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Apparently Kiko knows better than the Mother of God who at Fatima asked the children to "pray the rosary." Imagine that! The nerve of the Mother of God instructing those poor, ignorant, un-KAKA-fied children to "pray the rosary" without spending 12 years in "the Way" first! I guess she didn't check with her catechist. (I would add an LOL, but I am too sick to my stomach.)
Who are you going to believe?
"You know when we give the Rosary in the Way? After twelve years we give the Rosary. If we give it before that, they run away. " - Kiko Arguello
The Neocatechumenal Way is simply a different religion, folks, Kiko himself even says so. 


  1. insanity.

    i'm going on retreat this weekend. i'll be praying the rosary for the church on guam and for true conversion everywhere. please pray for me as well.

    incidentally, there's another retreat going on, for a group reflecting on "forming intentional disciples." much more genuine than the fake stuff kiko preaches.

    1. I'd like to have a contact for the intentional disciples, if you have one.

    2. i didn't look to see what group is having the "forming intentional disciples" retreat or who was leading it. however, i did a little google search and found that it's being conducted by a fr william watson, sj. see

      the term "intentional disciples" was either coined or popularized by author sherry weddell.

  2. When my mother passed away and we said the rosary at home, I noticed the kids all sitting in a group wanting to respond. Those that knew the prayers were loud and proud, and those that had difficulty learned them quickly so they, too, could join in. The older kids wanted to be techa -- at least for one of the decades. So I went and bought a bunch of rosaries and some booklets from the Cathedral gift shop and passed them out. The kids made sure they brought them to the house each evening. Every since then, I made it a point to bring some to family rosaries because I always see the desire in kids. (Btw,I miss the Cathedral gift shop!)
    If you wait until 12, it's harder to bring them in. Start young.

    1. My 6 year old daughter loves to help be the techa during rosaries. She understands the importance of praying the rosary and truly enjoys it. I don't understand the logic in waiting until 12 years after walking.

    2. Just a clarification, the 12 years does not refer to age, but to length of time in the NCW. That means that even if you were brought up with the rosary, when you joined the NCW you are no longer permitted to pray it for 12 years. Of course it's all B.S. The fact is that the rosary is probably never introduced or promoted.

    3. Thank you for that clarification. But 12 years is too long a time to wait to introduce the rosary to those who are not, I agree, probably just B.S.
      So Kiko does not believe in the visitations from our Blessed Mother? After all, it has been through these visitations that she has implored us to pray the rosary...

    4. When my wife and I were a part of the Agana community NCW, I recalled one of the catechisis that praying the rosary as well as praying the novenas, divine mercy, and other devotionals will not get us to heaven. The catechist says, "Walking in the Way is our ticket to heaven"
      I was bothered by this. I come from a family that prays the rosary together. I was taught to pray the rosary when I was 6 years old by my parents and my grandmother. Praying the rosary was my first spiritual devotion.

    5. Lester, I am so glad that you had the moral strength to resist the twisted theology of the ncw and the hideous dynamic of mind control in that cult. You have honored the memory of your parents and grandmother by trying to pass on what defined you as a Catholic Christian. Stay strong in the faith - I believed in you since you were a small boy, and admire you even now as you face the responsibilities of a husband and as a father. I wish I can say who I am but in this environment suffice it to say that many of us hold you in greatest respect.

  3. Today, August 8th: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament all day until 6pm at the Nuestra Senora De Las Aguas Chapel in Mongmong.

    Bring your rosaries.

  4. Fr. Matthew Blockley.August 8, 2015 at 4:55 PM

    As I have been saying Tony is now presiding over the spiritual and moral death of the entire western pacific region. For him to continue to lead is disaster for the church . But out of the burt ashes he has left there will be a return to the authentic catholic faith. This cult as now explained in the founders own words is not Roman Catholic and it contributes only division to the church on Guam. Let us all continue to pray for the removal of the cause of the decay and the appointments of true authentic spiritual bishops to lead. Tony does not have the character needed to lead for five more years.

