Tuesday, April 26, 2016


From the beginning, the Kikos have been desperate to pin the public disgust with them on me, and maybe by extension, Fr. Paul and Msgr. James. They knew that once Rome saw public disgust on the front page of the news that action against them would soon be forthcoming. They are now so desperate to minimize the exploding public disgust that they are willing to denigrate their elders as simply foolish old people. But any thinking person can see that the denigrating and insulting of the protestors by the Kikos (as displayed above) is far more motivating than anything I could have ever said. If you think you've seen MAD, now you are really going to see it. Thanks, Diana. Thanks to you, I don't have to do anything but watch. 

For easier reading:

Jungle Abuses The Elderly

There was a protest by LFM this morning at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.  This protest was held by elderly people.  The police was called because it was not a peaceful protest.  They have gone inside the property of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and even BLOCKED traffic.  

The law states that all demonstrations are to be conducted on public property, and that all demonstrations are to be peaceful.  There is nothing peaceful about blocking traffic and not allowing people to pass through to get to their destination.  LFM has violated the law.  

On the other hand, another issue has been raised.  These protesters from LFM are elderly folks protesting under the hot sun and rain.  If one of them collapses due to weather conditions, the jungle would jump at the chance of blaming the Archbishop.  But WHO was the one who brainwashed them to protest in the first place?  It was the jungle.  

They have targeted the elderly folks and brainwashed them just like Adolf Hitler targeted the impressionable youths (18 and 19 years old) into his army.  Where are the younger folks of the jungle who brainwashed the elderly folks?  Why are they not out in the hot sun and rain protesting?  Why are they sending out the elderly folks?  Where is Monsignor James?  Where is Father Paul?  Where is Deacon Steve Martinez?  Where is Tim Rohr?  Why are they abusing our elderly by sending them out under the hot sun and rain and in the midst of traffic to protest?  

To the Churches in Guam:  

The protesters are violating the law when they are on church grounds distributing their pamphlets.  Freedom of expression is allowed, but there are certain restrictions.  One cannot protest on private grounds without the permission of the owner.  The pastor has jurisdiction over his church grounds and has a duty to protect his flock.  The reasons the protesters are getting as bold as they are now is simply because they saw that they were able to get away with violating the law. It will only be a matter of time when they enter INSIDE the Church before or during Mass to distribute their pamphlets.  This is already being done by fundamentalists Protestants in the United States. who stand against the Catholic Church. 

Calling the police on the protesters who blocked traffic this morning at the RM Seminary was the proper thing to do.  It was done not only to protect the seminary, but ALSO to protect the elderly protesters who stood in the way of traffic.  The jungle, on the other hand, are abusing our elderly by sending them out to protest in such manner where they can be hurt or killed as they block traffic.   

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