Monday, January 12, 2015


It is both sadly and terribly evident by what was on the front page of the U Matuna yesterday, that our church leaders either have NO intention of reconciling or that they are completely, utterly, and hopelessly inept, or worse, simply being clandestinely managed by someone else. 

How to make sense of all the talk about reconciliation and peace in the context of the apostolic visit. and then to print, on the same page, that discredited defense of the seminary, when in fact, the debate over the seminary is one of the central issues that precipitated the visit in the first place?

Even if it wasn't chock full of demonstrable misleading statements, why, given that the visitors were even still here when it was released, why even print this?

Archbishop Apuron must always be held responsible for whatever is officially printed or said in the name of the archdiocese. But I think in this case, the real culprit is someone else. And her name is listed on page 2.

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