  5. Fr. Matthew Blockley.August 8, 2015 at 5:02 PM

    Blessed Mother sheds tears at the very words of Kiko.

  6. Lucia was only 9 yrs. old, Francisco was also 9 and his sister Jacinta was only 7 yrs. old when Our Lady of Fatima appeared to them, advocating that they pray the rosary, daily.

    Our Blessed Mother Mary's choice to appear to three young, innocent children not only carries the message but also, demonstrates that there is no age requirement for teaching a child how to pray the rosary or when to actually involve them in praying the rosary with us! When we draw them in at an earlier age, a time when they’re more receptive to learning and discovering new things -- especially the things that “grown ups do” -- in fact, they probably will not “run away” from reciting the rosary, as opposed to their likelihood of doing so at the later age of 12, when there will be more worldly distractions competing for their attention, time and interest.

    ... and this is true as well, about when to begin exposing children to and teaching them about not only the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but even important, about the reverent gesture and posture we are to assume when we receive in Holy Communion and acknowledge and recognize THE REAL PRESENCE of Christ, Our Lord and Our God in The Consecrated Host.

  7. Kiko opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God. He is the epitome of the antichrist.

    James T.

  8. Kiko has an animus toward any form of natural religiosity, and in this recording one can see that he includes popular piety with his hatred of natural religiosity. Note the tone of disgust in the way he says "Fatima" near the end of the 1 minute video. He pretends that he's slow to introduce the Rosary out of concern for the atheists, but in reality, his presbyters rip statues and their associated devotions away from parishioners under their authority. The stench of Arguello...

  9. In churches built under Kiko's design, there's no place for saints' statues, even the Virgin Mary, so beautiful and sweet, she is depicted only in Kiko's horrible painting. He is a protestant. Not else.

  10. So the question becomes why the hell did apuron surrender for kikoist usurpation what it was his primary responsibility to defend the Catholic Faith and the expression of her people? He obviously is clueless to the damages that ncw had foisted upon unsuspecting and trusting people. This is a terrible disservice to the trust that the Vatican had given him. Leave now, Apuron, or shall we place the millstone around your head ourselves?

    1. Actually, I am working on a post that answers exactly this question.

  11. It is 1 AM, the bewitching hour when rudy is supposed to be trolling this site. Wait for it...wait for it...surely he has rude words to impart to our distinguished group! I wonder what vivian way prepared for dinner tonight.

  12. Fr. Matthew Blockley.August 9, 2015 at 1:18 AM

    This evening I was reviewing the Saipan Tribune videos of last Sunday's typhoon. My prayers go out to the good people of Saipan at this difficult time.

  13. Kiko must not read the Bible at all because if he did, he should he aware that Jesus performed his first miracle Not by curing someone with leprosy or by raising the dead. No. As the story goes, His mother Mary told him that there was no more wine during the a family's wedding celebration, and although it "wasn't His time" to manifest himself, He, the third Person of the Blessed Trinity, OBEYED His mother and turned simple water into the best-tasting wine there was! And now Kiko is trying to tell us that Jesus's mother Mary doesn't have any credibility?! That is illogical, foolish and stupid! Don't let kiko fool any of us; he is simply a con artist dispensing a stack-full of new theology from his deceipt-laden looonnngggg sleeves. See him for what he is: An Unabashed, Un-apoligetic Leader of a CULT.!


  14. Fr. Rudy I observed scans our page between 1am - 1.30am. Posts rude comments so easy to identify him.

  15. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONAugust 9, 2015 at 11:59 AM

    I am hoping and praying that all the faithful are DONATING TO THE CCOG! We must rid our island of Kiko, Apuron, Cristobal, and Quitugua! This requires ACTION! I do what I do from out here. You do WHAT YOU NEED TO DO THERE. DONATE TO THE CCOG!

  16. I would think kiko's stance on praying the rosary would not sit well with Catholic Chamorros in the NCW. Apparently archie has no problem with this.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas


  17. Excerpt from "On the Most Holy Rosary" encyclical by (Saint) Pope John Paul II

    The Rosary, a treasure to be rediscovered

    43. Dear brothers and sisters! A prayer so easy and yet so rich truly deserves to be rediscovered by the Christian community. ....

