Saturday, May 30, 2015


Guam Pacific Daily News by Thomas Tanaka

In response to Miraflor Herrero's letter of May 16, there are flaws in her version of the "truth" with regard to the turmoil in our Church. First, the Redemptoris Mater, or RM, seminary is not to form diocesan priests as we were all led to believe. These priests coming out of the RM seminary have a different mission and purpose, as I will explain below.



  1. Well-identified issues, Mr. Tanaka. The Archdiocese is served well by your objective comments, and the Church will certainly need your wisdom and guidance when we start rebuilding the Church after apuron. The ncw thought we would be easily set aside and cowed into their propaganda. They misunderstood the strength borne out of island experiences - Pacific War, frequent typhoons, strength of community and family, loyalty among friends, etc. We have these strengths within us, and no foreign attempt or chancery facilitation will break our will to do what is right for the future of our children. Keep up the good fight and continue to make people understand in clear and logical terms why we have to combat apuron's lack of leadership and the dominance of ncw that he has foisted upon us through deceit, manipulation and lies.

  2. John C. Ada Toves "Typhoon"May 31, 2015 at 1:45 PM

    I have been impatient with the good senator. He has however taken the higher road unlike myself. He will always be my role model, and thus, my trying to take the higher road. If not Tim or mine, please listen to his words.

  3. Inspiring words indeed, however I am getting tired of this term "traditional Catholics" or "regular Catholics". There is really no such thing. There is "irregular catholic" which I believe the neo are, likewise with those divorced and remarried without an annulment, or those who are "shacking up" or indulging in same sex relationships. We are simply "practicing Catholics" period, doing our best to follow the magisterium of the church.
    IMHO there is nothing wrong with having forty seminarians either, the problem is they are not formed for this diocese and their formation seems to be flawed, to say the least.
    Alas I must remain, your humble anonymous.