Tuesday, April 26, 2016


From the beginning, the Kikos have been desperate to pin the public disgust with them on me, and maybe by extension, Fr. Paul and Msgr. James. They knew that once Rome saw public disgust on the front page of the news that action against them would soon be forthcoming. They are now so desperate to minimize the exploding public disgust that they are willing to denigrate their elders as simply foolish old people. But any thinking person can see that the denigrating and insulting of the protestors by the Kikos (as displayed above) is far more motivating than anything I could have ever said. If you think you've seen MAD, now you are really going to see it. Thanks, Diana. Thanks to you, I don't have to do anything but watch. 

For easier reading:

Jungle Abuses The Elderly

There was a protest by LFM this morning at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.  This protest was held by elderly people.  The police was called because it was not a peaceful protest.  They have gone inside the property of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and even BLOCKED traffic.  

The law states that all demonstrations are to be conducted on public property, and that all demonstrations are to be peaceful.  There is nothing peaceful about blocking traffic and not allowing people to pass through to get to their destination.  LFM has violated the law.  

On the other hand, another issue has been raised.  These protesters from LFM are elderly folks protesting under the hot sun and rain.  If one of them collapses due to weather conditions, the jungle would jump at the chance of blaming the Archbishop.  But WHO was the one who brainwashed them to protest in the first place?  It was the jungle.  

They have targeted the elderly folks and brainwashed them just like Adolf Hitler targeted the impressionable youths (18 and 19 years old) into his army.  Where are the younger folks of the jungle who brainwashed the elderly folks?  Why are they not out in the hot sun and rain protesting?  Why are they sending out the elderly folks?  Where is Monsignor James?  Where is Father Paul?  Where is Deacon Steve Martinez?  Where is Tim Rohr?  Why are they abusing our elderly by sending them out under the hot sun and rain and in the midst of traffic to protest?  

To the Churches in Guam:  

The protesters are violating the law when they are on church grounds distributing their pamphlets.  Freedom of expression is allowed, but there are certain restrictions.  One cannot protest on private grounds without the permission of the owner.  The pastor has jurisdiction over his church grounds and has a duty to protect his flock.  The reasons the protesters are getting as bold as they are now is simply because they saw that they were able to get away with violating the law. It will only be a matter of time when they enter INSIDE the Church before or during Mass to distribute their pamphlets.  This is already being done by fundamentalists Protestants in the United States. who stand against the Catholic Church. 

Calling the police on the protesters who blocked traffic this morning at the RM Seminary was the proper thing to do.  It was done not only to protect the seminary, but ALSO to protect the elderly protesters who stood in the way of traffic.  The jungle, on the other hand, are abusing our elderly by sending them out to protest in such manner where they can be hurt or killed as they block traffic.   


  1. Hmm... there is quite a lot of truth to this. I spoke to a lady who was protesting at the airport and she herself told me that she doesn't know what is fully going on; she's quite clueless. I told her, Sainahu, basta enao... better to stay at home praying than out protesting without knowing the cause. Ai Tim, this person who wrote this has many points.

    1. Thanks for contributing to the ire of the protestors. Your words help recruit more to their cause than anything I can say. LOL. Fool.

    2. I have said it often, If you stay anonymous you are irrelevant. Anon 1:26 those ladies know exactly what they were doing. Your so Kiko, lie your a_ _ off! "Stay at home and pray", how about barefoot and pregnant! Basta man dagi!! You probably didn't speak to anyone and most likely you weren't even there. If you were why didn't you stand up for what you believe in, we did. The only point "Diana", who is not even a real person, makes is that "it" continues to divide our church. Calling out Father Paul, Monsignor James, and Deacon Steve. We were told the Archbishop had heart problems and that was why he could not perform Confirmation in Mongmong. Boy he recovered quickly and then was back on Guam without anyone other than the Kikos knowing it. Oh yeah he's my shepherd! Jesus talked about the lost sheep, not sure what happens when the shepherd is lost. So, anon 1:26 when you develop some gonads and start printing your name then maybe we will listen. As for anon 1:47 the only foreigners here are the RMS lemmings, Zoltan and the other Kikos. If you are Neo then you are as foreign as they are. Tim can stay, you leave and take your false religion with you. At least Tim and Chuck are trying to preserve what we believe in.

    3. Ai stupid @ 1:26PM, you think you're slick in your attempt to cast some of the protestors as being clueless. Your tactic obviously works on your cult members. Your mistake is thinking that we're weak minded like you and your ilk. I don't want to say "nice try" because your intentions are glaringly obvious. Hanao adai ya un lanya hao!!

    4. Ai amino,
      Gof dacon hao na Tao Tao. Pare Hu hao San si Adrian. Our protesters know very well what their cause is, u like you Neos, not only are you clueless about the truth, you rely on liars to tell you what you must believe and do. Saga gi gima-mu Ya un gues gues hao Asta Mala hao. Punetero!!!!!

