Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Note: The "This" in the comment below is a reference to the letter posted here

  1. This is not authentic. Diana said Yona property is gift of someone local. That's why she won't respond.

Of course, this argument is their last best hope of proving me a liar. Unfortunately, one of their own makes them out to be the liar.

Aurora Martinez is the Notary Public who notarized the notorious deed granting the property to RMS. Here is a copy of her signature and seal from the deed:

And here is the link to the full document.

And here is what Aurora A. Martinez, Notary Public, says about the origins of "the funds to purchase the Seminary":

Here is the link to the Guam PDN Facebook post.

Of course, apparently Diana forgot that she already quoted Putrid Pius in the PDN stating the money was donated by "an off-island benefactor":

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