Friday, May 29, 2015


  1. This may indeed seem sickening and scandalous under present circumstances in the Archdiocese wherein there are issues he has no desire to resolve by virtue of the role that the Vatican has entrusted him. At another time this might simply appear as an attempt by the Baldyga Group to endear audiences to the new Cultural Show at Sandcastle. What better way to showcase a new act than involve a locally-known leader such as the Governor, the Archbishop or a Senator. Under present circumstances, however, it indicates a horrible lack of prudence and modesty for him to gyrate awkwardly on a public venue. He could have easily declined the pressure but this, as in many instances, demonstrates lack of will and addiction to notoriety. What could have been light-hearted ribbing has gone to deep proportions of hatred and dismay from many people already tired and overwhelmed by the many missteps and malicious deeds of this particular archbishop. In the same manner he lacks the will to step down for the greater good of all.


  1. Narcissistic personality disorder. Look it up.

  2. Janet B - MangilaoMay 29, 2015 at 11:03 PM

    Yes. My thoughts very near to these.
    When a person cannot say no to a bad idea bad things are bound to happen.
    This is the problem we continually see with Tony. He gets bad advice from his VG and Adrian and he doesn't have the strength or will to say no.
    I must believe this. If it is not personal weakness that guides him to bad acceptance of bad ideas then the alternative is frightening. His advisors are not the evil ones...Tony is!
    Unfortunately, either way we lose. Either way the dance shows in very ugly and very stark images that our problems are not occasional or random or even over exaggerated.
    Our problems are deep seeded and have been coming for a long long time. Thanks to Tim Rohr these horrible problems are now exposed to the light of truth.
    Rome will act. The only question is will they act before more harm is heaped on the people of God in Guam? And once they act they must not consider the problem finished.
    Rome must be a part of the solution by infusing us with special support.
    Spiritual counseling and support
    Care for men denied vocations
    Healing the abused victims of a rogue shepherd
    Return of property stolen by their agent
    Removal of all evil-doers from the NCW
    $$$ support to replenish the looted treasures
    Interventions/counseling for cultists victimized
    Long list could go on but Rome gets the idea

    Rome cannot merely oust Tony. They refusal to act on a timely basis to legitimate issues makes them responsible to insure our Church is restored. And that will take time and significant resources.
    ROME - time to act! On all fronts.

    1. Joe R. San AgustinMay 30, 2015 at 4:50 AM

      So very very well said, Janet. Thank you for your insights. Perhaps we could have seen the present fiasco coming, had we read the signs. But then again 20/20 vision is hindsight. I pray that our foresight will approximate 20/20 as well when healing begins to happen, after the dust begins to settle. And my gut feeling is that true healing IS going to happen. We just all need to be patient (and diligent) as we await our deliverance. I cannot envision a Nero fiddling his harp or fiddle in Rome, while Guam burns.

      And you are correct – Rome must be part of the solution (healing) if we are to return to our pristine condition. The suggested list you provided are very well to the point. Perhaps you might want to add to your list:
      •Rome provides us with an efficacious replacement; we wouldn’t want to be going from the firepot into the oven;
      •The return of pastors to their rightful positions (Gofigan/Benavente);
      • An internal rejuvenation program of our Faith and practices (The Rise of the Phoenix). –jrsa.

  3. Fr. Matthew Blockley.May 30, 2015 at 2:14 AM

    It is astounding that in a three month period the spiritual leader of Guam's catholic Church has made no attempt to reach out and heal a deeply divided church. He has done nothing to reach out to people and in fact has only made matters worse. Healing is beyond repair and Guam needs a new catholic bishop. now we can spend the next five years on this blog no problem with this. But do we want five more years of further division caused by this leadership. So many are silently suffering now because of this individual. He has killed peace in people's minds and hearts. An Archdiocese beyond healing . It needs a new spiritual leader to heal the divisions and restore dignity to the church.


  4. " killed peace in minds hearts". Powerful words.

    1. Yes, the turmoil caused by AAA's misdeeds is like a dagger to the heart and a bullet in the brain. We are survivors and will recover, leaving us stronger than ever. Biba Katoliku !!