Friday, June 10, 2016


Relative to my interview with Patti this morning, I received some comments that were critical of Patti's handling of the conversation.

In Patti’s defense, she has been the only radio talk show host from the beginning willing to even entertain this discussion at any length. Patti has a duty to all her callers and I certainly wasn’t calling her out for inaction. Indeed, she has been at the center of this for quite awhile, and perhaps one of the most important players, since the media was our only hope of bringing attention to the problem. 

I also have no problem with people who choose just to pray and stay behind the scenes for whatever reason. We are all called to different roles. 

My frustration is with those who have done nothing publicly to help our cause but now suddenly want to have a public say; and with those, that now that we have gotten to this point, tell us to Go home and let Rome. NOT!

Our picket signs, rosaries, and words remain at the ready. 


  1. Patti and Phil have been our staunchest supporters. I thank them both for their willingness to take the heat through their shows. They try to be fair to all sides of an issue but they have been in the forefront of keeping our topics relevant. Thank you Patti & Phil.

  2. Tim, this reminds me a painful part of French history.

    After the fall of France in 1940 to Nazi Germany, most of the firebrand speakers against the Nazis, disappeared to show up inside the Vichy Government.

    The resistance movement from the beginning on June 18 1940, were mostly military personnel in hiding, or those able to escape away, and the very radical wing of the right who were profoundly anti-German.
    They also were the first victims of the vicious repression of the Nazis.

    Two years later, the communist party, joined the resistance, when Hitler attacked the Soviet Union.
    For two years there were very few willing to fight.
    The famous General de Gaulle had a huge struggle trying to keep all French political movements in one direction, while at the same time fighting Roosevelt who was trying to sideline him.
    In 1943 he was able to create a government of National unity, representing all the parties in the Resistance, and move his government to Algiers, to resist the Americans and English who wanted to bring him to heel.
    When the liberation finally succeeded, he not only was able to participate fully to the liberation of France, but also to keep the integrity of the government, against all odds, and many adversaries.
    On V day in Europe France was able to have 3 Armies in the field, and an active and efficient Navy on 4 Oceans.

    All that to tell you, that many of the ones that hid safely in Vichy, and who at the last minute, when it was obvious the allies would win, showed up for a share of the spoils. Needless to say they were not very welcome, despite their claims of resistance...passive as it was.

    The similarity is striking. While our situation is not as tragic as WWII, the same type of opportunist always shows up when the fight is almost over, to try to benefit from the sacrifices of others. That is a sad side of human nature.
    You have the Lions and the Badgers, but you also have the Hyenas and the Jackals.

  3. Please continue to be loud and make sure this doesn't die. From what I've seen so far I don't really see much being done. I'm up to this point skeptical that something is really being done. Although they did send someone, Tony is still Archbishop. So far this is all smoke and mirrors that may fool everyone into thinking action is being taken. I pray this is not the case.

  4. Patt and Phill have been a big help in their effort to help the cause. In Patti's case probably at a great risk to her relationship with family members. They were there when we needed them and I am grateful for their help. May God bless them.

  5. Tim, I'd like to look at it this way: Some were meant to lead; some were meant to follow. Some are articulate and vocal; some are quiet and observant. Some choose to stand up; some choose to remain sitting. Some choose to wait; some choose to move forward. Some choose to ACT; some choose to PRAY. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. There's room for us all in this world. While we take a new path of patience and faith in the new order, we must be VIGILANT! As long as we keep the same goal in mind and keep GOD in our hearts and minds, I believe the Holy Spirit will guide us all to a right and just PEACE. May God be with us all.

    1. David slew Goliath with a sling stone. . . Apuron and his Neocats and sympathizers in the Vatican have a lot of resources at their disposal to smear us Catholics on Guam. We are called liars, "prohibited society" followers. . .well, this is our island, and Chamorros and Filipinos, the two largest ethnic groups on the island come from good stock till you mess with our lives and make fun of us. Our voices are louder and we are of this island. Friends, there is strength in numbers! That is what Tim Rohr is saying!! We need more of the prayer group to do it publicly! We need guys willing to take action to stand in the face of these cowards and tell them straight to go you know where! So, let's get out there and join the ladies of the Laity Forward Movement!!

  6. A majority of the faithful and laity will continue to fiercely defend the authentic local Church, and yes, even risking a level of personal loss of social, professional and familial status or favor; a loss of popular attention or esteemed recognition; the loss of material rewards and benefits or worldly comfort and amenities, etc.

    What worth after all, would it be to retain all that if our local Catholic Church remains status quo, welcoming foreign factions intent on denying or ignoring the utmost reverence due Our Lord and our God’s “Real Presence” in the Consecrated Host or, if our local Church remains succumbed to forces bent on usurping local hierarchical Church authority and power so as to reinvent and redefine the true meaning and reason for the celebration of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass -- The Sum and Summit of our Catholic Faith and Church!

    The loss of the authenticity of our Faith and Church leads to the perdition of Catholic souls; thus, the preservation and protection of the authenticity of The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as instituted by Jesus Christ Himself, are what the battles of our Catholic faithful and laity have been about and what they will continue to be about if nothing changes!