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DianaJune 10, 2016 at 11:05 AM
Dear Anonymous at 8:48 am, 

This whole thing was a conspiracy to remove the Archbishop at whatever cost. Just listen to Tim Rohr's interview today in the weblink below:

Tim Rohr himself stated that he was involved in the letter that Walter Denton wrote to the Vatican. In that interview, he also admitted that it was him who decided which victim should go out publicly first and which would go second. Tim also corrected Denton's interview by stating that it was in August, 2015 that the letter was sent, not August, 2014. As you can see, Tim Rohr knew more about when the letter was sent to the Vatican while Walter Denton was confused about it. Why do you think that is?

If a person is truly a victim, they do not allow someone to dictate to them WHEN they should come out publicly. They come out on their own time when they feel comfortable and ready. Therefore, this whole thing was all staged. They have been planning this for a year since Monsignor James was removed. In his pride for wanting to take credit for everything, Tim Rohr has now revealed that he was behind the letter that was sent to the Vatican under Walter Denton's name.


LOL. They still don't believe that I know what I'm doing. So let's help them out. I was involved with Walter Denton because Walter came to me for help through John Toves. At the time I began communications with Walter, Walter had already sent his letter to Rome. I followed up with "Rome" for Walter and could tell by the reply that there were two concerns: 1) a need to identify other victims, and 2) they weren't going to tell me anything else. 

I understood this. Let's start with #2. The Vatican has the whole world to care for. The eternal destiny of souls is at stake, even those of the most egregious sinners, like a bishop who is a serial rapist of children. 

I did not once believe that Walter's case was being ignored. However, I was concerned that Kiko's bagged bishops and cooked cardinals could sink Walter's grievance. I believe my Rome contacts knew this to be true as well, which is why I think (they never actually instructed me) they wanted me to find more victims. They were needed to strengthen Walter's case. 

Through Walter and John, I was able to locate another victim. And through the second victim, a third was found. And through all three, more are now coming forward, including Doris Concepcion, who already has. 

It is not Rome's duty to care for the victims of sex abuse directly, it is the duty of the bishop of the diocese. However, Rome did not neglect Walter. Rome, through the bishop of the diocese where Walter now lives, reached out to him to offer him help and as far as I know, Walter has accepted the offer. I am not involved in that aspect of it. 

Now follow me here. It was NOT the accusations of sex abuse against Apuron that prompted emergency action by Rome. It was Apuron's response to those allegations which prompted emergency action by Rome. Apuron's public mistreatment of a 52 year old man (Roy) and a 70-plus year old woman of a dead son, and even of a dead man, was the proverbial last straw. 

I am sure that after watching the Archdiocese of Agana descend into a literal zoo (though zoos normally keep their animals caged) for the 16 months since the January 2015 Visitation,  Rome had already determined that Apuron was incapacitated and was not in control of this diocese. The horrid media statements by Edi the Waldo was what sealed the deal though. Edi, in Apuron's name accused Roy and poor Mrs. Concepcion of spreading calumnies and malicious lies and threatened to sue them into oblivion  with the help of some stupid "big stateside legal firm!"

Had Edi the Waldo NOT done those statements and had not launched his movie director career with that Daffy Deacon cartoon starring Deacon Tenorio, Apuron might be here yet. So thank you Edi, Adrian, and Putrid. You sunk the archbishop, and now you're probably trying to save your sorry asses by blaming everything on him. LOL. 

Now back to the conspiracy to topple the Archbishop. Absolutely. I have been openly conspiring on this blog to take down Apuron since he penned those ugly words "resign or face a more arduous and painful closure to your assignment" on July 16, 2013. There was something about those words that showed me the face of Satan. Something exploded inside me. Regardless of the merits or lack of them relative to demanding Fr. Paul's resignation, this mafioso threat by a spiritual father to his spiritual son told me something else was at work here. 

This was more than just "mean." This was the face of evil. And then I learned that while Apuron was meeting with Fr. Paul, he had arranged to have the locks changed on Fr. Paul's office so when Fr. Paul arrived home after his devastating meeting, he additionally found himself locked out of his own life! 

I made my decision at that moment. Apuron was going to GO, and not just GO, but GO DOWN IN DISGRACE, and his STINKING MONK with him. 

I didn't know I would later run into such sufferings souls like Roy, Walter, and Mrs. Concepcion. But when I did, I wasn't surprised. The evil I had uncovered in my three year crusade against this ABOMINATION IN THE TEMPLE was absolutely unfathomable. 

And after reading about what Apuron did to Walter in Walter's letter to Rome, I knew why God had set me on this path three year ago. And if you need some help in understanding that, then just watch the video from yesterday, where Walter stands in front of the house where Apuron raped him, points to the bedroom, and says through his tears: 


So go to hell, Diana.

* And for the record, as far as when Walter wanted to come forward, Walter wanted to come forward ever since Apuron raped him when he was the tender age of 13. He had no means to do so then and he had no means to do so until now. He came forward privately when he sent his letter to Rome, but he had no means of coming forward publicly because he knew Apuron would just call him a liar and threaten to sue him. For all the victims we have had to put legal protection for them in place. This was time consuming and expensive. And even with Atty David Lujan standing by the side of the first victim, Apuron (via Edi the Waldo) immediately attacked Roy. Imagine what Apuron would have done had Roy had no attorney or support system. Roy and Walter came forward on our schedule because we cared enough to make sure they were cared for and protected. But both came forward because THEY wanted to. We have several other victims who don't want to. We are respecting their decision. 

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