Monday, May 30, 2016


Here's a couple of other news items:


There was a funeral in Yigo last week. One of the family members is very entrenched in the Neos (she lives with them at RMS as a volunteer). It was reported that her family told her NOT to brings her neo priests and seminarians but they showed up anyway.

One of the seminarians asked if all 28 of them can process in with clergy. Fr. Paul, the presider, told them no because they served no liturgical function. The parish already had their altar servers. However, when the Mass started they were all at the front entrance of the church and processed in. 


These pictures were taken Sunday night right at 7pm (the Mass starts at 7pm):


Dead roaches
A note about the seminarians at the funeral. Aside from their finger in the face to Fr. Paul who asked the seminarians NOT to process in with the celebrants, what are they doing there anyway? Do they only show up to funerals where one of their own is involved? Isn't this more evidence that the THEY are the DIVISION? If you're a neo, the kiko priests and seminarians will show up to your funeral or the funeral of your relative, but to hell with you if you are not one of them? Yep. That's about right. 


  1. Apparently deacon for sure, for sure, was also not invited, but showed up as well.

  2. Typical Neo demonstration of Force. Coming in number and uninvited.
    The perfect demonstration of bullying and a not so settled message to the real priests that they do not listen to anybody but kiko and his perverted representatives on island.

    Not a very smart way to show respect for their hosts...
    More than a finger to father Paul, it is a finger to all the non neo faithful.
    The wannabe colonizers are giving the finger to the faithful of Guam.

    Wake up Guam! These people have absolutely no respect for any of us.

    1. Kudos to Fr. Paul for his decision to not allow the Neo seminarians to make a spectacle of the entrance ceremony for the start of the funeral Mass. What are they there for to start with if not only to be seen as holy and pious presbyters-to-be? Certainly not to pray for the deceased, as that goes counter to the Kiko theology of Heaven and Hell only - no Purgatory. That contradiction between their theology of no Purgatory and their public appearance at funerals always boggles my mind. Were they praying "May he/she rest in peace"? If no Purgatory, then he/she is already in Heaven or in Hell. So why pray for him/her? Why "may", since he/she already is either already enjoying the Beatific Vision or adding sulphur to the netherworld? Kiko teaches that dying is like falling asleep, and waking up to find yourself with wings or horns! Am I the only one seeing a contradiction here? (jrsa: 5/30/16).

  3. Based on the last few pictures, it would appear that all the Kikos were at the cemetery instead of the Church on Sunday evening!

  4. No respect. Taya respeto este siha na manganite.

  5. Question, was there any food involved? They show up in droves if someone will be offering Meeelions and Meeelions of dollars in food. Good food. And they may as well process. Doesn't Fr Paul realize they are IMPORTANT? All 46 of them could be ordained in a month! Who knows! When you see the RMS white alb, clear the way, Fr Paul. Archbeeeeshop doesn't like you.

  6. More importantly, it showed total disrespect for the wishes of the bereaved family. neo or not, one is expected to acquiesce to what provides solace to the grieving. This kind of arrogance is just so off-putting and inconsiderate. The neos declare emphatically that nobody else matters outside their ragtag community. We shall keep tabs on their "show of force" attendances so we will know just who are in the ncw community. Then we can start a roster of people who are stupid enough to get sucked into the vortex of kiko's mind control.

  7. The neos are so phony! All appearance and no substance! Sickening.

  8. There is a person who regularly sweeps and cleans the Pigo mausoleum on his own time. I can't imagine how much worse the infestation problem would be if it were not for the generous donation of his time. Maybe Jackie, the trained lawyer, needs to go to school to get trained in facilities management. That may be better suited for her as a career path.

  9. Those in the Archdiocese of Newark are also experiencing the painful NCW experience.

    "A longtime member of the congregation who requested anonymity said donations are down by about 50 percent and people are leaving, many of them skeptical about the Neocatechumenal organization. Angered, the parishioner — a layman who as a Eucharistic minister, helps administer Holy Communion — said he recently confronted Tanzini, telling him, “Your heart is not into the parish, your heart is in this ‘neocat’ way. It’s just destroying the church.”

    An assistant priest at the church whom many parishioners said they admired was reassigned to a new parish after repeated clashes with Tanzini. Barker continues to attend Mass officiated by the assistant priest, the Rev. Miles Lopez, but she said she is unsure she will return once he begins a new assignment next month. Lopez did not return a message seeking comment last week.

    She said she took offense at Tanzini’s advocacy of The Way as “telling us there’s a better way of having your religion.”


    This was my father's memorial service and will NOT be used as a staging area for anyone to use in the fight between Neos and Non-Neos. My daughter gave me heads up about this late last night; I was angry and heart broken to read "RMS SEMINARIANS GIVE FR. PAUL THE FINGER". I immediately contacted Fr. Paul to ask what happened and if there was any disrespect shown to him when these seminarians showed up for my father's memorial service. He responded with "That is not what happened. Cesar was very respectful and the other seminarians all were very respectful to Msgr. James and me as we entered the church to begin the Mass. This person (commenter) twisted what was said. Yes, we already had servers, but the main concern was how to respectfully include them in the liturgy. We decided to have them process up but sit behind the family because there isn't enough room for all 25 of them."

    I am not involved with the Neos; I don't respect the Arch Bishop; I will lose all respect for the thoe individual(s) who dragged my father's memorial service into this Jungle Watch discussions, if you keep this blog up. This is disgraceful.

    My Neo-practicing sister asked me before mass started if I wouldn't mind if the Seminarians came into the church to pay respects towards our dad. I told her I didn't mind. I welcome prayers and support from anyone who comes in with sincerity and not with a hidden, vindictive agenda. My sister had every right to accept expressions of support from her community of friends; just as I and other members of our family has during our time of bereavment. - Bobbie San Nicolas

    1. So are you the one who lives at the seminary? Are we paying your bills too?

    2. Are you the ones who called the cops on the LFM?

    3. Look Tim, concentrate on the main issues at RMS Yona and not every last volunteer's private affairs. If it wasn't your family funeral you have got to assume they have got their own way of coping. I wouldn't have liked a shindy kicking up about the minor frictions that went on when my Mum and Dad passed away. Yes we had them, and others let us have them in peace, thankfully.
      You are weakening (diluting) your case with your "scatter gun" approach.

    4. LOL. Another pathetic freak telling me how to do things. Stay away you poor bastard before I tell everybody who you are.

    5. So Bobbie. The story posted was sent to me by a relative of yours. If said relative wants to publish an apology for the misinformation then I'll publish the apology and take down the post. You two work it out.


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