Monday, September 28, 2015


Good morning, Zoltan. Another baby will die today. By the way, what are you doing about it?

Zoltán Székely ·

The pro-life advocate and "devout" Catholic notes some confusion in Pope Francis’ statements. Lol! This advocate must surely know if the Pope is confused or not, because he is a devout guy, isn't he? 

Well, perhaps it is not Pope Francis who is confused here, but those religious nuts who regularly humiliate abortion victims. Their anti-abortion efforts are contaminated by posting bloody body parts of dissected fetuses on the Internet as a means of deterrence and dehumanization of abortion victims. 

Abortion is a terrible thing. But those who demonize women for political purposes are even wor
se. The Esperanza Project in Guam is a prime example of tendencies going against the intentions of the Pope. Primitive and dumb anti-abortion "advocates" were epitomized by the infamous Eric Rudolph, who threw a bomb at the Atlanta Olympic Games.

Those who promote insensitivity in the fight against abortion are truly the Confused Catholics of Guam who shouldn't and won't have any respect in the Church of Pope Francis.

Zoltán Székely ·

This article would have been most appropriate 4 weeks ago (!), at the first days of September, when Pope Francis actually announced the policy change of the Curia!

One wonders if it was a deliberate delay in the reporting in relation to a campaign arranged for the second week of September to promote an abortion bill at the Senate:

Who has the means in Guam to delay the reporting of announcements of basic importance of Pope Francis at the newspapers?

LOL. He really thinks that "the newspapers" are reliant on someone "in Guam" to report "announcements of basic importance of Pope Francis." Like the newspapers can't find out for themselves. Remember folks, this guy teaches at UOG. Protect your children.

Meanwhile, for the intelligent, I refer you to the article by canonist Benedict Ngyuen which was the source for my comment in the PDN. (I actually use sources.) Read it carefully so you understand the problem.

Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy Indulgence Raises Canonical Questions


  1. Zoltan, you are a TRUE FAKE with nothing to back your statements. Get off your high horse and come down to reality. Plus, if no one was interested in junglewatch (as stated in a prior post), then why is it you still frequent this site? Is it because you too want to know the facts? None of you neocats have provided any solid facts and just keep running your thoughts (without doing your homework) on everything this island Catholic community has established before your cult invaded our catholic religion.

  2. Dear Zoltan, I've wanted to respond to you since I heard of your comments regarding Tim Rohr and the Esperanza group demonizing women who had abortions. Obviously you don't know what the Esperanza Group or all the people who are out there trying to curb (or stop completely) abortions which happen here and all over the world. I don't recall any demonizing of women. What I do recall in all of the work of Esperanza and those groups that go out there and pray outside the abortion clinics, is that they are working towards stopping the practice of abortion. They are trying to stop women from going into the clinics by changing their mind. They are hoping that if they go inside the clinic, they will read materials so that they get a more real idea of what they are about to do. They are hoping that doctors will start realizing that they are killing innocent human lives. They are hoping that nurses start to realize that they have to stop helping doctors who do this. They are hoping that families help each other so that no one has to even consider an abortion. AND-- I do know for a fact, at least in the Esperanza Group and the Catholic groups I have been, that they Pray for the mothers, fathers, families and healing should an abortion happen. Love the sinner, hate the sin.
    There is no demonizing, there is only the hope of proper and timely information needed to get through to a women who is so tramatized that she feels she needs to terminate the life of her baby. I support Senator Frank Aguon, Jr's latest attempt to get the wording correct so that proper information and record keepping is enforced and adhered to. Abortion doctors are not out there to care for the "whole being" of the women who come to them for abortions. They are there for the job and profit making of the act.
    As to the display of cut up baby parts? What do you think happens in an abortion? The burned skin of babies who are burned to death or cut up to pieces to get them out????
    Dear Zoltan, this is for real.

  3. The judgmental wanna-be academe called Zoltan is a nut and a dilettante. He is crazy, plain and simple, so his words are more entertainment than reliable. He should be in a straitjacket in some asylum rather than "teaching" impressionable young minds who have their whole future ahead of them but tainted by this nutcase. He is a dilettante in the sense that he dabbles in many things wherein he is not knowledgeable. He epitomizes the adage that "little knowledge is dangerous." The lack of depth in his forays into the world of rational argumentation is indicative of a huge void between his ears. His gray matter is a cesspool of disjointed information that he is incapable of connecting due to defective neurons. So, dear people, take his words for comic relief but make no mistake about heeding them. He is the neo opening act in the wacky ncw performance.

  4. Zoltan,
    You are really a confused individual, a very poor representative of the NCW who lacks common sense and is trying to lecture us on the truth. You cited "Those who promote insensitivity in the fight against abortion are truly the Confused Catholics of Guam who shouldn't and won't have any respect in the Church of Pope Francis."
    First of all, It is not the church of Pope Francis, or Pope Kiko in the case of your cult. It is Christ's Church, He is the foiunder and Head of this Church.

    Secondly, You are preaching to us sensitivity to people, at the expense of aborted human life, murdered persons who are created in the image and likeness of God.

    Thirdly, We are not looking for your approval or the world's approval, your respect or the world's respect. The Esperanza group as well as those of us in this blog who comment against abortion do so because it is the right thing to do according to God's commandment.

    Get Behind us Satanas! Just go back where you came from. Is it not clear that you, your mathematics, or NCW beliefs are not wanted here....