Friday, March 13, 2015


I've been hearing that Jonathan Bordallo is saying that I kicked him out of the meeting last week in Agana. For the sake of his personal credibility I sure hope Mr. Bordallo is not saying that and that others just have the story wrong.

As everyone who was there knows - at least 60 people - I invited Mr. Bordallo to the front to give his speech and then I sat down. As he began to speak about Msgr. James I asked him if he had spoken with Msgr. James. When he said no, the crowd began protesting.

One attendee stood up and said that we should all be thankful to Mr. Bordallo because "we just learned more about the real problem in 5 minutes listening to him than we did in listening to Tim for an hour."

Mr. Bordallo then left without my help.

I am posting this here because if my account is not true then I have just damaged my credibility and the credibility of this blog forever.

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