Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Of the $50,935.95 raised so far from the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal, at least 92% of those funds go to support the Neocatechumenal Way:

  • Redemptoris Mater Seminary is Neo.
  • St. John Paul the Great Seminary is Neo (since there is no other formation permitted in this diocese other than a Neo formation. Adrian said so. 
  • Evangelization is code for Neo - probably so we can pay for the living expenses of these so-called missionaries. 
  • Others (at the Archbishop's discretion): LOL. And what do we know about the "Archbishop's discretion"!!!! (Maybe he's saving up for the lawsuit he knows is coming!)

So that leaves a paltry $3929.00 for "Chaplaincy." And we have to ask WHAT "Chaplaincy?" The Navy pays for the Navy chaplain, and as far as we know there is no chaplain at DYA since Harold split to go "on mission" several months ago. Also, I was told, that there has been either no Mass or no consistent Mass available at DOC since Fr. Mario departed. 

And to cover their "___", the Clowns of the Hill tell us that this is how the donors want their funds distributed. That's some serious bullcrap, Ardian. 

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