Monday, September 28, 2015


Good morning, Zoltan. Another baby will die today. By the way, what are you doing about it?

Zoltán Székely ·

The pro-life advocate and "devout" Catholic notes some confusion in Pope Francis’ statements. Lol! This advocate must surely know if the Pope is confused or not, because he is a devout guy, isn't he? 

Well, perhaps it is not Pope Francis who is confused here, but those religious nuts who regularly humiliate abortion victims. Their anti-abortion efforts are contaminated by posting bloody body parts of dissected fetuses on the Internet as a means of deterrence and dehumanization of abortion victims. 

Abortion is a terrible thing. But those who demonize women for political purposes are even wor
se. The Esperanza Project in Guam is a prime example of tendencies going against the intentions of the Pope. Primitive and dumb anti-abortion "advocates" were epitomized by the infamous Eric Rudolph, who threw a bomb at the Atlanta Olympic Games.

Those who promote insensitivity in the fight against abortion are truly the Confused Catholics of Guam who shouldn't and won't have any respect in the Church of Pope Francis.

Zoltán Székely ·

This article would have been most appropriate 4 weeks ago (!), at the first days of September, when Pope Francis actually announced the policy change of the Curia!

One wonders if it was a deliberate delay in the reporting in relation to a campaign arranged for the second week of September to promote an abortion bill at the Senate:

Who has the means in Guam to delay the reporting of announcements of basic importance of Pope Francis at the newspapers?

LOL. He really thinks that "the newspapers" are reliant on someone "in Guam" to report "announcements of basic importance of Pope Francis." Like the newspapers can't find out for themselves. Remember folks, this guy teaches at UOG. Protect your children.

Meanwhile, for the intelligent, I refer you to the article by canonist Benedict Ngyuen which was the source for my comment in the PDN. (I actually use sources.) Read it carefully so you understand the problem.

Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy Indulgence Raises Canonical Questions

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