    5. Ai 1:26 pm, you are so desperate that you would say anything, even if it makes you look stupid. Yep, typical neo. Lol. Only you folks believe what you say. But keep trying. Really, a lady told you she was forced to be there? Oh my goodness. More like you're being forced to post lies here because it's not looking good for you neos.

    6. Ai 1:26, you neos are so desperate that you will say anything,even if it makes you look stupid. Only you neos believe what you say. But keep coming back and keep trying. We loooove to see how desperate you all are.

      Really, she said she was forced to be there? L-o-freakin-l! More like you are all forced to post on here, so keep coming back and keep trying! Don't forget, we looooove to see how desperate you are!

  2. Diana is a funny and desperate fool. She can't google the attacks on the neos fast enough that she's just putting blame such as brainwashing the elderly on Tim. Does she not think that the elderly can surely think for themselves? Oh wait, Diana just didn't think that the elderly would be pist once the TRUTH was exposed. Taya respetu gui'nen todos este na neos.

  3. I don't know about owning your own country Tim, but I think you're using the old folks to take over the island, Go home foreigner,leave the Guam people alone.

    1. LOL. Care to use your real name? Yawn.

    2. Oh, and I forgot to mention. Keep those personal attacks coming. They make my donations go up. LOL. Courage.

    3. 1:47 - These elders are our "Saina". They are the defenders of our island. They survived the war and are continuing to fight for our island, way before Tim came to Guam. Ever wonder why your elders don't speak up for these NEO leaders?

    4. 1:47 - These elders are our "Saina". They are the defenders of our island. They survived the war and are continuing to fight for our island, way before Tim came to Guam. Ever wonder why your elders don't speak up for these NEO leaders?

  4. Brainwashing?? Haha too funny, they such hypocrits they brain washed the island since they arrived and brainwashed AAA!!

  5. Hi Tim,
    I was wondering how the DIANAS knew what happened just this morning at the Seminary. How was it that they didn't know to be there at the airport? It does not make any logical sense. It usually takes them some time to figure out what's going on before they post. Does that mean the DIANAS are also housed at the seminary? So they're not just regular members? It's interesting. What happen to the open door policy the seminary gave to the communities to come down and join them for Mass and breakfast or Mass and dinner? Doesn't that also mean for everyone? I mean they say they are not separate from the church, right? I just wanted to ask because I've been accused of being a spy for you and Chuck and one of your sources for all those recordings. How is it that with many of their own connections that they aren't able to use the Chamorro Pugua Connection to get this information? Or is it selective? Just asking. I'm sure someone who stalks your page has an answer for me. Especially since they never answer it at community. BTW nice meeting place you had this morning.

    1. Excellent observation, Dona. Diana published her post at 9:53. Given its length she had to start writing it about 9:30, which is when the protestors were escorted back to the street by the police. Someone hurried to their computer and wrote all this up real quickly. LOL, Susan, LOL.

  6. Listen here, Miss Susana, I happened to be there at that protest this morning and let me tell you that first, not everyone there was "elderly" as you say; second, I do not consider myself to be old, brainwashed nor abused; and third, I saw no one blocking traffic. We all parked outside the gates which were wide open. As a matter of fact, the only danger or threat we felt was by that little pipsqueak of a rude priest you call your own (certainly not ours) who zoomed by so fast that if one of us were in his way we would've been hit for sure! And he was not the only one who sped by us with nary a greeting, wave or smile, at least. One of your own elderly NEO ladies from St. Anthony's was the exception she stopped briefly to roll down her window and shout angrily at us, "You go home", even though nobody said anything to her before she did this. The only reason why some of the protesters decided to enter the gates and approach the building was to prove to themselves and those who would deny their entrance, that this NCW seminary was indeed not belonging to the archdiocese as they and the archie claim. Sure enough, they were told to get out as this was their private property and that they would call the police. Ai adai lokkue', are you so scared of us "poor, elderly, abused ladies (with the exception of a few good men), whom you have recently described as having "Alzheimers" and "Parkinsons"? Wow, what power we yield that they have to call the cops to protect them from such a small group! Please don't you worry about us, my dear! These wise old folks know how to prepare for the holy war. We arm ourselves with prayerful intent, well-documented information, and the desire to rid ourselves of all the lying, stealing, cheating, and scandal that is happening on our island and our churches to preserve it for our future generations. And by the way, we don't need Tim, the Archbishop, or you to tell us what to do to fight against evil and injustice. We have been doing this for generations. Don't underestimate the man'amko', baby doll!

    1. Spoken like a true matriarch, F. Leon Guerrero! Outsiders have been trying to exterminate the Chamorro spirit since the time of Magellan, but our women ancestors held us together. Some of us may not have Chamorro surnames but the Chamorro DNA and blood lives on! Biba Katoliku'n Guam!!

    2. F. Leon Guerrero. Thank you for your post.

    3. Thanks F. Leon Guerrero.
      You did a job well done going out of your way and daily duties to protest against the Church. I am surprised that the LFM went to talofofo church to hand out pamphlets. Is that church a Neo church now? Last I saw, it was a Capuchin priest Fr. Felix Leon Guerrero, OFM Cap.
      Must be related, huh.

