Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Posted by Webster.

On July 16 three years ago, Fr. Paul Gofigan was ignominiously fired as Pastor of Santa Barbara, to the point of being locked out from his office upon his return from his Inquisition before Apuron, David, and Adrian. Without due process, not even a shred of civility and decency, and in clear violation of Canon Law as Fr. Dacanay, his canon lawyer, so eloquently pointed out in his appeal, Fr. Paul was fired and ran out of Santa Barbara. Yes, the "painful and arduous" experience that was threatened by the Three Goons if he did not voluntarily resigned had just begun. Three years later, not a word, even a note, NADA, from Rome on his appeal. Hon promised a year and a half ago to look into it. Nothing, NADA, came out of it. Doesn't this sound like Gestapo Germany?

On July 25 two years ago, two of the three goose stepping Goons with the Heil Blessing of the third (yes, the same ones!), imperiously and condescendingly walked into Monsignor James Benavente's office at the Pastoral Center and announced his removal as rector and other positions. The basis for his removal? Well, he had to find that out himself from the media because that is where the three Goons decided to maliciously spread lies of financial impropriety by Monsignor James. Although promised, no written allegations were ever given to him so that he can properly defend himself. He had to sort that out in the media, and in the interim, the Trained Lawyer, for and on behalf of the Three Goons, was hastily collecting information and informing the Presbyterial Council of the allegations against Monsignor James, none of which was formally written and none were given to the members. She would have been thrown out of court if she tried to pull that stunt at the Superior Court.  To this date, Monsignor James has not received any written allegations, formal or otherwise, against him to justify his firing. And his canonical appeal to Rome? Not a word, NADA, nothing. Hitler would be proud.

July 21 is the day Guam was liberated from the cruel occupation by Japan, who along with Germany started World War II. We cherish and celebrate every year the freedom and civil rights that was restored to us by the United States. But July is not a time for celebrating for two holy priests, who along with their families, were humiliated, demeaned, defamed, and stripped of their dignity, self worth, and civil rights.

Hon, do the right thing, and start by immediately revoking the decrees against these two priests, reinstate them to the positions that was wrongfully taken from them, and restore their good name. Then and only then can we begin to have some glimmer of hope that you are doing the right thing.

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