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The "Seminary" is perhaps our greatest "sore spot". For 15 years Apuron lied to us about the real mission of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. He said it was a "seminary for Guam." The lay faithful gave millions to this seminary over the years, and particularly supported its annual "gala" which was held today at the Hyatt.

We continued to give even though we began to notice two things: 1) the "priests" ordained from RMS seemed to be around for awhile and then disappear without a trace, and 2) the ones that did stay were put in parishes where they began an open campaign of destruction from everything to statutes to local pietistic practices.

We also noticed that they didn't know how to say Mass and certainly did not know how to deliver a homily.

In 2013, I discovered that RMS was NOT a "seminary for Guam" but merely a seminary ON Guam. It's corporate documents showed that it was incorporated as an institution separate from the Archdiocese of Agana and what's more was incorporated to form priests ONLY according to and for the Neocatechumenal Way, a thing that had already become a sore spot in itself.

I also discovered that the RMS corporation was not controlled by a local board but by a shadow board called the Board of Guarantors which was controlled by arch-Neo's Giuseppe Gennarini and his wife.

When I exposed these things, Archbishop Apuron hurriedly created a second seminary which was supposed to be for those who did not want to be formed in the Neocatechumenal Way. In creating this second seminary, Apuron inadvertently admitted that he had been lying to us for 15 years about the real nature of RMS and had taken millions of our dollars under a false banner.

I further exposed that the second seminary was nothing more than a boarding house since the seminarians there were forced to take their classes at the same place and from the same "professors" as those studying to be neo-presybters.

Further, I exposed that there was no stable professorship, no published curriculum, and no evidence of a current affiliation with the Lateran University as claimed, and outside which RMS's educational institute (Blessed Diego Institute) had no academic credential.

In addition, I exposed that its principal "formator," John Wadeson, was not only incardinated into this archdiocese under suspicious circumstances but in his ten years on the RMS payroll he was NOT here, but rather living with his neocat community in San Francisco.

In January of 2015, I uncovered a document showing that not only had we been bilked out of millions in the name of a sham "seminary for Guam," but that Apuron had deeded title to the mega-million dollar property occupied by the seminary to the control of the Gennarini's, and had done so secretly more than three years previously, firing the members of the finance council who opposed him and accusing them of a "vulnus" against the bishop. 

The discovery led to an amazing set of antics by Apuron and his clowns, from everything to running off to get a legal opinion from some expensive stateside firm which no one was permitted to see to the acquisition and publication of two false certificates of title.

So for Archbishop Hon, our new Apostolic Administrator, the one who is here to clean up the mess, to attend this Gala and hob-nob with the same people who have lied to us, stole from us, shunned us, bilked us, and in short, SCREWED US, is beyond unacceptable. It is one more thing that makes him another Apuron.

THE PROTESTS WILL CONTINUE. And make no mistake, if Rome will not fix this, WE WILL! And we will do it in the courts for all the world to see.

Pick your poison Rome.

P.S. Note to our side. It is time to put away signs like this until we see something different.


Good comments from Mr. Francus and Mr. Cruz on KUAM's story:
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Augustus Francus ·
Actions are louder than words. Archbishop Hon, being the right hand man of Cardinal Filoni, who sent him here, are both known to openly support the NCW.
It is becoming very clear, that this is a poorly put together attempt to quiet the concerns regarding Apuron and his reign of terror.
So far, the enablers of Archbishop Apuron are still in their cushy jobs, Archbishop Hon has yet to meet with any of the victims, who are here now, he even ignored one of them who was a few feet from him, and made some declarations yesterday, implying that they were lying.
This is not a mission of conciliation at all, it is another gross attempt to cover up the multiple crimes of the Archbishop and his puppet masters.
This is grossly unacceptable and insulting to the faithful of Guam.
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Robert G. Cruz ·
Perhaps at 70 years of age and with many years of service to the Church, it is time for the Archbishop to retire. A "time out" is probalby not enough, as it is clear that he has caused our local members of the Church to be in a civil war though his decisions and inability to get support for many of his past actions despite his best attempts to persuade, coerce, threaten with lawsuits,and recently, to prohibit anyone from being "Concerned". People within the Church have been removed and their reputations tarnished, apparently as an act of self-preservation. These sexual misconduct allegations are the last straw for many who otherwise would have given him the benefit of a doubt. Whether he is given a clean bill of conduct by the Pope's investigators, is found to have been guilty of church rules, or eventually admits wrongdoing and repents, the Archbishop has generated animosity and resentment among a huge number of those in the Archdiocese, including among the clergy, deacons, and lay people who are active in the Church operations. By labeling possible victims as liars is despicable. I hope current altar servers are given counseling about what is improper behavior, and warnings that any misbehavior by any priest or other church official should be reported immediately to parents, or other trusted adults.

Despite Guam's Catholic church controversy, beliefs remain strong







  1. Has any investigative journalist looked at the situation in Guam? Guam is small and remote but the problems are big and have worldwide implications. It could make for a prizewinning story and eventually a movie similar to Spotlight.

