Tuesday, July 12, 2016


PDN: Church revising sex abuse response policy, names coordinator

Arroyo confirmed the revision of the sex abuse response policy, but said the revision was not directly a result of the recent public accusations against Apuron.

He said it is about making sure the best policy is formulated.

“It is to go over the policy, see if there’s revision or update needed. That is being done by the team,” Arroyo told the Pacific Daily News.

Ummmm, let's see now. The policy has not been revised since it was instituted in 2002, EVEN after the USCCB updated its policy to zero tolerance later that same year and the Vatican itself, as recently as 2013, directed Apuron to fix it because it was so deficient, and Apuron did not. And now Arroyo says "nothing to see here." But, oh, yah, he's the same guy who wants us to think that raping little boys is just a "misunderstanding." 


cc: Doris

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