Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Dear Sister Mary Bernard Unpingco, SSND and Sister Bernadette Quintanilla, SSND, I would like to apologize to you for your mistreatment on this past Sunday's front page of what used to be a Catholic newspaper but is now nothing more than a Neo-Propaganda rag.

The recognition of your combined 120 years of religious life and service to our faith was dwarfed on "what used to be a Catholic newspaper" by the massive attention given to the Neocatechumenal Way. 

First, the huge spread about the visiting Cardinal who has been in the pocket of Kiko Arguello for nearly a quarter of a century (see THE STINKING MONK RAMPS IT UP), and second, more lying excuses by Adrian the Pathetic for the misadventures of Fr. Luis Camacho in the car with the towel-covered windows! (LOL. What was he thinking? Towels?? LOL!)

Obviously, serving Kiko the Kracked and excusing Louie the Linguist takes precedence over the recognition of your 120 years of combined dedicated and unselfish service to the Catholic faithful of Guam.

Also, and this is comically ironic, twice as much space was given to Adrian's lies excusing the miscreant behavior of a kiko-presbyter who was hardly ordained a year before helping himself to a young thing nearly half his age versus the tiny news block immediately beneath it asking for support for a long-serving, real priest who has been nominated for a prestigious Catholic award. 

I am sure that neither the good Sisters nor Fr. Mike care about the amount of recognition they get on the front page of this trash can liner, fish wrap, BBQ starter, whatever you want to call it, but the rest of us do. 

We are sick and tired of The Clowns on the Hill using their positions in our own Church to beat us over the head with constant neo-propaganda, lies, insults, and fake Catholicism.  


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