Thursday, September 24, 2015


Today's Marianas Variety article included the following comments of Adrian Cristobal regarding the status of the Yona property.

Cristobal said the assertion that the seminary is not an asset of the archdiocese "is totally false.'

“The property is designated for the use of the seminary respecting the intention of the donors but the archbishop can designate it for other use in the future,” Cristobal said in the January statement. He also denied that anyone else other than Apuron manages the seminary.
First, let's look at this statement of Cristobal: 
“The property is designated for the use of the seminary respecting the intention of the donors.."
Now, let look at what Apuron wrote to the donor on January 29, 2015: 
"May I ask a favor...send me a letter of support for the donation made by your donors and benefactors to the Archdiocese of Agana in 2003 for the purchase of the Accion Hotel for the Archdiocese of Agana for the purpose of housing the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and the Theological Institute for the formation of priests."
Twelve full years after the donation was made to purchase the property, Apuron is asking the donor to validate his use of it. This would only be necessary if in fact Apuron was NOT using the property as per the intention of the donor. And this is why on February 2, 2015, the donor replied:
Dear Archbishop Apuron, in 2003 when the said "funds" were donated, we had absolutely no knowledge of these entities (like Redemptoris Mater Seminary, the Neo-catechumenal Way, or the Theological Institute for the formation of priests), not to speak of any specific intention whatsoever to relate this donation to them. In fact, we did not even know of these lay organizations, so naturally we could not direct anything to them by name. It was our sole intention to help the people of Guam to provide a property for a seminary for the formation of priests for the Church in Guam. At that time, in 2003, we were made aware of the burden you were carrying in regard to the purchase of this property for a seminary. It was our desire to help relieve you of this concern and enable the Archdiocese to conduct a seminary in the former hotel. This was our intent. It was not our intent that the Archdiocese place on the hotel property, purchased with our donation, a deed restriction, in perpetuity, whereby the property is now dedicated to be used only for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and Theological Institute. As a result, we felt "very ill at ease" when we came to know about the "Deed Restriction" which gives the Redemptoris Mater Seminary control of the said Property in "perpetuity". The phrase, "in perpetuity" implies that the seminary now belongs to the Neocatechumenal Way Christians, which is the only group permitted to use the property now or in the future.
In conclusion, dear Archbishop Apuron, I cannot sign the letter your drafted for me because it would not in fact be truthful. We are keeping you, the seminarians and all the people of Guam very much in our prayers. May the Spirit of love bring peace and unity to all. 
Yet, Cristobal lies to us saying: 
“The property is designated for the use of the seminary respecting the intention of the donors.."
Let's look at Cristobal's other lie:
 ...the assertion that the seminary is not an asset of the archdiocese “is totally false.” 
Contrast that with the Opinion of Counsel of Guam real property attorney Jacques Bronze:
"…based on Guam statutes governing interpretation of deed and contracts, the property interest conveyed is an absolute conveyance of the entire fee simple title of the subject properties to RMHF, subject to the restraint in use."
Make no mistake. Cristobal and Apuron lie to us because they can. They know that in order to challenge their lies it will take attorneys and will be costly for us. They are betting that the Catholics of Guam will tire of this and won't put up the money to confront them. It's up to you if you are going to let these crooks win that bet.

Learn more at the CCOG website and download a free copy of RMS:A SCAM FROM THE BEGINNING. 


  1. And the donors say something else contradictory to what Crystal-No-Balls states. Have some Balls and say the truth. It is written in black-n-white. How can you deny the letter you miserable lying piece of ________. ( yoy can all fill in the blank as you see fit).

  2. He should hope to never ever encounter a wolf in his field.

  3. What is sad about this whole situation is that a supposed man of God, knowingly lies about this property issue even after numerous proof to the contrary of what he is reporting have been presented. Adrian, is obedience to Kiko, Pius, and allegiance to the NCW worth all these lies and cover up? No property, power, prestige is worth losing our our soul over. I have lost all respect for you as a priest.

  4. From the mouth of Diana below; we can surly conclude that the NCW is a CULT...

    DianaSeptember 23, 2015 at 6:16 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 2:30 pm,

    Why are you concern about OUR money. Only the members of the NCW put in the money. We have also told you where the money goes. We collect to pay off the debts of the hotel where we spend our retreats. We also use the money for travel expenses for the itinerants, and mission families. Some of the monies are given to the parish for the use of the facilities. Some monies are also used to purchase supplies that the communities need such as the wine, bread, icons, crucifixes, patens and chalices. Why do you continue to ask the same questions over and over and over and over?

    1. This thingie fails to mention that they hug up OUR resources to celebrate and execute THIER deceptive actions against OUR parishioners.

    2. This dianarrhea rant is an indication that it is all about the survival of their cult. Use YOUR own money to build your churches and pay for your coven gatherings. Why should we Catholics fork out to support your disingenuous cover ups? You are not wanted, neos, you can take your double cheek kisses somewhere else because you fools look disgusting! It is not Guam culture, and we will not adjust to your aberrations. You liars are taking up space we need for ourselves. Just because willy-nilly apuron stupidly brought ncw to Guam does not mean you don't question him. You have become so accustomed to the cocoonish feeling of ncw that you fail to see that they are out to devour you and all that belongs to you.

    3. Dianarhea strikes again! Since they have their OWN money then the Neos should have their OWN buildings. Damn Neos, just GTFO!

  5. Aye adai, Father, forgive them for they know not what they say. Either Adrian is tunnel visioned or just plain blind.

    1. No. He's simply a kiko. Complete different moral code.

    2. Yes, Tim, he is a kikoanut. Still, he is stupid and blind. That is clear.

  6. "it must be apparent that there are two churches proclaiming to be Catholic. The enemy does not want his work revealed in the open. His Remnant Faithful must reveal it."

  7. What I cannot comprehend is that even when Tim et al, have debunked their lies numerous times, they continue to spew lies thinking that people will believe them. Basta !!!! Adrian you are insulting our intelligence. You are obviously gullible to swallow the Way's teaching hook, line and sinker and now desperately trying to plug the hole in the dam. Brother, your Sect days are indeed numbered. Worse of all you are a Priest/presbytery for the NCW. So Adrian you have been busted. Tell the truth, you owe this to the Office you hold. You are a Priest for Life (Catholic Church) Not the Way.

  8. Good afternoon to you all.
    Adrian might be shameless, he might not be the brightest light on the tree, but he is not clueless nor is he confused.
    He simply is Adrian, the same Adrian he was as a child, the same Adrian he was at the Seminary.

    The man does not have, and never had an ounce of honesty in his body. He is a conniving, and back stabbing individual, whose moral compass is almost non-existent.
    This is why the Seminary would not recommend him for the priesthood. They found that he was lacking even the most basic moral ground to become one.

    Only blackmailing, allowed him to clear that hurdle.
    This is another black spot on Apuron's conscience. To have let such a dangerously dishonest person, in a position of trust and guidance of the flock is unquestionable.

    This is why he was such a valuable recruit for Pius and Genarinni. A priest without conscience, without shame, without moral compass, was the perfect tool, to help them achieve their goal of controlling the Diocese of Agana.
    This is what this Judas to the Catholic Faith and to his Chamorro Culture has done, and continue to do with no restraint at all.
    We know where his soul will ultimately end-up, the question remains: how much damage will he continue to do until that day comes.