Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Or a bit thereafter, I will be on Phill LG's show on K57 to talk about what's going down with Fr. Mike today at 3pm at the Chancery. Here are the key points:

  • Fr. Mike has had the courage to speak out about the atrocities of Apuron and his band of thugs. 
  • And we already know what happens to priests who don't bend over for Apuron and his thugs and kiss the Neocatechumenal ring. 
  • I called for a complete ban on any giving to the Annual Appeal until Apuron comes clean about where the money goes. 
  • From the looks of things, my call for the ban was effective, for even the money that was turned in appears to have been scrounged up from parish general funds or solicited from outside sources.
  • Apuron can't get to me so he's going to play thug and intimidate his priests, especially bad boys like Fr. Mike who dare to speak truth to power. 
  • The cover for this round of intimidation is a fake meeting with selected pastors to supposedly talk about a remedy for the failure of the Appeal. 
  • Apuron has no reason to call for these meetings since he knows why the Appeal was a failure. 
  • And besides, Apuron didn't call the meetings, Adrian and Claros did. 
  • Adrian and Claros called the meeting because Claros is in charge of the Appeal and he failed big time. 
  • He has to make it look like he's being proactive so he called for these meetings and he and Adrian set it up, probably with nothing more than a mention to apuron about what they intended to do.
  • Apuron only does what he is told, since he has no ideas of his own, and he is probably going to read from Adrian and Claros' script at the meetings.
  • In the end, it is all about intimidation. The Appeal failed because Archbishop Apuron, Adrian Cristobal, and Larry Claros are FAILURES, not the pastors. 
  • But the jokers are so seething with hate and loathing that their little neo kingdom is crashing down around them that all they can do is lash out at who they can reach.
  • A band of parishioners will be standing outside Apuron's office at 3pm today. 

June 10, 2015 Prayer Service at the Chancery.

 *:)] on the phone  Friends and Family,

Shuttle Bus is provided & Parking lot available right across the street from 
Mc Donald for those attending the Prayer Service. Water bottle is provided.
Call John Taitano at 688-1990 or Bernie 858-4749.

P.S. Please wear your Katoliko Shirt.

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