Monday, May 30, 2016


Arizona woman says her son was molested by Archbishop Apuron

Doris Concepcion, of Prescott, Ariz., says her son, Joseph A. Quinata, told her he was molested by Archbishop Anthony Apuron of Guam. Quinata died 11 years ago. Video was produced by David Wallace of The Arizona Republic.

6:55PM Update. There seems to be some issues with the video. It will probably be up later.

Meanwhile, here's the synopsis from someone who was able to see the video:

I don't know where to put this comment but I just read that a lady by the name of Doris Concepcion from Prescott, Arizona has come forward and said that her son, Joseph Quinata (he passed away) told her that Father Anthony S. Apuron sexually molested him when he was a child. Ms. Doris stated, "she couldn't understand why her son, Joseph would kick Father Apuron and never put two and two together. Her son, Joseph told her that he had to tell her something because he had held on to this secret for a long time and that Father Apuron did molest him". Ms. Doris stated that she herself had held onto her son's secret for 11 years until Roy Taitague Quintanilla came forward about Father Anthony Apuron molesting him 40 years ago. Ms. Doris says her son passed away but now that someone else has come forward about the sexual molestation by Father Anthony Apuron, she can now let the WORLD know of Father Apuron.

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