Friday, June 12, 2015



  1. Marilu Diaz MartinezJune 12, 2015 at 10:08 AM
    When our local sons -- who do not wish to pursue a vocation in the ncw and therefore seek diocesan seminary formation in the U.S -- are NOT ONLY turned away by this archbishop and are refused financial support, BUT ALSO, AREN’T EVEN GIVEN a letter of recognition and acknowledgment by their archbishop (seeing as, such acknowledgment is required for them to pursue a seminarian formation in the U.S) WHY THEN are we non-neo Catholics, expected to support and give to a fundraiser which ignores our local sons but supports (100%) foreign residents in a religious movement which is not an entity that belongs to our island’s archdiocese and are -- ironically -- in opposition to authentic Catholic Teachings and Beliefs especially with regard to major Catholic Doctrine!

    These local sons who were turned away by the archbishop were willing to assume the cost of their seminary formation in the Mainland, yet this archbishop still refused them a simple letter of support, recognition and acknowledgement. Our local sons want, more than anything, to pursue a religious vocation -- and you denied them that, Archbishop!

    Archbishop, do you see why we have boycotted your appeal and fundraiser? You selectively provide support and give credence only to neo formation and neo ways! This is also why we will continue our financial boycott so long as you refuse to provide us with bonafide financial and program service transparencies! The failure of your appeal is our doing and the doings of your non-neo Catholic congreation, Archbishop -- do not fault our good non-neo Pastors!

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