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  1. Who is Archbishop Convoloo???
    the comment
    There is no full time professor with a Ph.D. in theology at RMS. No requirement is satisfied, no quality control is fulfilled. How do you make sure your seminarians do not obtain a fake education?
    response by lady diana
    Do you not keep up with the news? This is why Archbishop Convoloo on was on Guam last December to certify the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. That was only last month.
    google search......returns to diana's blog (google >> Did you mean: Archbishop Connolly)

    1. Bishop Enrico Dal Covolo is the Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University to which the Blessed Diego Institute has an affiliation, and by which BDI’s charter to act as a real educational institution depends.

      BDI initially established the affiliation with the Lateran in 2007. However, such affiliations have to be reviewed just as accreditations must be reviewed.

      This is what we believe Bishop Covolo was doing here in Guam in 2013.

      It is instructive to note that the Umatuna article on Bishop Covolo’s visit (Dec. 29, 2013) only notes that he was here to visit with faculty and students.

      That is misleading. He was here to review the institute to see if it was in conformance with the provisions which would allow BDI to continue to use the Lateran affiliation.

      The fact that there was NO follow up story celebrating the renewal of the affiliation should tell us something. We should also note that Bishop Covolo was called to meet Pope Francis on the same day Archbishop Apuron met with Pope Francis on Nov. 21, 2014.

      In hindsight, though Apuron tried to position it as a cordial meet and greet with the pope complete with non-indigenous “Guam chocolates", it is very possible that Covolo was called to give his report about BDI to the pope, the pope figuring “while you’re in town” about Apuron.

      We can speculate about this because within days of Apuron’s visit he gets a notice that he will be getting a “visit” from Rome and the delegation included a seminary specialist, Fr. Nowak.
    2. BTW. Bishop Covolo was NOT here to "certify" the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. The Lateran has nothing to do with the seminary. It's only affiliation is with the Blessed Diego Institute. 

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