Saturday, January 16, 2016


The so-called "success" of the Redemptoris Mater seminaries, (i.e. their numbers) is actually quite simple to understand. 

For several decades now lazy, selfish bishops have permitted their dioceses to be undermined by liturgical and doctrinal abuse, ravaged by sexual deviants, and generally bastardized and choked by the smoke of Satan. 

The result: wholesale defections of clergy and religious men and women, the destruction of marriage and family at same rate as the secular world, a mass exodus of Catholics from the pews, and an absolute collapse of vocations. 

Of all these deleterious monstrosities, it is the collapse of vocations that worried bishops the most. Why? Not because they cared about the care of souls, but because they cared about their own prestige and power. Prestige, power, and advancement in the episcopal world is directly related to NUMBERS, numbers of vocations. 

Along comes Kiko and says "I'll give you numbers." I've got all these boys from third world countries who will lick your behind if they have to for a ticket to the first world; and in return for hosting them you get to count them as vocations "from" your diocese. 

The bishops pant and slobber shamelessly at this piece of human trafficking meat thrown to them like a dog by Kiko the animal trainer, and say "Yes, Yes, anything Kiko. I'm a worthless piece of prelate who doesn't have the spiritual guts to inspire my own vocations so sure, here's a seminary all for you."

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