  7. Well this time Diana does it! She finally goes over the edge......

    Comparing this site to Hitler!!!
    There is nothing more irritating to me, that uneducated, clueless morons who have absolutely not one iota of an idea of the extent of
    what Hitler and his party did to Europe.
    This type of stupid parallel, is just a terrible insult to the millions of victims of Hitler and to the descendants of these victims.

    I understand that Diana, has a right to an opinion and also one to defend the sect she so poorly represent. Never the less, this type of violent misrepresentation is going well overboard. It is gross, it is vile, it is slanderous, and totally out of line. SHAME ON YOU DIANA.

    Now, that this is off my chest, I find it quite laughable that Diana and her masters would call the police to expel some elderly Catholics from a Catholic property. Indeed she has been hammering for months now, that the RMS belongs to the Catholic Archdiocese.
    Therefore any Catholic on island has the right to visit the seminary.
    Actually, if I recall properly we have all been invited to visit at any time.
    So why the change? Perhaps, because the true owners, who are visiting at the moment do not wish to have any visitors. Not a very Chamorro attitude is it? But then again they are from New Jersey!!!

    So what is it Diana, does the seminary belong to the Catholics of this Diocese? If so, why the expulsion of these elderly faithful?
    Or does the seminary actually belongs to whom we said it did????
    You see Diana, you cannot have your cake and eat it too......

    The rest of the expose is as bad as her usual load of scatological output.
    She uses this incident to attempt to justify the attitude of Fr Julius.
    By doing so, she also insults older people, by treating them like some kind of feeble minded and physically lacking persons. So on top of racism, now we know NCW also use ageism,ummh!

    She continues to dig herself deeper and deeper in contradiction and highlights the complete lack of moral and ethical bearing. (no surprise here)We shall continue to accept these pearls, for the world to see....
    Thank you Diana for the free gifts.
    Next time, try to use parallels that you understand....

  8. did the diana just label me... ELDERLY...

    are you guys in desperation mode, sorry folks, but the diana just called me out, and I want the diana not to use me an "elderly" against Mr. Rohr...

    diana "FYI" unlike you guys, and in particular brother tony, this elderly has an independent mind and body, which I willingly give to JungleWatch, the LFM, and the CCOG, in supporting the removal of the infestation that tony has brought to this Island... and FYI again that's you guys and the geezers that got caught trying to sneak on-Island...

    diana lets settle this, you name the place and time...
    this elderly against any of your infested fruits, I'll let you guys pick...

    be sure its an adult, I don't want any diana stories about this elderly abusing you kids...

  9. Policies on Using Church Buildings and Other Property

    Church buildings and other property are to be used for worship, religious instruction, and other Church-related activities.>> (so why the hotels)

    Church property should not be used for commercial or political purposes, which would violate laws that permit its tax exemption.>> (promoting kiko)

    Nor may property be used for other purposes that would violate these laws.

    The following list provides examples of uses that are not approved:

    Promoting business ventures or investment enterprises, including posting commercial advertising or sponsoring commercial entertainment.>> (invitation to joy)

    Buying, selling, or promoting products, services, publications, or creative works or demonstrating wares. >> (the kiko catalog)

    Holding unauthorized fund-raising activities.>>(black bag events)

    Hosting speakers or instructors who are paid a fee, who recruit participants, or who solicit customers or clients while giving seminars, lessons, aerobics classes, and so on. >> (like at rms now) guilty guilty guilty guilty...

  10. calling dingbat, calling diana dingbat

    lighting does strike twice, yes diana you are correct for the second time...
    the Yona Property, It is private property...

    The bishop even in title only, yes you brother tony or priest, to include your pretenders does not own it...

    but does oversee the property for the owners....the parishioners of the Church...

    diana, are you a parishioner of the Church... I think NOT...

  11. The only stupid character that we know of is dingbat Diana. The protesters, many of whom are ekderly, have more balls than anyone to defend the Church they know as the Catholic Church.

  12. Diana says: "to the churches on Guam:
    The protestors are violating the law when they are on church grounds distributing their pamphlets"
    Hmmmmmm - isn't that exactly what the trained atty and her lapdog husband were doing at Agana this weekend with their invitation to joy?
    Diana so unreal. Girl- you better hope we never meet or I will destroy you! Mentally first, so you won't even comprehend to physical beating you'll get.
    The Church belongs to us people-we are the church. You cannot block us from entering these public grounds. Of course. If the seminary does indeed belong to the Gennarinis then they have every right to kick us out.
    So which is it? Does the seminary belong to the church, or does it belong to Gennarini?

    1. Right now with the CT's published in the NEO Cult Newspaper (Umatuna), we can safely say that the Seminary belongs to the Catholic Church.... So YES people...We as members of the Catholic Church on Guam have every right to protest on this property.