Friday, March 20, 2015


The Sacrament of Reconciliation was scheduled today for students preparing for First Communion at St. Anthony Catholic School. Parents and Godparents of the first communicants had been invited to attend today's 9AM service and many had arranged their schedules to be there. 

However, there will be no Sacrament of Reconciliation today for the students at St. Anthony. The Reconciliation service was cancelled due to the fact that there would be no priests available to hear confessions.

Parents were told, just this morning, that there would be no Reconciliation service due to all the priests being called to an "emergency meeting".

9:53 update: The meeting is a "clergy day of recollection". Normally it is scheduled for Monday of Holy Week, but for some reason it was changed to today, putting the meeting in conflict with normal parish and school schedules. The day of recollection is not mandatory and parish needs should take priority. They weren't. So while there was no "emergency meeting", the last minute cancellation unfortunately created an "emergency" for the many parents and godparents who rearranged their lives today to be present for this very important event in their children's lives.

10:09 update: It get crazier. Just got a call from someone who relayed a message from someone at St. Anthony that I am illegally using the logo for St. Anthony School. If I had used the logo to trademark my blog then I would have violated Guam's trademark law. Obviously I am using the publicly available and posted on the internet logo to refer to a story about the school. See GCA §47.20.

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