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It is kind of a bittersweet anniversary, where we celebrate the end of a brutal occupation by the Japanese Empire.
At the same time we continue to be subjected to a more devious and pernicious occupation of our churches by the Evil Empire of Kiko Arguello Wirtz.

While our ancestors knew well the dangers posed by the Japanese occupiers, it is more difficult to identify the real dangers posed by the Neocatecumenal Way.
The reason being, that said movement pretends to be one of us, while doing everything in our backs to destroy everything we stand for.

This is why it is important to use this anniversary to remind ourselves of the dangers we are facing.
These dangers are not to be underestimated, and we must be steadfast in our determination.

Setting up the stage.

On December 9 1999, Archbishop Apuron opened a Pandora's box, he shall be incapable to close.

When the doors of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary on Guam opened for business, few people noticed. It was a small operation, run from a private house, with seminarians hosted in famillies around the island.
After Typhoon Pongsona in 2002, which saw the destruction of 1800 homes around the island. RMS had to find new digs, as their original one was also destroyed. This allowed the NCW, through the Archdiocese, to embark in a campaign of fundraising which was very successful, and ultimately would permit them to look beyond this small operation.
The ulterior damage to our Church, might have longer effects than the Typhoon ever did.


During the ensuing 10 years, RMS would graduate some new priests, many of them have now totally disappeared.

Archbishop Apuron sees an opportunity to shine.
 While the early results were far from stellar, it was enough to give Apuron a taste of what could be.
The pressure was on to establish a "real" seminary. An establishment where Apuron could be seen as a trailblazer, an example of success that could be propped up to his fellow Bishops, to encourage them in allowing a RMS in their Diocese.
What most people did not see, is that unlike other dioceses where RMS were opened, the RMS on Guam was fully funded by the Archdiocese, under the guise that it was a diocesan seminary.

There was a great opportunity presenting itself in the bankruptcy of the former Hotel in Yona.
Problem was, NCW was not going to spend their money in it. Apuron went on a search for donations, but they needed funds that equaled about 4 years of appeals.
Thanks to the hard work of anonymous religious orders, here and abroad the Archdiocese found a willing donor to help in the purchase of the property, litteraly for pennies on the dollar.
That donor from St Louis, agreed to the donation as long as she could remain anonymous. The deal was struck thanks to these anonymous religious who spend countless time and effort on behalf of our failed Archbishop.
This is where the lies started to pile up. The Archdiocese was now the proud owner of a great Ocean property .
What will transpire later will shock many in disbelief.

2002 WHEN THE TIRES HIT THE ROAD.  (next on part III)

 Continued on Part 3


  1. Yes. Ironically we are remembering and celebrating being free from the Japanese invaders, we are still waiting for the Vatican to deliver us from the hostile take over of our Catholic Church in Guam. If omens are what they are, then the passing of Carmen may be that sign. I guess ABH is HON tied to fight by his Neo superiors. Still hoping though.

  2. You could be right anon at 2.35. But in our case, I would not expect a large landing liberation force. Looks like the Resistance will have to do the heavy lifting.