Friday, May 29, 2015


  1. This may indeed seem sickening and scandalous under present circumstances in the Archdiocese wherein there are issues he has no desire to resolve by virtue of the role that the Vatican has entrusted him. At another time this might simply appear as an attempt by the Baldyga Group to endear audiences to the new Cultural Show at Sandcastle. What better way to showcase a new act than involve a locally-known leader such as the Governor, the Archbishop or a Senator. Under present circumstances, however, it indicates a horrible lack of prudence and modesty for him to gyrate awkwardly on a public venue. He could have easily declined the pressure but this, as in many instances, demonstrates lack of will and addiction to notoriety. What could have been light-hearted ribbing has gone to deep proportions of hatred and dismay from many people already tired and overwhelmed by the many missteps and malicious deeds of this particular archbishop. In the same manner he lacks the will to step down for the greater good of all.

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