Monday, January 4, 2016


Adrian (The Joker's Wild) has decided to reinsert himself back into this controversy. He may be sorry. There are people like Frenchie who know him too well. And now the whole world will know. Let us not forget. It was Adrian who showed up at Msgr. James' door on July 25, 2014 and handed him those three decrees of removal. It was Adrian who changed the name of the Boys Chapel at FD. It was Adrian who lied to KUAM about the Yona property. It was Adrian who lied about Apuron's meeting with the presbyteral council over the removal of Msgr. James. It was Adrian who lied, and lied, and lied. (More here.) And it was Adrian who brought the Neocatechumenal Way to Guam to pave the way for him to be the next bishop. 

frenchie has left a new comment on your post "BEND OVER, DIANA. LOL. COURAGE.": 

suffice to say, that at a time when Adrian was in the seminary, the candidates to the priesthood were fewer and fewer, and the Church was very eager to have new priests.
The fact that the board of St Patrick at the time, refused to endorse him for the priesthood, should speak volume as to the issues at hand.Their decision was made clear to Apuron at the time, in no uncertain terms.
This is why so many of his classmates were dejected by Apuron decision, to go over that recommendation. This is why Tim and many others have questioned the whole process of his encardination and subsequent growing influence in the Archdiocese.

Even some of the worse priest you ever met, would be looked upon favorably if you had to compare them to Adrian, ethically, philosophically, humanly, or just plain commonly as a priest. Not only the man lacks any moral fiber of any kind, but he obviously suffers from psychological issues, that would require prolonged professional supervision, for him to function in any traditional environment. Yet this is the person our Archbishop has chosen to handle the day to day affairs of our diocese.
Again, why? What did Adrian know and do, to convince our leader to overlook such screaming issues, that a seminary board of that time would refuse to endorse him??
This goes at the core of the problems we are now facing.

Guam is a small island. Most people know each other.
Most people have known for years, that Adrian is not right in the head, and certainly not right for the job.
Just like in the cases of the many sexual abuse victims, on island, there is a reluctance to confront, a reluctance to say: Enough! is Enough!
People knew, but chose to be silent.
People knew, but chose not to make waves.
People knew, 2 and 2 did not make 5.
Yet people did nothing.....this is why, we are in the jam we are in now.
This is the old adage: "Bad things happen to good people, when honest people choose to be silent, to stand by, while injustice is being done, in their name."

This is exactly why bad things happened to Father Paul, to Msg. James, to the Lastimoza family, to the guest priests who had to leave after years of dedicated service, to Father Efren, to many others, and of course it is why the victims of sexual abuse had to suffer in shame and silence for decades.

This is why the likes of Pius and Genarini have been allowed to pilfer the Church of Guam for their benefit.
This is why Diana and Zoltan continue to spew their never ending garbage.

The good people of Guam chose to be silent, to agree by default to all the inequities done in their name, to the few among them, that were willing to stand up for truth and justice.
So what are we willing to do?
Are you willing to stand up? Or would you just like to find out the juicy details of Adrian's sick and pathetic little life?
Are you willing to help the brave souls at CCOG? Or will you be observers on the side, keeping scores, but staying away from the fray?
Are you willing to take some of your precious time, to join others in prayer at the Cathedral? Or would you rather go take a ride around the island or catch a movie?
Are you willing to hold a sign, showing your displeasure, on a sidewalk? Or you prefer to read about in the Pacific Daily News the next day?

This my friends is where we will be judged. What will you tell your grandchildren, when they ask you: What did you do, when the neocats took over our island?
Are you just willing to have less and less options to go to church, and let the presbyters take over all the parishes one after one?
Is coming to the jungle a way for you to get informed? Or is it a fun way to spend the evening, getting the latest gossip on this or that?
Are you going to wait for the next Father Luis or Edivaldo, to put the move on your daughter or grand daughter?

Are you going to sit silently in Church being lectured by the likes of Rudy, knowing he does not abide by his own vows?

The New Year, is a time for reflection, but also for plans of action......what is yours going to be??? 


  1. ADRIAN: Addled Degenerate Roguish Idiot Asshole Neo

  2. These are excellent questions to ponder and subsequently take action! This is exactly the sequel "What are you going to do?" I had in mind to write for the Laity "flyer" being distributed.

  3. To the person who said he asked you for sex. I can't put that here without someone willing to make the accusation by name. If you don't want to use your name then at least report it the Vatican Office of the Promoter of Justice even if you weren't a minor at the time. It is still harassment.

    Also, report it to the Nuncio, no matter how long ago it happened. See the Contact Nuncio tab at the top. If you want to go further legally, let me know privately at

    1. And don't forget law enforcement. If it was harassment, still report it.

  4. I know Adrian inspires profanity, but let's keep it down on our side. Thanks. Feel free to call him though.


  5. Carmen having issues with Adrian. I get impression even carmen does not follow thinking of her brother.

  6. If memory serves me right wasn't it Adrian and Tony who both got caught in lies right in front of the Nuncio when Archbishop Krebs was here in July 2014? seems like they don't think Guam people are dumber than them. They believe any person not in the Way is dumber than them.