Sunday, January 3, 2016


While Frenchie's main aim is Zoltan's demonstrable stupidity, Frenchie ends up giving us an insightful and entertaining summation of the "pile of trash" we must "discard" while trumpeting a grand call to arms. Enjoy.

3:17 AM (3 hours ago)

frenchie has left a new comment on your post "BEND OVER, DIANA. LOL. COURAGE.": 

Poor Zoltan,

He always reminds me of the joke, my old professor of natural sciences use to give us in the 8th grade. "Beware of what conclusion you get from your experiments." 

It goes like this: if you sever one leg on a Frog, and ask for it to jump, it will. Then two legs, then three, it continues jumping, even if it is more and more difficult.

Finally if you sever 4 legs, it does not jump......

Silence in the classroom, every student looks at each other kind of grossed by this story. This is when the teacher asked: " why did the frog not jump when you cut all its legs?" 

A little voice in the back of the room asked sheepishly: He got deaf after you cut its legs off?
Of course the whole class laughed out loud....except the little guy at the end of the classroom. He still did not get it, years later.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is typical Zoltan. Same inane conclusion, behind a facade of methodology, the man is simply too stupid, I would say too dishonest to face reality. This is why he is the perfect idiot to rally the troops on Diana's (blog), or in the local paper.

Zoltan the useful idiot, who does the bidding of the NCW and their puppet masters.

Always trying to sound reasonable, but always using false argumentation, or more often than not, plain lies.

Tim said it well, after he was found out, he several times, try to use a "nom de plume" to advance his agenda on this site. Always, what gives him away, is his condescending tone, his false humble demeanor.

Like the snake in the Bible, Zoltan oozes with sugary words, only to strike with his poison when he judges he made his point. The problem in being the devil's advocate, is just that: your client is the devil... Should I say more?

What a disgusting picture: Pius the putrid pulling the strings, Dingbat tirelessly going to bat for her lord and master, gender bender extraordinaire Adrian, the eternal plotter and back stabber, Lerch the dumbest servant on earth, with the blessing of Brother Tony, the Liberace of the Episcopal world, hiding behind his cohorts and Zoltan doing his verbal belly dance, part Castafiore, part Carmen Hernandez to charm the rest of the snakes, while the rude Rudy swears at them all, on his way back from his pad.

With a cast a losers like that, some still ask, why do they protest? While they should ask: why is not everybody protesting?

This my friends is the huge pile of trash we have to discard, if we want our house to start smelling good once again. Nobody is going to do the shoveling except us.


  1. Frenchie, you nailed it. These people are now going around completely bare and vulnerable. They claim that JW is trash,but utterly under its spell. Hopeless idiots,

  2. I don't know about Zoltan. As for me, I'd like to thank Frenchie for his work, his story and example here, personally it has struck me outward straight in inward. It's the next greatest New Years tool I'd received to feed my soul. Thank you, Frenchie! I received it.

  3. Omg! As I was reading this contribution of Frenchie, I had a technicolor show of all these characters , all in costume, prancing, twirling, pirouetting . I hope this bad movie has and ending. Soon. It is sick.

  4. Obviously the truth hurts, The only solution is for Ncw to leave.

  5. You guys always got something in your mouth and talk Nothing but shit, Does your ass get jealous of the shit that comes out of your Mouth ??? TIM...Frenchie Frenchie--UMMM

    1. Rudy, do you ever wonder how we know this is you? It's because you say the same things to the people who you think are your friends.

  6. Sorry to digress Tim, but the way I recognize Rudy, is the consistency of his speech.
    a) it is usually crude
    b) it usually has to do with an body orifice of some sort
    c) he has a fascination about excrement
    d) it is usually very poorly written
    e) it demonstrate a continued arrested development of sexual functions
    f) it always wallows in mud

    In this latest version, he lifts the veil for us, on his deeply disturbed psyche.
    Scatological fascination. Apparent belief that an anus has a mind of its own. Biblical regurgitation by the mouth of fecal matter, which demonstrate the dual conflict, the poor soul has to face between its priestly duties and his less than stellar lifestyle.

    Briefly summarized similar symptoms that the Joker, but in a less diffused and more concentrated dose, which in itself shows gross mental imbalance, and total lack of self respect.
    Oh Well!!!

    When you wallow in the mud for so long, I guess your only point of reference probably would be KAKA......Such a happy convergence with the KIKOS.....

    1. You're on a roll, Frenchie. You could make a career out of such analysis. Feel free to digress at will. Courage.