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See full newsletter here with all the new seminarians "from Guam." 

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Big question is how many are from the Pacific Region as claimed by the Dingbats blog... Everyone knows that the best formative location for the Holy Pruesthood is in Fiji. 

DianaDecember 20, 2015 at 6:03 PM
Dear Anonymous at 3:15 pm

Actually, he would have to follow canon law. If he is going to sell the property, he would need the approval of the finance council and the Vatican. I do not think the Pope would approve of selling the RM seminary. Pope Crancis was very pleased to hear that Guam has two seminaries to accommodate seminarians from Guam and the Pacific region.


LOL. And how do we know that “Pope Crancis was very pleased to hear that Guam has two seminaries?” Ummm, because Apuron said so. I bet Francis (correct spelling) was amused at this little fool of a pretend prelate and his thug sidekick dancing about before him - uninvited. And “to accommodate seminarians from Guam…???” Oh, yah? Which ones are those? 

Now to a larger point. First there was never any recommendation to sell the property. Apuron and Pius are lying about this and if this keeps going I am going to push Richard Untalan to sue the rat's behind off both of them. So just keep that in mind. By the way, why would Mr. Untalan want to sell the property when HIS FAMILY GAVE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO RMS you IDIOTS?

The financial fact of the matter is that the property with its buildings is unwieldily. The real needs of priests for Guam with its small population could be more than met with two or three priests per year, and Guam (pre-Apuron) has proven in the past that it is capable of producing priests at that rate - until of course Apuron came along and quashed local vocations. 

But even if Guam hosted 40 seminarians like it is doing now, it could be better done on a much smaller scale. One doesn’t need in excess of 70,000 square meters of ocean front land and a hundred room hotel to run a seminary. 

The physical plant could be exponentially smaller, and rather than pour money into the maintenance of this concrete monstrosity, the same money could be dedicated to building a real academic and theological program with a real faculty instead of this round robin deal they currently employ: “visiting professors” showing up only now and then and only offering a week or two of instruction, if that, with half of the class not even fluent enough in the language of the visiting professor to understand half of what is said. 

In fact, several people are familiar with the former rector, Fr. Pablo, recommending exactly this. The actual weight of running all facets of the money-guzzling RMS fell squarely on him. Despite his neo-soul, I believe he had a practical mind and could see the writing of financial death on the seminary wall - especially once I began my public campaign to make people aware of Apuron’s theft. 

In fact, he was heard to say “sell it.” So apparently the only one who has ever recommended that the property be sold is the former rector. And if in fact he did, then he is to be commended because the survival of the seminary, not the occupation of the property, was his foremost concern. And this is probably why Pablo is OUT OF THERE and Pius the Putrid is now reigning: the OCCUPATION of the property is what matters to the Gennarini-Pius neo-cult ladrones. 


  1. If you think about the neos pushing out so many half a$$ priests, it's safe to assume that once the REAL devoted priests pass on as they get older, these young neos will have many in numbers to drown Catholicism and change the way Catholicism has been taught and passed down for generations. That's probably why Diana and the rest of those neo smucks are twisting the facts about who really brought up the selling of RMS seminary in yona. Blame it on everyone except the neos and tony. Pretty sad...

  2. Tim, congratulations on exceeding 4 million page views. Your site has certainly exposed the rot that is the NCW. People world wide are looking at Guam in amazement. The Guam Visitors Bureau should give you an award for bringing Guam to national and international prominence. Sadly, it is not the type of publicity most of us would want, but the world knows that Guamanians will not stand quietly by while corruption, abuse, and heresy raise their ugly heads on our otherwise peaceful island.

    While it is disappointing that Rome has failed to act to bring this entire mess to an end, we can rest assured that they are fully aware of what is happening. And now, more and more bishop are starting to follow Guam's lead in questioning the cultic methods of Kiko and his brood of vipers.

    While Guam is apparently too small for the Vatican to take notice, other bigger regions will eventually force Rome to act. But we need to collectively keep pushing to shine a Guam light on the activities of this cult so no single person will be able to claim what our idiot bishop claims: "I don't know why they are here protesting...?"

    While Tony has become a sad fool, captive to the blackmail of the NCW, I now fondly recall the prophetic words spoken in broken english by the Sicilian presbyter at Barrigada: "...they spend meeellllions and meeellllions on serving the people..."

    Well, Tim, your blog has served "meeellllions and meeellllions" of readers, and they are now wiser because of it.

    Thank you presbyter Francesco for pointing the way to the jungle.

  3. Meeelions and Meeelions of thanks, Tim and all contributors! Onward, Christian Soldiers.