Friday, June 12, 2015


According to those present at the prayer-protest in support of Fr. Mike Crisostomo Wednesday at the Chancery, the Archbishop came out and said that "Nothing is going to happen to Fr. Mike." LOL. Of course, not, not with all those people staring in his window. 

Imagine if we had been able to do the same on the days he ambushed Fr. Paul and Msgr. James!

The archbishop was also reported to have said that the meeting was "just a regular meeting with some priests." 

Well it probably became "just a regular meeting" after the archbishop saw the crowd. But we can guess that it was NOT a "regular meeting with some priests" to begin with because the archbishop generally does not meet individually with his priests which is one of the major criticisms of him. Normally he only calls a general clergy meeting and even when he does call a priest to a private meeting he usually has others there do the talking (or threatening) for him. 

The Gennarini threat to Fr. Mike aside, we can pretty much guess what the meeting was going to be about from the Archbishop's letter to Fr. Mike in which he said:
"We will discuss how the AAA was organized at your parish, what strategies were taken to promote the appeal to the people, and what we can do to meet your parish’s suggested goal." 
It's right there: "what we can do to meet your parish's suggested goal." 

So it's just like I have been saying. He is going to force those pastors to cough up money from their parish general fund or take out a loan. There are no other options. It is clear that the people are not going to give. There wasn't a change in strategy from previous years. There was a change in public knowledge about Apuron's abuses. 

This is why the only way to keep Apuron from taking your money to support his neo-boys is to stop giving altogether and be prepared for outdoor Masses like after the war, because in fact, this IS war. 

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