Tuesday, September 22, 2015


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Chuck's article is spot on! That's why I left the "way" because it wasn't the Catholic way. I was supposed to give everything up to the catechists, put the catechists opinion/views over my spouses, not pay attention to my kids and put the "way" first above all else, including the Catholic Church. After attending a retreat where the main catechist belittled, berated and yelled at a member, my mind and heart was made up - Catholic brothers and sisters DO NOT treat each other that way if they were following Jesus Christ. Talk about all of my spidey senses tingling! Ran far from them and have not regretted it since. I will admit that the mind control they spin on you, once you leave the way, was relentless. But with proper re-indoctrination into a non-neo parish, you will heal and return back to normal, putting Jesus first, not the neo-way catechists. 


  1. Re "That's Why I Left the Way", my comment is this: If we can suggest to one good-hearted Neo (one at a time) that all they need to do is conduct an honest introspection into what got them into the NCW to start with, and honestly assess what is really happening to their lives, perhaps they can see the error of their ways. May the Holy Spirit guide them in that journey - not their catechists. Remember - our issue is not with the Neo members per se; it is with the NCW, the organization itself that teaches false theology and practices violations of the liturgy and rubrics of the Catholic Church.- jrsa (9/22/15)

    1. Yes, Joe. And you can add to the list public verbal abuse of its members. My heart goes out to people sincerely seeking Jesus and getting caught in this organization. Let's continue to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit. May He open eyes and strengthen souls to seek the truth.

  2. Many people who join the WAY want to feel closer to God, and this is where the catechists step in and begin the process of indoctrination as per Kiko's brand of theology. Like a frog enjoying the water, the "convert" is allowed to swim in the Kiko kaka while the heat is gradually turned up. The heat then reaches a boiling point that kills (the will power) of the convert while being made to believe they are getting closer to heaven. They then turn over their hard earned money and valuables to the NCW. What a SCAM !

  3. I am in the NY metropolitan area, and have been following Junglewatch since stumbling upon it a few months ago.

    This blog is an invaluable source of reliable information and insights on the NCW, which is hard to come by anywhere else.

    It has helped validate my family’s first-hand experiences with and observations of other close relatives who are members of the Way, and continue to fall further and further under its spell.

    We are convinced that the NCW is a cult whose founders are master marketers who found and filled a void within the Church by preying upon and manipulating weak-spirited, desperate, and oftentimes uneducated individuals.

    And the Church, by turning a blind eye to the Way’s mind-bending tactics, permits this cancer to spread as long as it brings in money and puts fannies in the pews.

    Clearly, those of us in our family who are pedestrian Catholics are considered inferior to the turbo-charged Kikonuts, and serve only as channels for “God to provide.”

    As to the NCW’s assertion that it integrates itself into a parish is downright hokum. The parish that hosts my relatives’ community never mentions the NCW in its online or hard copy church bulletins. And when we call the rectory for the time and location of the NCW’s Saturday evening service, we are given the name and phone number of a Way member to call before we are permitted to attend. How very welcoming indeed.

    My family continues to hope and pray that the true nature of the NCW will one day be revealed. In the meantime—Bravo, Junglewatch! Keep up the good work!

  4. Tim, As I said many times, Kiko will regret the day he came to Guam. It is trough your dogged commitment and Chuck White as well to expose the charlatan Kiko his minions to the world. If Kiko had a do over, he now realizes that there are "tough cookies" on Guam that are not easily taken in by "smoke and mirror" So visitor from NY. thank you for confirming that our efforts to educated the world about the destructive influence of the Way.

  5. Goliath underestimated the skill and cunning of an insignificant shepherd boy. I hope Guam follows through its new mission to expose the deceptions of NCW to the whole world. Perhaps with the intrepid leadership of Guam Catholics we will slow down the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church from within due to the subtle manipulations and entrenchment of NCW in key church positions.