Thursday, December 31, 2015


Recently a baby was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. The baby was one of the smallest babies ever. Born at approximately 20 weeks, E’layah Faith Pegues weighed only ten ounces. Thanks to heroic measures by doctors who cared and a good hospital, E’layah Faith now weighs 3 pounds 10 ounces and is going home soon. 

On Guam, that baby would have been left to die. GMH policy states:

E’layah Faith was born at only 20 weeks (or 21 at most) and weighed only 284 grams. That's 4 weeks less and only 1/3 the weight required by GMH to be considered "viable." 

During the public hearing for Bill 195-32 which required normal medical care for infants who survive botched abortions and prohibits the attending physician from killing the child or leaving him or her to die, Dr. Ellen Bez said the following:
"...almost everything in this, almost everything in this bill goes against accepted medical standards in terms of doing heroic measures for a child that’s born that in all medical opinion has no chance for survival. The use of resources of limited valuable resources and the money it takes to keep an infant alive for days when it can save a hundred kids in school when it can give them school lunches or whatever medical care these children...and I see them at my rape crisis center, don’t get the medical care that they need and have nobody to take care of them. And this is what we’re using our time and our resources for? Again, I object to this bill on those grounds."

Well it's a good thing E’layah Faith wasn't born on Guam, already the easiest place in the nation to kill an unborn child. And thank God for those places where "accepted medical standards" include "heroic measures" and real doctors willing to perform them. 

Oh, and in case you didn't know official hospital policy - as per 4/2011 - strips parents of the decision to save their child if the physician determines it is not appropriate to do so:

Meanwhile, as per the Legislative Findings and Intent for Bill No. 62-32 (now Public Law 32-030):
The 2011 infant death rate for Guam, at 13.3, is more than twice as high as the national mortality rate of 5.9 for the United States. 
I wonder why. 

Brother ("I don't care") Tony, any ideas? How's the plans coming for that next trip. And come to think of it FORTY MILLION DOLLARS might have saved a lot of babies. Don't you think? Bye. 


  1. May God protects this child and his familly for the rest of his life.
    May he bring happiness to his parents, and be blessed with the wisdom of his doctors as well..... Good way to finish the year, on a high note.

  2. Protection of human life is a sacred duty to everyone, particularly on the Catholic Church. There is no will from Church leadership on Guam to heed this mandate. Instead, energies are spent on trying to legitimize a brain-control sect called ncw. For its archbishop, brother tony, prayers are only for show and to check off a list, not a real desire to help the needy and those unable to defend themselves.

  3. my cynical self thinks that the hidden, unwritten exemption to this policy applies when the baby 1) has the right last name, and/or 2) comes from a family with money.

    does it not alarm our people that such a policy exists, which lets a weighing scale decide whether a human being should live or die?