Monday, July 25, 2016


Posted by Bruce A. Williams


Be Courageous!

In our daily lives we are rarely faced with situations that call for "heroic deeds". But we are forever faced with decisions that require "judgement". Do I go this way or that way? What shirt should I wear today? Do I lie or tell the truth? Will this be good for my career? Will I regret this in the morning? On average we make hundreds of decisions per day.

In this time in history, the Catholic faithful of Guam are faced with several faith based decisions. Do we speak out against the wrongs that Apurun has committed or do we keep our heads in the sand and remain anonymobystanders. I mean who are we to "judge", right? In the protest line yesterday a parishioner got in the line behind me to attend mass. She grumbled that (she) should not have to see these signs before going to pray at Mass. I agree!

AB Hon should have quickly addressed AAA's attack on the victim's and issued an APOLOGY. He should not have IGNORED Walter on the steps of the Cathedral! Hon should be keeping the faithful appraised of the "investigation" by Rome. Hon should be investigating the RMS property and the NCW's wayward ways! Hon should have entered into "dialogue" with the CCOG!

Knowledge is power and the TRUTH will prevail. The other faith based decision facing the faithful is "Do I want to know the truth and get more information or do I just want this all to go away! I hate the confrontation! And again, I agree! Confrontation takes COURAGE, a conviction of faith! A righteous thirst for justice.

The link below talks about courage!

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