    I turn particularly to you, my dear Brother Bishops, priests and deacons, and to you, pastoral agents in your different ministries: through your own personal experience of the beauty of the Rosary, may you come to promote it with conviction.

    I also place my trust in you, theologians: by your sage and rigorous reflection, rooted in the word of God and sensitive to the lived experience of the Christian people, may you help them to discover the Biblical foundations, the spiritual riches and the pastoral value of this traditional prayer.

    I count on you, consecrated men and women, called in a particular way to contemplate the face of Christ at the school of Mary.

    I look to all of you, brothers and sisters of every state of life, to you, Christian families, to you, the sick and elderly, and to you, young people: confidently take up the Rosary once again. Rediscover the Rosary in the light of Scripture, in harmony with the Liturgy, and in the context of your daily lives.

    May this appeal of mine not go unheard! At the start of the twenty-fifth year of my Pontificate, I entrust this Apostolic Letter to the loving hands of the Virgin Mary, prostrating myself in spirit before her image in the splendid Shrine built for her by Blessed Bartolo Longo, the apostle of the Rosary. I willingly make my own the touching words with which he concluded his well-known Supplication to the Queen of the Holy Rosary: “O Blessed Rosary of Mary, sweet chain which unites us to God, bond of love which unites us to the angels, tower of salvation against the assaults of Hell, safe port in our universal shipwreck, we will never abandon you. You will be our comfort in the hour of death: yours our final kiss as life ebbs away. And the last word from our lips will be your sweet name, O Queen of the Rosary of Pompei, O dearest Mother, O Refuge of Sinners, O Sovereign Consoler of the Afflicted. May you be everywhere blessed, today and always, on earth and in heaven”.

    From the Vatican, on the 16th day of October in the year 2002, the beginning of the twenty- fifth year of my Pontificate.


  18. I cannot fathom that one day we will be defending Catholic Teaching against those who claim to be within the Catholic Church while our Bishop who is supposed to be our teacher in the Faith is allowing all this to take place before our very eyes. But so be it, the truth of our faith given to us by the Church must be defended. God help us.

    The NCW position on the praying the rosary is just another clear indication of how protestant the Theology of Kiko is, and why we should oppose this cult and all their teachings. Perhaps we should first examine the origins of this contemplative prayer (The Rosary) to see why we should follow what the Church Teaches and denounce Kiko’s and all that the NCW Teaches.

    Luke 1: 26-28 (DR) tells us that the Angel Gabriel was sent from God to proclaim a message to Mary “Hail Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee: Blessed art thou among women.” Is the message originating from the angel Gabriel himself or is the angel Gabriel delivering the message from God Himself? Elizabeth her cousin filled with the Holy Spirit also cried out in a loud voice “Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.”(Lk1:42 (DR)). Is it not God the Holy Spirit through the instrument of Elizabeth that this proclamation is made also?

    If God then is the origin of this proclamation, who is Kiko or the NCW catechist to say that the honor given to Mary by God Himself should be ignored, are we not following the will of God when we honor Mary, after all sacred Scripture tells us that “from now on, all ages will call me blessed” Lk 1:48.

    St. Thomas also teaches us in his Summa that we should worship God above all creatures, however second only to God, Mary is given honor above all creatures angels and saints following only after what our Lord himself reveals in the honor he bestows upon Mary.

    Consider also the Ark of the covenant, an object built after the command of God and considered the most holy of all objects in the OT, however it is only a shadow of the greater Ark revealed by God in the NT to be Mary herself (Rev11:19, 12:1), So we must continue to pray the rosary for when we do, we Honor Mary as God wills and Worship God who is Sovereign above all creation, and thank our Lord Jesus who has given us this great gift of his Mother to the Church, to be our Mother also.(Jn 19:26,27)

    1. "I cannot fathom that one day we will be defending Catholic Teaching against those who claim to be within the Catholic Church..."

