk of division in their families. I know too many neos whose relationship with their families are painfully strained, so heartbreaking. Now neos only turn to each other and have strayed away from theur normal family functions, no longer having love and closeness they once had with their families. I wonder if they ever miss their old ways.

  7. Earlier tonight, a couple of ladies came by my place and gave me an invitation me to attend the neo catechises at St. Anthony Church. They said they were sent by the pastor Monsignor Bibi to come and listen about the bible. They mentioned that they found Jesus Christ in the catechises.

    1. Waiting for them to come knocking at my door!

    2. "they found Jesus Christ in the catechises" ....

      And where was Jesus Christ before they found him? When they attended Mass, who were they receiving (body, blood, soul, and divinity)? Who is before them in the tabernacle?

  8. John Charles "Typhoon Toves"January 22, 2015 at 11:41 PM

    Tim, can you email me Sue's last name? I would like to get to know her very well, and, then share of course.

  9. Hey that Father Bibi is like his singing sister. Fence-sitters. Pick a side Father, Monsignor whatever your title is and stay on it. You can't play both sides here. Same goes for Sister Mirian. Weak.

    1. Agreed, 1:54 am. If Msgr. BiBi and little Sister Marian want to be leaders we have to know their position. This goes for BOTH of you. Spineless, or not. let us know soon please.

    2. Marian did chose...what is good for her and her boss AAA or shall I say Pius, She is going to do anything as long as it benefits her...