  2. - The problem, as I see it in my personal opinion, is that Apuron thinks that he is still well-loved on Guam and that "Nothing can touch him and take away his title of "Archbishop of Guam" ever"! And with Archbishop Hon here as Acting Archbishop, Apuron Knows that Hon is on his side and it will be "Business As Usual". And we know this because it has been true so far. Never mind that young men, and a mother, has come forward and spilled their nightmares. Oh Well - They are just casualties of Apuron and who cares. Remember, according to Apuron and his NEO staff, the victims are LIARS and, according to the Devil Incarnate - Evil Diana/May, they are "Liars and Actors"!

  3. Good Question Andrew! Is it because they are all associated with the NEO congregation? Hmmmmmm - Inquiring Minds, like me, want to know. And other thing that I would like to know - Why are all these Asians Clergy coming to Guam for "Galas"? Is it because the NEOs can afford to pay for their "Free Trips and Accommodations" with the poor Catholics' donations? To think that all of these are being provided by the "NATIVES" of the Small and Remote Island of Guam! Damn - An Award Academy Award Movie This Will Make! Top Seller of videos!

  4. Was the car Pius in from the funds donated to Kamalin Karidad? Need an audit on that operation as well.

  5. Already? Archbishop Hon wined and dined at the Gala! Well, his temporary assignment given to him by Pope Francis is to his advantage. Fulfilling his duties or if he fails either way, he will be leaving our Island. I don't think he was sent here to party....

    1. He was sent here to do the right thing.....that however, is not what is being done. Onward fellow Catholics. The battle is at hand!

  6. I read once again that the RMS seminary produces priests who cannot give a sermon. If people have been non-plussed by such sermons, I cannot deny those experiences. However, their experience is not universal. Please acknowledge my experience: I have heard three individuals formed at RMS give many sermons in my parish. They were good sermons.

    1. Then you are a sucker. They use all the same words that we like to hear - love, sacrifice, sometimes even "grace" - but these words and others that you might consider Catholic, are actually carrying meaning that the ordinary person doesn't get. If you attend the catechesis, or if you are unfortunate enough to have spent time in the NCW, you will know that there is a set of language unique to the NCW but co-opted from the Catholic lexicon.

      When heard through that understanding, you will find that these "presbyters" are saying something far less Catholic, and far more insidious than you might give them credit for.

    2. I am less concerned about their prowess in giving a good homily and more concerned with the malformation when it comes to the liturgy of our Church. How do I know they are malformed? The error filled Saturday Night "services" - that's all the evidence needed.

  7. New faces joining in the protest. Good sign. Sorry I wasn't there. My truck does my talking for me 24/7.

  8. I think that by Archbishop Hon, attending the NCW Gala, signaled his bias, He knows full well that in addition to clamor to remove Apuron, We are also committed for the separation of NCW from our Churches. We want them to return RMS back to the Archdiocese. When is Archbishop Hon, going to invite CCOG and others to discuss their issues? To be truthful, His attendance at the RMS Gala sent the wrong message to the faithul. So far, he has not reached out to CCOG, and others to listen to issues that have caused this serious division in our Church. He is duty bound to hear both sides of the issue. His attendance at the Gala, and comments that all this will end in two weeks, is not at all comforting to us.

  9. To Timothy Guile, June 13, 2016 @ 8:01AM, you must have gone to your NEO parish because the sermons/homilies given at the Hagatna Cathedral Basilica by these neo presbyters when Father Tom McGrath is away doesn't try to connect the 1st, 2nd readings and the Gospel readings. Their sermons seem to bounce off the Cathedral walls like echos and we the parishioners are trying to grasp/understand the message these presbyters are trying to impart to the people. When Father Tom is away from the Hagatna Cathedral Basilica, I go to my village parish of Mangilao where Father Joe's homilies teach us how the readings affect us, as a people, as a faith in our everyday life. So, congrats, Timothy Guile because you have been able to hear "good sermons" from these presbyters.

  10. Rome, specifically the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, is culpable for allowing the NCW to spread it's cancer throughout the Church. Politics and corruption has allowed Kiko Arquello to influence Rome's hierarchy, especially with NCW's mass production of presbyters in 70+ Redemptris Mater Seminaries across the globe.
    As the Secretary, Archbishop Hon, must be "intimately" aware of the heretical teachings of Kiko, the cultic practices (scrutinies, public confessions) and liturgical abuses. This would explain his dilemma as he begins his Apostolic mission here on Guam.

    Archbishop Hon must replace Apuron, remove the fools on the hill, restore Msgr. Benavente and Fr. Gofigan to their post and affect the return of the RMS to the Archdiocese.
    The Pope has recently excommunicated a sect in Italy for abuses the NCW are guilty of, to that end one can only "hope", but in Guam the Church Militant can act! St. Joan of Arc pray for us!