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From Susan's blog:

junglewatch is also accusing the NCW of being AIRPORT CATHOLICS. Do the research, their(Latin Rite Fans) Spiritual Director(Fr. Eric) has been off-island many more times than our archbishop and even Fr. Pius. Birds of a feather flock together. Whats even worse is that this priest has been to manila on numerous occasions this year just to go shopping. Hes now in California just for the end production stage of a DVD. So if they want to criticize the Archbishop, NCW members and RMS Priests for their travel patterns, go right ahead. Then we should take a tally of all travel made by ALL priests of this archdiocese to include their purpose of the trip and their detailed itinerary. Lets find out where they went, where they ate, where they slept at night, where they shopped, where they had their entertainment at, where they played their video games and while we're at it lets just request for who traveled with them and why did they have to go.
Come on people apply the standards to everyone.

-Jokers Wild

First, a little housekeeping. Let's help the Joker. He seems to lack a basic understanding of the Catholic Church. (Understandable since he's not Catholic.)

"their (Latin Rite Fans)"

"Latin Rite" refers to the "majority rite" in the Roman Catholic Church. A "Latin Rite" Catholic refers to any Catholic who lives in an area (mostly western Europe and northern Africa) where Latin was once the dominant liturgical, as well as educational and diplomatic language. As Latin was once the dominant language of the liturgy here in Guam, the Catholic Church on Guam is considered a Latin Rite church and if you went to Mass this morning, regardless of where, then you attended a "Latin Rite" Mass.  What the uneducated Joker is trying to refer to is a "form" of the Latin Rite, officially known since 2007 as the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

"(Spiritual Director) Fr. Eric"

The people who attend the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite do not form a canonical community and thus there can be no spiritual director for the group since there is no group. The People who attend the Mass are simply people who attend the Mass, and aside from a a small group of regulars, the faces often change. 

As for his being off-island, Fr. Eric is not a parish priest and is not assigned to a parish. He is a Capuchin and his official position at the moment is Development Director and Communications Director. He is also an historian and a writer and is regularly called upon to assist mainland Chamorro communities which he does regularly every Fall. All of the above necessitate travel.

Fr. Eric makes no secret of his travel. He diligently announces his itineray to those he works with and he regularly posts pictures of his activities when he is away. Additionally, being a Capuchin, Fr. Eric is under obedience to his superior who - since as a Capuchin he has no personal funds - must okay both the travel and the release of funds to do so. 

Conversely "Tony" (as J. Bautista calls him) - aka Archbishop Apuron - even though he is the chief pastor of the Catholic Church on Guam - is often away for nobody knows what. Even his priests (except close neo-buddies) do not know where he is or when he comes and goes. We only learn of his whereabouts from others who see him on his travels. The archbishop is ASSIGNED to this diocese. And it was to diocesan bishops such as Apuron that Pope Francis addressed his criticism of "airport bishops." 

As for the Joker's call for transparency for the travel of all priests, I say "sure." Just as soon as "Tony" starts posting his itinerary. After all, he IS the bishop, and he should lead by example. Right?

But LOL. Given that he said that RMS would be publishing its Financial Report in July of 2014, and here we are more than a year later and still no report, I don't think we can expect Tony to tell us where he's sleeping any time soon. 

P.S. Joker, next time you want to say something about the Catholic Church, the real one, check with me first. I'll help you out. 

Oh, and thanks for the opportunity to promote Fr. Eric's project I AM CHAMORRO. Isn't it time someone who can give the Church's perspective on Chamorro history step forward? Thanks to Fr. Eric, someone has. Meanwhile, all "Tony" has done is bring people here who bash Chamorro history (e.g. "I am sick of your culture," said a recently ordained kiko-presbyter.)

"We are a beautiful people, and it's about time that we let the world know about this amazing group of people in the Pacific called the Chamorros." - Fr. Eric Forbes

Visit the website:

Oh, and by the way, unlike "Tony" who was told by the donor for the former Yona hotel property that she never heard of "the Neocatechumenal Way" (after Tony asked her to lie for him - see Ultimate Treachery), Fr. Eric is actually holding himself responsible to his donors. Over $200,000 has been raised for the project. And unlike "Tony," Fr. Eric intends to honor the "intent of the donors" and complete the project. 

Check out the list of donors:

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