Saturday, March 21, 2015


  1. Luis, aka Fr. Luis, has been and still is under the strong clutches of Apuron and fellow Neos who have been his family and support since coming into the seminary over 10 years ago. After all these many years, do you really expect him to extricate himself from the NCW? He knows no other support system. Unless he somehow sees the light and becomes elightened to do the right thing and admit his wrongdoing, he will continue to be obedient to his Archbishop and Neo leaders who will shield him against the evil non-Neos and CCOG. I would be very surprised if he came forward on his own to accept the help and compassion of Non-Neos who would be more that willing to help him overcome his current ordeal. Please offer prayers to Fr. Luis asking the Holy Spirit to guide him in the right direction.
I suppose you're right. Fr. Luis really has nothing to gain by being honest with us. He is now free from having to live the dreaded double-life of a neo-presbyter and a pretend-diocesan pastor, a dilemma imposed on local RMS grads because Apuron 1) needed to pretend that RMS was a diocesan seminary ordaining "priests for Guam" in order to keep the money flowing, and 2) he wanted to push out all the real diocesans as fast as he could in order to punish us all - for many reasons. 

Fr. Luis, like Wadeson - and many other priests who must hide, will be absorbed into the neo-underworld where he will be welcomed, feted, pampered, and swooned over, oh, and did I say forgiven? Afternoons by the pool, plenty to eat, a room with a view, and the thrill he'll give the young girls (and maybe some of the older ones) when he "shares his cross" in community. 

Still, I'd like to think that he has it in him to transcend the ninnies that turned him into a pet. 


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