Monday, March 23, 2015


March 19: "Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator Deacon Larry Claros told Variety yesterday that he would not be involved in the incident."

March 20: "A statement has been made and the statement stands,” Claros said. 

March 23: "In response to the report, Archdiocese of Agana's Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator Deacon Larry Claros told KUAM that, 'a canonical investigation is underway and I have done my part as the SARC in coordinating the investigation. It now lies with the Attorney General's office.'"

Aside from the fact that Deacon Claros will not be involved and then he is involved,  it does NOT now "lie with the Attorney General's office."

It LIES with Archbishop Apuron.

This is really MAJOR SICK!

You mean to tell us that Archbishop Apuron is going to hide behind the Attorney General? WTH?

Here, Archbishop, let me help you out.
  • Sexual contact is not a crime between two people above the age of consent in which both parties consent.
  • Therefore, if there was sexual contact, and both parties consented, there is no charge and there is no crime.
  • Fr. Luis was arrested for what the police believed to be custodial interference.
  • However, if the parents say he was authorized to pick up their daughter then there will be no charge and no crime.
  • End of story on the civil side.
  • That leaves only YOU, Archbishop. 
  • Only YOU can tell us why you accepted Fr. Luis' resignation.
  • Only YOU can tell us why you convened a canonical investigation.
  • And since Claros now tell us he coordinated the investigation - denoting that this was an investigation into sexual misconduct - only YOU can tell us whether it involved sexual misconduct or not.
  • Only YOU, Archbishop. Only YOU.


You're going to give us the silent treatment again?

Yes you are.

Because that is what Claros meant when he said "it lies with the office of the AG". 

Well, we know this for sure. The Apostolic Visitors were quite neutral about most of what was presented to them. But they were NOT neutral about clerical sexual misconduct. 

So go ahead. Hide behind the AG. Give us the silent treatment. That's EXACTLY what we want Rome to see. And we will make sure they see it.

For those who care about the hell this archdiocese has turned into, there will be a prayer rally in front of the Cathedral this Wednesday at 4:30. And it will be the first of many.

The time to stand up and be counted is here. Right here. Right now. Bring your rosaries, you know, that beaded thing that your neo-"priests" call "nonsense".

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