Monday, May 30, 2016


Posted by Chuck White


  1. Andrew, Irish and friends! There is endless rhyming here. Can I get us started? (Can be sung to the tune of "Singapore" by Tom Waits - great song by the way)

    We welcome you to Kikoville
    Where lies abound and kaka flows
    Where mud is thrown into your eyes
    And where it ends, God only knows

    We welcome you to Kikoville
    Not all are called as salt and light
    Our God is Spanish, don’t you know?
    We do not need the Roman Rite

    We welcome you to Kikoville
    Give up your treasures – it’s no loss
    And pass them to the poor of us
    (And none is poorer than the boss)

    We welcome you to Kikoville
    We share a story – it is true
    My parents would divorce before
    But with the Way they’re made anew

    (In fact, they simply brain–wash-ed
    Though they believe its something grand
    And I would not be born at all
    If Kiko vanished from the land)

    We welcome you to Kikoville
    Lay out your carpet on the floor
    And decorate the ALTER* so
    And buy an icon, and some more!

    We welcome you to Kikoville
    We’ve secret doctrine to impart
    And we will say what Kiko says
    And we will set ourselves apart.

    We welcome you to Kikoville
    We're just like you - but simply better
    Don't criticise the founders. NO!
    (And don't bring up Arinze's letter)

    *Neo for "table".

  2. In light of the breaking news prayers are needed more than ever.

  3. Apuron fits the Kikos' body-language template therefore the Kikos can claim that he has "embraced" their Way.

    1. My comment here was curiously timed - I hadn't seen the breaking news. Am redoubling prayers (from where I live) for all sorts of people.

    2. Go to '' website and click on the story on this breaking news.
      Buenas Patty Arroyo! You are going to have a party all week long! Fan makmat'ta taotao Guam. Biba para todos man KATOLIKU!