      RAM, as demonstrated in my subsequent post FIGHT BACK: PRAY THE ROSARY, we have long been fighting against forces within the Catholic Church much more powerful than Kiko. Kiko is just an opportunist. Theologians and bishops have always paved the way to heresy. We must fight back from within our families.

    2. Tim,
      I agree with your post, I always believed that the greatest threat for the church is that from witiin, and yes our Lord himself admonished us that his Church will be assulted by the gates of hell until he comes again(Matt 16:18), hence the many heretical teachings that have surfaced from within its ranks since its existance, and that we should be expecting more to come. My post to our brothers and sisters as well as innocent misled members of the NCW is as regards to our entire life, as well as those that pertain to our eternal salvation, we should always look to the Church that Christ left us as it is the Pillar and Foundation of Truth (1Tim3:15) and the ark of Salvation that Christ left for us in this world. And to be wary of those men of the cloth who profess to be speaking for God who in many instances have self serving interests in their agenda. But I am hopeful that even as these heretical teachings have surfaced in the history of the Church, Our Lord has always raised from his church members to oppose the error and defend his truth. So we pray and believe that the truth will always prevail.
      God Bless you in your efforts


  19. Can google:
    "The Miracle of Hiroshima – Jesuits survived the atomic bomb thanks to the rosary"

    Hiroshima, Japan, Aug 9, 2015 / 08:08 am (EWTN News/CNA)

    EXCERPTS from article:

    The Hiroshima attack killed around 80,000 people instantly and may have caused about 130,000 deaths, mostly civilians. The attack on the port city of Nagasaki killed about 40,000 instantly and destroyed a third of the city.

    Four Jesuits were nearby the hypocenter of the attack on Hiroshima, but they survived the catastrophe, and the radiation that killed thousands in the months following had no effect on them................

    The doctors who took care of them afterwards warned them that the radiation they received would produce serious lesions, as well as illness and premature death.

    The diagnosis never materialized. No disorders ever developed, and in 1976 Father Schiffer attended the Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia and told his story. He confirmed that the other Jesuits were still alive and without any ailments. They were examined by dozens of doctors some 200 times over the course of the following years, without any trace of the radiation being found in their bodies.

    The four religious never doubted that they had been blessed with protection by God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. “We were living the message of Fatima and we prayed the Rosary every day,” they explained.

    1. just noticed this website. Wow what terrible, bitter, misinformed, cacophony of lies and half truths about the Way. I wont bother saying the truth here - it was clearly a casualty from quite early on and cant be revived! God have mercy for the damage you're doing to the very movement asked for by the Virgin herself.

    2. LOL. Yes, don't bother saying the truth. There isn't any.

    3. Richard NochefrancaAugust 16, 2015 at 6:51 AM

      Is Coward@10:11PM saying that our Blessed Mother sanctioned the the NCW Cult? Clearly a Cult member so filled with KAKA that this serpant can't see the truth that is well supported by Facts. We truly are witnessing the Anti-Christ and their disciples as they squirm to protect what little they have gained through their endless deception. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us.

    4. 10:11 pm. - read on and weep. Or better yet, why don't you come to Guam and see for yourself the damage this group has inflicted on unsuspecting souls who were vulnerable and hurting enough to be suckered into its deceit and lies. You obviously are in the lower part of the echelon to be so oblivious to the real ncw intent and so enmeshed in the cesspool to just allow your misguided ncw leadership to take hold of the most essential part of your identity. No one relinquishes his or her entire being with unquestioning robotic trust. Wake up from your coma and get a grip. Now! Click!

  20. This is an absolute lie. The truth is, assuming anyone on this site recognizes it any more is: when starting with people who are totally secularised you dont introduce the rosary for a long time (you are comparing people with a catholic identity - who accept the rosary easily, whereas the Way works with people who are mainly unchurched; secondly in 30 years in the way i was NEVER discouraged from using it - in fact quite the opposite. The 12 years refers to a stage in the way when people are churched enough to use the rosary; finally the Virgin Mary herself inspired this Way - so hopefully one day you can take up your argument about Kikos heresy and lack of devotion with her directly. Get a life honestly! Mike from Australia

    1. You give away a lot here:

      "when starting with people who are totally secularised" - obviously kiko believes that "regular" Catholics are "totally secularized" because he starts by coming into our churches and during our Mass to recruit.

