Sunday, January 4, 2015


  1. Adrian, I have lost all respect for you, David and Apuron. You people have insulted and betrayed our Chamorro faithful by your continued lies and covering of lies. You have chosen to follow Kiko, Pius and this NCW which has corrupted and clouded your minds. What have the Chamorro faithful done to deserve this betrayal. When all these foreigners leave, who do you expect to look to in the local church? Look at the attendance of the Masses, can you not see that this is a reflection of the disgust and disapproval that you leaders of the church have brought upon our island, If this does not move you, think of the accountability that you will have to answer to God for the scandal that you leaders are causing on the innocent and vulnerable members of the Church. People are crying out because something is gravely wrong in the Church, yet you continue to dismiss these cries as problems with the faithful. Not once did any of you ever show any concerns for the questions or concerns that the faithful are asking.. Your silence speaks loudly that you simply do not care!!!!


  1. How can we trust the church when the leaders are liars. The church and its leaders are suppose to be pristine and honest. Men who we go to because we placed our trust in them. We are suffering like the Mexicans living in Juarez. Mexicans can't trust their government and their police officers. They are fearful of them. Their government is corrupted.
    We are also fearful of our church administration and leaders. Our Archdiocese is also corrupted. How can we trust Quitugua. He is the canon lawyer for our church, our Vicar General. But he misuses his position to accuse Monsignor Benavente of mismanagement of funds, Father Gofigan of not following a his directive and Deacon Martinez of joining an organization they assumed is against the church. But he didn't give these men the chance to defend themselves against these charges. He won't even come our publicly and explain these charges to us. Does he suffer from halitosis..
    Then there is Cristobal. the speaker of the NCW movement and the spokesperson for Apuron. Every time I see him on TV defending Apuron's wrongdoings, I see a big fat liar. Everything coming out of his mouth is an untruth. I don't see a priest. I see a fathead.
    Then there is Apuron. the biggest liar of them all. Every time he speaks, his nose gets bigger and bigger. The lies of Monsignor Benavente, Father Paul and Mr Lostimoza and their homosexual relationship. The interdiction of Deacon Martinez for joining what they assume is a subversive organization, The termination of his finance council so he can wrongfully transfer church properties to the NCW. The the ordination of untrained and under educated presbyters. His claims that the NCW has the authority to receive communion sitting down. His closing down of the museum and then blaming Monsignor Benavente for its' closure. Leaving Father Efern without insurance when he became ill, then accusing him of a homosexual relationship with Father Blockley. Lying to Aron Quitugua about not accepting him into the seminary. Not financing Father Richard Kidd through his journey through the seminary. The replacement of the parish employees with NCW employees The mass exodus of parishioners when the neo administration took over the church. The celebration of December 8 with all neo priest. ANd the list goes on.
    So here we have Monsignor Halitosis, Father Fathead and Archbishop Pinocchio running the church. I cannot place my trust in them anymore. They must be replaced.

  2. Unfortunately it is true Anthony Apuron is unfit to lead the archdiocese.


  3. Fr. Matthew in Rome November.

  4. Betrayal of chamorro blood by Apuron David Adrian. Sold our blood for personal money gain.