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Honestly, we don't even know if he saw him or not. Walter should have introduced himself. You know the phrase "All Chinese look the same," well it applies to every race as well. I've heard people say all Blacks look the same, all Whites look the same, all Koreans look the same, etc. In this case it's all Chamorros look the same and maybe he failed to notice. But are we seriously going to put him at fault for that? The people who knew he was there should've backed him up and introduce him. (i.g "This was the victim of the bishop. How can you restore unity when our brothers have suffered tremendous pain in silence all these years, while the man responsible still has the the title of Archbishop of Agana?" or "How are you going to help the victims such as Walter standing right efore you?) Theres so much miscommunication, that there were better ways to go about this. This is why we should request meetings with Archbishop Hon and talk about it, rather than assuming he's not here to really help and it's all just for show. Because honestly, it's better than nothing. It's better than Apuron being in charge. He just has the title and soon it will be taken away from him. He doesn't have the power anymore so can't we just be grateful for what we have and #stayhumble. It's as that saying goes: Help me help you. How do we expect Archbishop Hon to help us without any dialogue? We can't just assume he reads junglewatch. 


Let’s put this in perspective. While I am sure Rome had been planning to replace Apuron for awhile, they could not go forward without a grave reason. Apuron’s treatment of Roy and Doris, provided that grave reason. 

It had nothing to do with whether their stories could be proven true or not. After two decades of the most horrible scandals and the payment of billions of dollars in damages to victims, the Church in Rome had finally woken up to a "duty of care to the victim’s first” mentality.

This is why even our terribly anemic local policy at bare minimum at least mandates immediate attention to the needs of the person making the allegation. Proof can be taken care of later.

But that’s not what Apuron (his goons actually) did. As you know he beat them up in public just like he did Msgr. James and Fr. Paul. 

There is no doubt that this provided the grave reason for Rome to immediately act and replace Apuron with an Administrator. 

So the reason Hon is actually here NOW is because of the horrible mishandling of the allegations of abuse by Roy and Doris. 

Then on the eve of his arrival, Walter Denton shares a most horrific account of what Apuron did to him when he was 13. 

Make no mistake, while there were many reasons to replace Apuron, it was the treatment of Roy and Doris which created the emergency which brought Hon here. So it is NOT like he did not know that reason. Then with Walter coming forward one day before his arrival, that emergency was multiplied.

So for Hon to get here and pretend that none of this is happening, and for it to be way down on his to do list, is not just suspicious, it is terrible. Hon’s ignoring the victims is almost as bad as Apuron’s bashing them.

Here’s what a bishop sincere on healing would have done. 
  • The first order of business would have been to publicly express his concern for those who had come forward. 
  • Second, a personal invitation to each of them to hear them out. 
  • Third, a public statement assuring us all that he will tend to the personal needs of the victims and will personally see to the investigation as required by the Vatican when a bishop is named the perpetrator.
All of that could have taken no more than an hour and all would have been well in Agana. But Hon didn’t do that. The needs of the victims were NOT first, even though Rome has assured us with the greatest sincerity that the Church universally has become proactive in this regard. 

So you want to blame Walter for not walking up to Hon directly and pulling on his vestments and say “Hey I’m Walter.” Really? 

From the beginning. It should have been Hon walking up to Walter and saying “Hey, I’m here for you. The Church is here for you. We love you.” 

Can you imagine what that might have done for Walter after 40 years of hell? Can you imagine what that might have done for all of us? Can you imagine what that would have done for our Church. 

Instead, we got what Walter got from Apuron 40 years ago. His back. 

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