Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We have been distributing copies of this book at the CCOG village meetings. The next meeting is at the Asan Community Center, Thursday, April 23, 6pm. The book is only available at the meetings. If you would like a copy mailed to you please send $5.00 to cover shipping and handling to Tim Rohr, P.O. Box 9001, Agat, Guam 96928. An electronic version of the book may be downloaded here. 


  1. Available formats: epub mobi pdf rtf lrf pdb txt html

    Yet there is no link to a PDF download.

    1. I went through the purchase and checkout process and pdf was one of the options. You can enter 0.00 for the purchase price or any amount you want.

  2. " Pray for all priests. Persecution is upon them. Holy priests are needed. Do you expect them to persevere without your prayers, and support? Pray for My consecrated Sons each day. Pray for the graces they require to perform their mandates to the best of their ability. Support My Sons by tokens of your love, and affection. Never judge a priest. Never speak against a priest. Never attack a priest, for you attack Me. I will judge them. This is all you need to understand. Pray, and trust in My master plan. Pray this night for your parish priest, and rest in My love. This is your duty. Arm your priests with prayer. Satan plans to destroy My Church. Do not assist him in this. " http://jabezinaction.blogspot.com/2015/04/never-attack-priest.html