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My response to an ongoing criticism of my call to withhold all Appeal funds until we have some proof of 1) the academic credibility of the institution we are being asked to support, and 2) that the funds are going where we think they're going. You can read the comment as posted here, as well as the previous comments. 
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "NOTICE TO SEMINARIANS AT JP2": 
It seems to me that the seminarians (the local, diocesan vocations which we endeavor to support) are still unjustly trapped in this scenario. 
First, they are not "unjustly trapped". They are in a situation of their own choosing. No one forced them to participate in Apuron's ruse. They chose to. Aaron Quitugua chose NOT to participate in the ruse. You seem not to understand the full evil of the plan at work here. Apuron is perpetrating a grave injustice on us all. We can choose to prop him up or we can choose not to.
Having seminarians give appeal talks at local parishes is standard practice in many dioceses throughout the United States (and, apparently, Guam). It's not at if these men are out to meet a quota, rather they are doing their part to garner support for the diocese which supports them. 
Where is the evidence that "the diocese supports them"? The "diocese" is officially Archbishop Apuron. Archbishop Apuron had no intention of creating a second seminary until RMS was exposed. In a recent meeting with someone known to me, Apuron told him that he erected JP2 "because they wanted it". "They" meaning those of us who oppose his neocatechumenal agenda. Obviously he doesn't want it, and insiders have reported that Apuron privately mocks the seminarians: "they think they are going to be diocesans". Meaning, he's going to make them neo's. This is why Adrian told Richard Kidd a few years ago: "In the Archdiocese of Agana the diocesan priesthood is no more. There is only the neocatechumenal way."

In fact, the Archdiocese itself has told us that there is NO OTHER SEMINARY other than RMS. Five months after AAA announced the erection of JP2 on Dec. 15, 2013, the Archdiocese itself confirmed that Guam has only one seminary in the Umatuna on May 14, 2014.  In the announcement of the annual gala to support the seminary, the Archdiocese consistently refers to only one seminary. There is no mention of "the seminaries"or any mention that funds might also go to the "other seminary". 
Even so, the task of asking for monetary support in order to complete the requirements (however ambiguous) to become a diocesan priest outside of the NCW is a far cry from the implausible task of confronting one's superiors about documents which should already be published in the first place. Pressure from a diocesan seminarian at this point is futile -- especially when the formators know where it is coming from, namely, supporters of the CCG and this blog (myself included). 
"Outside the NCW"? How is their formation "outside the NCW"? I will repeat Fr. Adrian's words: "In the Archdiocese of Agana the diocesan priesthood is no more. There is only the neocatechumenal way." And I will repeat Apuron's: "they think they are going to be diocesans."

Since you say that the "documents should already be published in first place", and since you are so quick to criticize my call to do something about it, are you then going to take the lead in seeing to it that these documents are made public? Or are you just here to criticize? 
This isn't a two-option scenario for these men in formation; to either tacitly support a diocese in turmoil (which they themselves disagree with) or take suggestions from a group of lay faithful who actively and publicly disagree with the leadership. It's an impossible line to tow. 
"Impossible"? Whatever happened to "nothing is impossible with God"? What about just doing the right thing no matter what the cost? On July 16, 2013, Fr. Paul Gofigan faced "an impossible line to tow". No one had ever stood up to Archbishop Apuron. But Fr. Paul did. Regardless of being stripped of his ability to say Mass, locked out of his parish, kicked out of his rectory, publicly humiliated and calumniated, and banished from the diocese, Fr. Paul stood up to the bully. And because he did, a revolution followed, a great purge of the evil mess that has been allowed to fester in this diseased diocese. Whether Rome does anything or not, the people have seen the evil for themselves and are rising up to rid themselves of it, with or without you. 
As it's commonly said, the means don't justify the ends. So, yes, let's get these documents to prove the validity of the institute and further investigate into it's mission -- but let's not do so by asking an impossible task of these men who, quite frankly, are not in any position to accomplish it. 
Okay, then you do it. Let us know when you get them. 

And here's a BTW. Back in 2013 when Junee was being told he had no option but RMS, I, Tim Rohr, on this blog, was the ONLY person publicly fighting for him. Here are just three of the many times I defended him:



Also, the first line of my original post on this matter reads: "I...know that you are making the best of a bad situation." But I go on to say: "We can't let them use you to use us." 

So, yep. Go ahead. Be the hero. Let's see action. Get those documents so that we can support these guys with some semblance of confidence that they and us are not being lied to and used. 

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