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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "STOP THE MONEY": 
What seminary did you create? As I recall you have nothing to do with the Saint John Paul II Seminary. The seminarians there are happy and glad they have no interest in you or the jungle watch. They are glad that the seminary was created by the Archbishop with the help of Father Romeo who is the rector and many other people. So do not take credit for something that was not your plan. Your plan was to send the JP2 Seminarians to Fiji but, these seminarians are happy where they are at. Remember you did not create nor support the JP2 seminary. You called it a boarding house. These men studying to become priests one day are given the chance to be formed by other diocesan priests like Father Kidd and Father Villa. I'm glad the JP2 seminarians are happy. It's just like college for them. They attend classes at the institute and they return to the JP2 Seminary for prayers and more. I hope that one day the Archbishop can consider opening the institute for the laity to attend classes to further their education and knowledge. But I know some will oppose from doing so because their neo. If your a Neo then good for you. If your a regular mass attendee then good for you, if your a traditionalist meaning Latin mass attendee then good for you. You do your thing, I will do mine. Who am I to say that we are not Catholic? Why don't we all have peace and unity. Let the bishop do his own thing and let Tim do his. Let the bishop focus on how to spread and preach the gospel and on the internal process of his diocese. Let us all just pray and focus on our life. Tim, I know spreading the news across the blog is a big deal for you but since you said this takes time and money and I know you love to do this. Take a break. Enjoy life. Spend time with the family. Your family deserves your time and energy. Maybe the family should visit the Fatima while she's still here. In the words of Padre Pio " Pray, hope and don't worry." Happy Valentines Day 


Now I know why people like this commenter don't sign their names to such comments. If I was this ignorant, I wouldn't either. However, as we often do, we can use stupid comments like this for everyone's education and edification. So follow me here.

The creation of the John Paul II Seminary was announced in the U Matuna on December 15, 2013. The article stated:
At the moment St. John Paul II Seminary is hosting one seminarian, Junee Valencia.
Now, where in the whole of the Catholic Church is a whole seminary started for just ONE seminarian? Answer: NOWHERE. 

So why was it started?

It was started in an attempt to shut the rest of us up who had come to learn of the real mission of Redemptoris Mater Seminary. 

After years of being made to believe that RMS was "our" seminary and that it was to form priests for diocesan service in the Archdiocese of Agana, in late 2013, the people learned through this blog, that they had been lied too and bilked for millions of dollars.

On Aug 8, 2013, I first exposed the sham that is RMS in the post TO BE A PRIEST IN THE ARCHDIOCESE OF AGANA. In this post I reported the plight of Junee Valencia. Junee desired to be a diocesan priest for this diocese but was told that there was no formation available to him outside the Neocatechumenal Way and RMS.

We learned of Junee's plight because it was connected to the ouster and mistreatment of Fr. Paul Gofigan, who in addition to being the pastor of Santa Barbara, was also the diocesan vocations director at the time. 

Fr. Paul was an advocate for traditional diocesan formation and had advocated this for Junee. The neomasters needed to get rid of Fr. Paul and they did. But that still left Junee and he continued to press for a traditional diocesan formation. They would have gotten rid of Junee too but for this blog. 

On Aug 26, 2013, I did another post titled CLARIFICATION ON THE MISSION OF REDEMPTORIS MATER SEMINARY and INTERNATIONALITY wherein I exposed the true nature of RMS and called on Guam Catholics to be aware that their contributions to the Annual Appeal were NOT being used to form traditional diocesan priests for Guam, but for the international catechumenate. 

Exposing where the money goes from the Annual Appeal was dangerous to the future of Kiko's plans for Guam. For up till that point, he had found a sugar daddy in Apuron and was able to funnel his influence-buying presbyters-to-be to Guam where Apuron was made to ordain whoever Kiko and Gennarini decided to ordain, and the people of Guam would foot the bill. 

Of course, they hadn't counted on JungleWatch. Our exposition of the Fr. Paul fiasco had exploded into the media and our page views were clicking up by the thousands. The Kiko-cat axis of evil didn't need another public catastrophe, so they thought they could "appease the natives" by establishing a diocesan seminary. 


