Monday, March 9, 2015


...unless of course it is the Archdiocese of Agana.

Deacon Larry Claros advised us in yesterday's U Matuna that he would be writing a series of columns about the history and purpose of the Annual Appeal. We can assume of course that the deacon's writing project is a response to the push back on the Appeal that his employers on "the hill" are already feeling. 

Seriously, Deacon, there is no need for a multi-column effort to get the faithful to open up their wallets for you. Instead of giving us all of the chancery-speak-appeal-mumbo-jumbo, simply:
  1. provide the same type of financial transparency that Pope Francis himself is fighting for and show us where the money is going;
  2. publish the current letter from the Lateran acknowledging the RENEWED (supposedly in 2012) affiliation with the Blessed Diego Institute - the alleged "institute" at which the seminarians are "allegedly" obtaining their "alleged" academic credentials;
  3. publish the accredited list of stable professors;
  4. publish the academic curriculum; and lastly
  5. advise your RMS grads to be careful about mocking the people who pay their bills because you never know when a recording ("meeellions and meeellions of dollars on food") is going to surface on this blog.

Simple, isn't it? What's so hard about this? The answer of course is that it is only hard if none of these things exist. Yet you want people to give you their money.

Funny, on the same page of the U Matuna there was a story about how young people in the archdiocese had attended a conference on stewardship. Did you also attend? Do you and your bosses know that stewardship applies to those who take the money as well as give it?

The people's demand for accountability by religions leaders is simply our call to you for stewardship. So let's not hear any more talk about stewardship until you show it. Start with the above list. 

We'll wait. 

NOTE: We are not asking for any evidence of what happens in the actual houses of formation (RMS and JP2). The above list is specific to the Blessed Diego Institute because it purports itself to be be an institution of higher learning which confers academic degrees. Thus, like any institution that purports to do so, it has a duty to the people who support it and who send or support students there to provide the basic documentation that would be asked of any institution purporting to do the same. 

As you know, the Government of Guam has already shut down a few of these "schools". Blessed Diego Institute could be next if it is unable to legitimate itself.


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