Monday, June 29, 2015


"Jokers Wild" insists on giving us wonderful material to work with, and so we shall. We'll take his little thoughts apart one by one. Let's start with this one:
A Seminary formed in all of this. After ten years of formation, we started seeing the fruits, Priests! Not once was any priest ordained and assigned to a neo community. No, they were assigned to parishes, they filled the void of so many years. Parishes that were being managed by "borrowed Priests" or "contract priests" were now getting a taste of some consistency. 
So before we were using "borrowed priests". Really? What's different about the RMS guys? What's the difference between borrowed and imported? I'll tell you. At least the "borrowed" guys were already priests, ready, willing, and able to serve our diocese. The imported guys have to be brought in and educated for 6 years or more at $17,000 a year (as per Apuron's own number), not to mention their many trips "back home" and all around the world with Archbishop Sugar Daddy. And when you add in the drop out rate - a number Apuron would never share - the cost per badly formed "Jesus is a sinner" neo-presbyter is probably 10 times that. 

And "not once was any priest ordained and assigned to a neo community"??? 

LOL. If only they would be. That's where they should stay. They were not trained for diocesan parish work. That's more than obvious, and it even says so in the RMS Articles of Incorporation. These poor guys are pure failures, and that is Apuron's fault, not theirs. But let's see now, where are the several guys who are supposedly currently "on mission". What are they "on mission" too? Oh, that's right, a "neo-community". BTW, where's that famous Louie? How many years did it take him to get through RMS before he learned how to help himself to an altar girl? Ten?

You're right, we ARE getting a "taste of some consistency", consistently rotten. 


  1. I'm still trying to figure out where all these priests went? Inarajan waited for a priest for two and a half years...and guess what we finally got a priest and he is borrowed. Hee hee.

    1. Yes they got a priest. At first they welcomed him with respect. Now some don't respect him because of many things. I too have family and friends that attend St. Joseph but now they either go to merizo or malojloj because the pastor of inarajan is so rude. Has no respect for the mass and tells people in the during a funeral mass that the reason the air cons are not functioning properly is because he doesn't know how to operate it. During my aunts funeral before the eucharistic prayers to open the windows and doors because he's suffering in the heat and he even went to the sacristy to bring out the fans to cool himself. What a way to have respect for the family that is grieving for their lost mother, sister, aunt.
      He has no respect for people and his parish council who told me that he wanted them to plan a birthday party for him after mass. Who does that. It was a directive to his council. Sad.

    2. Who is Inarajan's priest?

  2. Janet B - MangilaoJune 29, 2015 at 9:02 AM

    Yes Tim. Some more food for thought.

    Re Consistency: How long did Fr Edwin Bushu serve the parish of Santa Bernadita? Seems like he was there for a long 1 year before the people rebelled against his idiocy and demented practices. He was then sent to Africa to serve a kiko only community. How consistent is that?
    Chalan Pago: Fr Santiago was there for a while and then was sent to Japan to serve a kiko only community there. The people of CP now wallow in the OJ reign. But Fr OJ may need to go back for more Roman education. Let's hope the people of CP are that lucky.
    Santa Rita: Fr Fabulous (in his own mind) Fabio attempted to tear down the Church and rebuild a kiko-catechumenary. Luckily the people found out the real use of the new structure and gave fierce resistence. Fabulous' reaction? Remove the statue of Our Lady of Guadelupe, the parish's patroness. Fr Fabulous didn't last long and was sent on mission to serve the kikos somewhere in undisclosed Asia. Now the parish had the polish prince, Fr K. No one can pronounce his name, and no one wants to learn how. How much longer will he stay until some other presbyter is brought in?
    Agat: after ruining the Church in Barrigada his a kiko face lift, Fr Jose Alberto was sent to Agat. In Agat, his predecessor Fr Jason tried but didn't last long before he too was sent on mission somewhere in Asia. So in comes Fr Jose Alberto, who restricts use of the Santa Anna Chapel to kiko masses only, refuses to allow eulogies at funerals, and refuses to have masses added for local deaths on days he doesn't want to have a mass. The people of Agat especially love the fruit of Yona and the consistency they now enjoy after the beloved Capuchins left this once tranquil village.
    Merizo: well Fr Luis was consistency at its best. There for a whole year before total meltdown. We shouldn't pick on him any more because ihe is contemplating his sins in a palace in the Holy Land. Poor sexual abuser, we should feel so sorry for him. But at least Merizo had some consistency from the fruits of Yona!
    Show us some consistency Jokers Wild.
    You should look at Piti. A guest priest has served there for more than a decade and the people love him! Fr Willy is not a kiko.
    You should look at Mongmong. A guest priest has been there for more than a decade and the people love him! Fr June is not a kiko.
    You should look at Ordot. A guest priest has been there for more than a decade and the people love him! Fr Manny is not a kiko.
    Consistency from these kiko fruits is a joke!, Jokers Wild. The only consistency is that the neo presbyters have alienated the parishioners, but have brought their neo/kiko loyalists to insure peace and harmony. The only consistency from these kiko-weirdos, is that we can count on them for an example of how real priests should NOT be.