By creating the second seminary - or at least saying that's what it was - the Kiko-fools who run this diocese admitted that they had been lying to us and stealing our money. In the same 12/15/13 U Matuna article we read: 
Now the Archdiocese will breathe “with two lungs, one diocesan and another for the world.” 
So if on 12/15/13 we now can breathe "with two lungs", what were we breathing with before for 15 years with RMS? It obviously was not a "diocesan lung" because according to Apuron's own paper, we only started breathing with that lung on 12/15/13. 

In other words, on 12/15/13 Archbishop Apuron PUBLICLY ADMITTED that RMS was NOT a diocesan seminary and that the seminarians who were there were not going there to be formed for the diocesan priesthood. 

It's obvious what happened. Prior to my exposition of this big LIE about the real nature of RMS, Apuron had no need for a real diocesan seminary. The reason? In the Archdiocese of Agana "the diocesan priesthood was no more...there was only the Neocatechumenal Way." These exact words were said by Fr. Adrian Cristobal to Fr. Richard Kidd when he was trying to begin his studies for the priesthood.

Fr. Kidd's entry into St. Patrick's seminary in California was delayed by two years because he chose to fight being forced into the Neocatechumenal Way. He was able to finally succeed because of some very influential people who came to his aid. Maybe we'll talk about that another time.

After our initial exposition of the mistreatment of Junee and his being forced to study at RMS, Archbishop Apuron apparently decided he had to do something to keep the scandal from getting worse. So he put Junee in the old Carmelite monastery in Malojloj and called it a diocesan seminary but still forced him to take his classes with the neos. On Novemeber 29, 2013, I wrote about this in WHY JUNEE MUST LIVE APART


We know this because of what Fr. Cristobal told Richard Kidd several years ago: "In this archdiocese there is no more diocesan priesthood, only the Neocatechumenal Way." And we also know this because of Junee's plight as well as Aaron Quitugua's.

Aaron had asked to attend an off-island seminary and was denied. His only option was RMS. Aaron did not accept RMS because he knew it was a neo-only formation. Apuron did not want to admit this because he needed the cashflow from Guam's Catholics who he had lied to for 15 years. So he told Aaron that the reason his request was denied was that the Archdiocese did not have the money to send him.

Aaron then offered to pay his own way and in so doing called Apuron's bluff. Apuron ran out of excuses so he denied Aaron sponsorship - something Aaron would need if he wanted to be ordained for this diocese. In the end, Aaron was denied the opportunity to become a priest for this diocese because he would not submit to the neo-formation. What a shame.

I wrote all this up for our Apostolic Visitors. 
You can read the report here

Now that I have shown that JungleWatch had EVERYTHING to do with the establishment of the JPII seminary (it's still not a seminary), let's move on to the other items:

Our ignorant commenter says that the seminarians at JP2 are happy. LOL! What else can they least on the face? They know that there is no other way to become a priest in this diocese. They are going to put their head down and do what they have to do until we get a new bishop. And we WILL get a new bishop!

And yes, it's a boarding house. Sure it's nice that they do prayers there, but they still have to take their classes from neo teachers at the so-called Blessed Diego Institute that is supposedly affiliated with the Lateran but there has never been any proof that it is. Show us that this is an authentic educational institution. Show us the documentation of your affiliation. Show us your list of stable professors. Show us your academic handbook. You can't because they don't exist. It's a sham.

And I wanted these guys to go to Fiji? Wrong, not me. It was Pope John Paul II, who in his visit to the seminary in 1986, urged the regions bishops (that's Apuron) to support the regional seminary.

And this statement is the funniest:
"These men studying to become priests one day are given the chance to be formed by other diocesan priests like Father Kidd and Father Villa."
Yah right. Father Villa, at least as of 2013, is not even incardinated in this diocese and certainly did not become a priest under the auspices of this diocese. And we've already described the hell Fr. Kidd had to go through. Fr. Kidd gives us some indication of the trouble he was put through by Apuron at the meeting with the Apostolic Delegate this past July. You can listen to him say it here.

But here the funniest comment:
Take a break.
Yah. You'd really like me to do that, wouldn't you? So you can continue trashing this diocese, lying to its people, and taking their money.

By the way, that comment sure as hell sounds like Adrian.

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