Monday, July 11, 2016


I will have something more extensive about Bill Pesch's column in today's PDN later, but for now let us note that Pesch's column not only clarifies in layman's terms the nature of the current civil suit for libel and slander, but permits us to once again note this extreme example of what we have to call KARMA. 

Since Apuron brought a certain Brazilian named Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira to Guam in the early 2000's, Oliveira has noticeably been Apuron's pet - almost constantly at his side, as he was for Apuron's recent escape from Guam. 

Oliveira (aka Edivaldo, Orange Juice, Edi, Edi the Waldo, or just "Waldo") has taken advantage of every bit of his privileged treatment. Puffed up with himself he strutted about Guam as if he was on the fast track for Guam's next bishop (and no doubt that is what Apuron would have liked). 

When things recently took a turn for the worst for Apuron, Edivaldo busted into the chancery and took over, casting himself as the chancery's spokesman but obviously he (along with Pius) was much more than that. 

On May 13, he publicly broadcast a major hit piece on myself and the CCOG. Then on May 20, he directed Deacon Tenorio in his infamous short film feature "The Deacon goes Dakon," featuring "Edi" himself as the writer, director, producer, and the only other actor in the film - his fist pump being caught in the reflection in the glass behind Tenorio when Tenorio uttered a key line - obviously written by "Waldo." 

However, his all-star performance really came on May 31, 2016 when he handed us the opportunity we were waiting for: A CHANCE TO GET APURON INTO COURT. 

Oliveira publicly released a hit piece on Doris Concepcion (the mother of the now deceased Sonny Quinata), accusing her of making: "Another malicious and calumnious accusation against the Archbishop.

In the same hit piece he named myself and my "associates" and blamed us for: insults, violence, the destruction of the Catholic Church, confusing and misleading the faithful, provoking false testimony, inciting people to hatred, orchestrating scandal and confusion, grave errors, and attempting with “cruel intent to injure the Archbishop” and the Catholic Church. 

I am sure that Oliveira was quite proud of himself and he should be. He was able to do something - in fact two things - that I, after 3 years, had not been able to do myself: 1) get the Pope to take immediate action, and 2) provide a legal path to get Apuron into court. 

How "Karma-tic" that Apuron's boy-toy, his precious Edivaldo, is the one in the end to bring down Apuron's Thirty Year Reign of Terror and bring about Apuron's own "arduous and painful closure" to his assignment - which will soon be followed by that of Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira.

Thank you, Edivaldo. Thank you. 

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