      "the Way works with people who are mainly unchurched" - is that why you pull them out of our churches?

      " i was NEVER discouraged from using it - in fact quite the opposite." - you don't say you were "encouraged" to use it, and apparently it took 12 years before you could say it. That's bullshit.

      "The 12 years refers to a stage in the way when people are churched enough to use the rosary" - and who gets to decide who is "churched enough"? You? Kiko? Some asshole catechist? Right.

      "finally the Virgin Mary herself inspired this Way - so hopefully one day you can take up your argument about Kikos heresy and lack of devotion with her directly." - yes the usual kiko conclusion: you can't argue with God. you can't argue with the pope. you can't argue with the Virgin Mary.

      Yah, get a life, freak.

    2. Oh, Mike from Australia, you are telling quite us quite a lie, that the Way "works with people who are mainly unchurched". If you watch the whole video of Kiko with the Polish Capuchins, you'll see that he goes even further, by suggesting that the Way is full of ex-communists. That's why I called my post, "Kiko's Fairy Tale".

    3. Oh Mike the great ! If you walk the way for the past 30 years, you are obviously part of the machine. You are posting a typical neo testimony, which is as hollow as most other ones.
      You want to convince, yet you start with an insult.
      Way to go Mate!

      So sorry my friend, but thanks, no thanks....
      Great diversion otherwise....

  21. NCW passes on the Rosary at the stage of Loreto which can occur at a time determined by a community's catechists. It always occurs after the first scrutiny, the shema, the second scrutiny and the initiation to pray. In the exreme minimum thiswould take four years but it could take up to twenty years for a community to reach this stage. Kiko justified delaying passing on the Rosary in his national convivance 2016 saying that the catechumens need to learn to contemplate first! As a matter of interest Kiko knows the bible backwards and has written many songs based on the psalms and gospel readings including the marriage feast at Cana. If the Way were directed at unformed Christians , as he proposes, his approach could perceivably be justified. However it seems perverse to adopt this approach for the average parishioner of a catholic parish?

    1. In 1917 the Blessed Mother told 3 uneducated, uncatechized kids to pray the rosary. I'll stick with the Blessed Mother 😎

  22. May 18th 2016 4.39 p.m, Mike from Australia,

    The "communities" are overwhelmingly composed of previously steady Catholics and I even personally witnessed some of the few individuals on the fringes being constructively excluded.

    Then if genuine faith was being passed on, members would certainly be ready for the Rosary far earlier than after 12 years - maybe 12 or 18 months. (Those I knew that did it, seemed to do it irrespective of it not being promoted in the "community".)

    Local variations from time to time in the amount of opposition to the Rosary actively expressed by individual itinerants, creates a form of "cover" and adds to the deniability factor. Maybe my itinerants knew they would get nowhere with us in my locality by grinding that particular axe so they used all their other tricks to mess us up instead.

    I can tell you there is one thing I have insider "gnostic" personal revelation knowledge that Our Lady DIDN'T inspire - and that's the crap fashion this "Way" is organised and implemented.

    I have a mere 27 years' perspective but I could soon be snapping at your heels!

    Get a life honestly and - Don't Go That Way !!!!!

  23. 21 December 2016 5.38 p.m.

    "The Bible backwards" just about sums up Kiko's approach to Scripture.

    I don't quite understand your syntax but you seem to imply that over the last 53 years catechists have rolled out the Loreto stage at any of the aforementioned "stages". (In my "community" it was in fact at the so-called "Our Father", after about 20 years.)

    A delay anywhere near 4 years cannot be justified for the most unchurched.

    Kiko justifies his obstructing and dumbing down any chance at accessing genuine religion because he wants them to learn kaka-buttocks contemplating first. (As opposed to the real thing where he is not required thank you very much.)