Tuesday, April 26, 2016


So, I was right. The Gennarini's and Poshetti, the triumvirate which makes up the Neocatechumenal Responsible Team for the United States was trying to sneak into Guam. Diana says so:

As I said in LOL! BINGO! these three people are only surpassed by Kiko himself in importance to the Neocatechumenal Way in Guam, yet there was no greeting at the airport, no notification to the communities, no announcement in the Umatuna - which never tires of pelting us with neo announcement after neo announcement. For what purpose were they trying to sneak in here? What is their agenda? 

Well we know what it is. Apuron's end is near and they are scrambling to salvage their SCAM. More to come on that. 

By the way, why are the Archbishop's travel plans a secret? Is he not OUR Archbishop? Is he not the "Father" of us all? Does he not have a duty to his "sons and daughters," like any good father (there's the problem) to advise us of his whereabouts and his travels? 

Though he's kind of a Kiko, Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston doesn't hide what he's doing or where he's going. In fact, he keeps a personal blog dedicated to informing his flock as to what he's doing and when, complete with pictures and descriptions. When's the last time you ever saw anything from Apuron in public print that wasn't copied from 365 Days with the Lord? 

The Holy Father's schedule is available for all to see. We can know where he is and where he is going at any moment. His entire schedule is mapped out and made available online. But Apuron? Not only is his schedule not known, even many of his priests don't know if he's on island or off-island. Don't know where he's gone or what he's doing or when he's coming back. 

Secret. Secret. Secret. Everything about Apuron is as secret as the Deed Restriction he secretly recorded in 2011 then fired the Finance Council to cover it up. 

Apuron is not a private person. He is a public person with authority over many people's lives. He has a duty to those lives and to those souls. He doesn't get to galavant about the world unbeknownst to the people and souls he was supposedly consecrated to protect and to lead. We have a right to know where he is and what he is doing. And if he doesn't want us to know, fine. Then get the hell out and give us a real Shepherd, one that doesn't party with the wolves. 


  1. Father Gus only mentioned that AAA was off island on medical this past Sunday at mass at St. Jude and was not able to attend the most recent conformation class to complete their class...
    Sooner or later AAA will come out and finally say something, if not then more of the same damage and division in the Church will continue...Very obvious right now that the Neo management is positioning/asserting themselves to be in power when AAA steps down or retires due his medical condition.

    1. He'll step down, alright. But it won't be due to his "medical condition."

    2. Medical? Hmmm...I heard he's been back. He didn't have any medical procedure done. So yes, where is the Airport Bishop now?

  2. Neo-Free Guam (World)April 26, 2016 at 2:26 PM

    So pray tell why the need for so so much secrecy. Obviously backfired and now the world knows of the sensitivity of these mega kikos. Why are they here. I for one extend my welcome because by their visit, they afforded us the opportunity to show the world our disdain for these false prophets.

  3. Actually "Diana" this Archbishop rates a little lower than a K Mart manager. Probably, more in line with a product replenish-er. My apologies to all replenisher's.

  4. Maybe there is some flaw with my logic, but as I see it the Catholics of Guam are paying for AAA’s travels and thus are entitled to know what they are paying for. If AAA takes time off for a vacation and is paying for his travel personally, then his travels are his business as long as it does not compromise the reputation of the archdiocese or his position. If AAA truly believed that his trip to Colombia was necessary and a good use of the archdioceses funds, he should have had the guts to defend his decision and not hide.

    I would have never had made in a NCW community. Just throwing donations into a trash bag with no accountability for how that money was going to be used is just asking for abuse. I guess the Catholics of Guam are use to not receiving any accountability for their donations from the parish level to the Archdiocese level and the trash bag donations are just more of the same.

  5. Apuron's long-held secrets will surface and his house of cards will come tumbling down. His ignominious end is near as he faces the final curtain. Tony, the skeleton of your 1977 secret is rattling loudly in your closet of secrets.