Friday, June 10, 2016


Relative to my interview with Patti this morning, I received some comments that were critical of Patti's handling of the conversation.

In Patti’s defense, she has been the only radio talk show host from the beginning willing to even entertain this discussion at any length. Patti has a duty to all her callers and I certainly wasn’t calling her out for inaction. Indeed, she has been at the center of this for quite awhile, and perhaps one of the most important players, since the media was our only hope of bringing attention to the problem. 

I also have no problem with people who choose just to pray and stay behind the scenes for whatever reason. We are all called to different roles. 

My frustration is with those who have done nothing publicly to help our cause but now suddenly want to have a public say; and with those, that now that we have gotten to this point, tell us to Go home and let Rome. NOT!

Our picket signs, rosaries, and words remain at the ready. 

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