Friday, March 20, 2015


Found this comment from "Luisa" on a month old story in the Variety, so I decided to answer it. Surely shows the pathetic depth to which Apuron's supporters are duped.

Did no one fair to mention that the "CCOG" are all friends/close-acquaintances of Msgr. Benavente? That group has kept that on the anonimity level for quite some time, but it should be pointed out. MV/GuamPDN should know that this group's origins are from Msgr. close circle and from the old finance council, whom supported to sell the Seminary to pay Msgr's debts.
They are OUT for revenge on the Archbishop, claiming to be unbiased. But the truth is, they are completely one-sided and concerned only for their "par" then for the real fact that we need true healing in our church. True building bridges in communion with the Bishop, not going to the press for these things.
Think about it. And I indeed pray for Archbishop...he is a holy man.

LOL. There is no one on the CCOG who was a member of the "old finance council". And the only person in the CCOG who was a "friend" of Msgr. Benavente is Vangie Lujan, who helped him with the museum. But even if they were "friends" of Msgr. James, what's wrong with asking the Archbishop where our money goes? By the way, as expected, your beloved Archbishop ignored the inquiry, like all the others.


  1. Luisa - you may want to ask yourself why Monsignor James has so many friends, and why the Archbishop has so few friends. Could it be the respect the Monsignor gives to the people, and the utter disrespect shown by Tony to the people he was appointed to shepherd?

    In just a few short months CCOG has more members than NCW has been able to conjure up in over 18 years. Does that tell you anything?

    Pizza pizza!

    1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaMarch 20, 2015 at 1:21 PM

      WELCOME BACK, Janet B - Mangilao — I have so missed your presence on the blog and have been delighted to find your comments as I try to catch up with all the latest!!

      BTW: Loved your commentary on Luis-gate!! Please stick around.

    2. Janet B - MangilaoMarch 20, 2015 at 2:04 PM

      Almost always around, but health issues have slowed me a bit. But all these problems just need to be acted on, and since the three bozos on the hill refuse to do anything, they will earn my wrath. We all need to show the "men" on the hill exactly how we feel about their action/inaction.
      BTW - while I dearly love the Church Universal, I am also beginning to feel grave disappointment with Rome. Our issues are a part of a huge problem, and we are small, afterall. But at this point Rome is as culpable to these problems we face as Tony boy here on Guam. They now know firsthand just how messed up things are here on Guam. Only Rome is empowered to remove these buffoons. Every day they allow Tony, Adrian, David, Pius, Giuseppi, Pat C., Larry, Dominic, Jose Alberto, et al to continue, they become also liable for the damage being dealt to our local Catholic faith.
      Holy Father, Pope Francis, we need your help, now more than ever!

  2. Luisa. To make such statement without facts and knowledge about who we are in CCOG reveals your own biasness! You don't either, know why all of us individuals readily joined up with the goals of the CCOG! Clearly you must be a neo or a Chancery follower of the hierarchy. On the other hand, the aaa's transparent affinity for the ncw and his cold and unfatherly actions and abandonment of his non-neo priests and disinterest of non-neo Catholic faithful, you ignore and are ok with! I hardly equate holiness toward a leader and spiritual father who prefers to take those positions, as the aaa does.

  3. I thought about what you said, and I read about what you wrote Luisa, regarding "building bridges” and “not going to the press" from your written comment to the media, The Variety -- the press, btw.

  4. What kind of comment is that Luisa? What's your point? What part of truth do you people not understand? The Archbishop started this mess and he continues to mess things up through his secrecy on issues such as Luis Camacho, Wadeson and diocese finances. Revenge is not our goal. Fairness and openness is. "They continue to attack us..." Are these the Archbishops thoughts and words? Are we the "they"? That makes us separate from the Neos. Does that make us inferior? I don't think so! The Archbishop then makes himself and you Neos as separate from the Catholic Church. Fine then leave! Stop taking our money and our chapels and churches. Start your own religion! The archbishop is holy? My underwear is hole-lee-er! Which reminds me, I need a new set. Thank you Luisa, I'm going shopping now. Does Kiko sell underwear too? (Note: Blood pressure rising as I type this. Also Luisa "Did no one fair to mention..." Sometimes I think faster than I type too. I assume you meant "care to mention".)