  3. Well-said, Tim. Scandalous and tragic that ncw leadership only wants to perpetuate their ilk and their grandiose designs rather than really put themselves ay the service of the local community. Their impunity and arrogance do not at all help their cause but further alienate and earn them the derision of a community they depend upon for financial support. How these false and untruthful presbyters thrive is due to the constant fawning of an archbishop who salivates at the attention by his adorable little puppies.

  4. Janet B - MangilaoJune 29, 2015 at 9:12 AM

    Jokers Wild states that not once has a kiko-presbyter been "ordained and assigned to a neo community."
    Really? Where has Fr John been assigned on Guam? He spent his early days as a priest for Guam serving the kikos in San Francisco, all the while sucking money from our Archdiocese. And where is he now? Serving a kiko-only community somewhere in the world, but not on Guam.
    Fr Harold. Is he serving the people of Guam? No, he has a busy travel itinerary to jet and see the pope. Is he serving in a parish? No, he is serving the kiko-only community of RMS Yona. Fr Julio Cesar. Is he serving the people of Guam? No. He is serving the kiko-only community at RMS Yona?
    Fr Miguel. Who is Fr Miguel you might ask? Well since his ordination with highest honors, he was promptly shipped to Rome to learn real priestly things. He is still there, presumably still learning. He is NOT serving the people of Guam. But when he returns he will probably serve the kiko-only community of RMS Yona.
    Fr Francesco and Fr Antonino. I will try to be charitable. But if you have ever struggled to understand their homilies, you might wish they served a kiko-only community.
    It appears Jokers Wild has been sipping a little too much KAKA. It has totally made rot of the thought process.

  5. Let them build their own church because they're not Catholic.

  6. BINGO, Janet B, BINGO! I totally agree with your thoughts on the "consistency" of the training and assignments of the kiko presbyters. You've refreshed my memory of all this great EXPENSIVE fruit!

  7. Well Said Tim and Janet. Let's get ready for more personal attacks and vindictive threats by "Jokers Wild" because he won't be able to refute any of the FACTS you have just presented!!!

  8. Why must we be invaded with Neo Presbyters without our permission, the real reason why they are being sent is to destroy the parish model and instead advocate communities. What AAA is doing is having us "sleep with the enemy", Now that we are aware that these presbyters are only there to destroy the Our Church Why do we permit them to continue to covertly control our Parishes, Shut down RMS we do not want Neo's in our parishes. We have difficulty understanding their homilies. The other thing is that Neo's don"t even attend masses in parishes, they have their own special Saturday evening services that are exclusively for them. So why do you continue to produce Neo Presbyters when we do not need nor want them. Archbishop stop the madness and keep your products to your Sect. On a side note God Bless the Franciscans they have stepped in to save vocations from Guam, they have six of our boys under formation. AAA on the other hand has refused to send any of our boys off island for formation unless they agree to become Neo's.

  9. Janet B- Right on point... These poorly formed presbyters are coming out of the seminary factory to destroy our Church. Have them minister to other Neo's ONLY They deserve each other.

  10. Fruit??? Let me guess, Lemons??

  11. Why do we continue to give the title and call of these HALF-Baked "Presbyter's" "KIKO-Commies" Father? STOP IT ALREADY!

  12. The NEOS are out to annihilate the Catholic Faith and our very own AAA is their Führer. Ouch!

  13. I'm up for some orange juice. Anybody?

  14. My thought for the volume being spinned out of RMS, is that since each neo community needs a presbyter, eventually each one will be assigned to a neo community. I also believe the intent is to destroy the parish model and therefore the reason for them not being formed as parish priests. Just wondering who the Joker is trying to fool?