Monday, June 29, 2015


"Jokers Wild" insists on giving us wonderful material to work with, and so we shall. We'll take his little twit thoughts apart one by one. Let's start with this one:
A Seminary formed in all of this. After ten years of formation, we started seeing the fruits, Priests! Not once was any priest ordained and assigned to a neo community. No, they were assigned to parishes, they filled the void of so many years. Parishes that were being managed by "borrowed Priests" or "contract priests" were now getting a taste of some consistency. 
So before we were using "borrowed priests". Really? What's different about the RMS guys? What's the difference between borrowed and imported? I'll tell you. At least the "borrowed" guys were already priests, ready, willing, and able to serve our diocese. The imported guys have to be brought in and educated for 6 years or more at $17,000 a year (as per Apuron's own number), not to mention their many trips "back home" and all around the world with Archbishop Sugar Daddy. And when you add in the drop out rate - a number Apuron would never share - the cost per badly formed "Jesus is a sinner" neo-presbyter is probably 10 times that. 

And "not once was any priest ordained and assigned to a neo community"??? 

LOL. If only they would be. That's where they should stay. They were not trained for diocesan parish work. That's more than obvious, and it even says so in the RMS Articles of Incorporation. These poor guys are pure failures, and that is Apuron's fault, not theirs. But let's see now, where are the several guys who are supposedly currently "on mission". What are they "on mission" too? Oh, that's right, a "neo-community". BTW, where's that famous Cunnilingus Louie? How many years did it take him to get through RMS before he learned how to help himself to an altar girl? Ten?

You're right, we ARE getting a "taste of some consistency", consistently rotten. 

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