Monday, July 11, 2016


I will have something more extensive about Bill Pesch's column in today's PDN later, but for now let us note that Pesch's column not only clarifies in layman's terms the nature of the current civil suit for libel and slander, but permits us to once again note this extreme example of what we have to call KARMA. 

Since Apuron brought a certain Brazilian named Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira to Guam in the early 2000's, Oliveira has noticeably been Apuron's pet - almost constantly at his side, as he was for Apuron's recent escape from Guam. 

Oliveira (aka Edivaldo, Orange Juice, Edi, Edi the Waldo, or just "Waldo") has taken advantage of every bit of his privileged treatment. Puffed up with himself he strutted about Guam as if he was on the fast track for Guam's next bishop (and no doubt that is what Apuron would have liked). 

When things recently took a turn for the worst for Apuron, Edivaldo busted into the chancery and took over, casting himself as the chancery's spokesman but obviously he (along with Pius) was much more than that. 

On May 13, he publicly broadcast a major hit piece on myself and the CCOG. Then on May 20, he directed Deacon Tenorio in his infamous short film feature "The Deacon goes Dakon," featuring "Edi" himself as the writer, director, producer, and the only other actor in the film - his fist pump being caught in the reflection in the glass behind Tenorio when Tenorio uttered a key line - obviously written by "Waldo." 

However, his all-star performance really came on May 31, 2016 when he handed us the opportunity we were waiting for: A CHANCE TO GET APURON INTO COURT. 

Oliveira publicly released a hit piece on Doris Concepcion (the mother of the now deceased Sonny Quinata), accusing her of making: "Another malicious and calumnious accusation against the Archbishop.

In the same hit piece he named myself and my "associates" and blamed us for: insults, violence, the destruction of the Catholic Church, confusing and misleading the faithful, provoking false testimony, inciting people to hatred, orchestrating scandal and confusion, grave errors, and attempting with “cruel intent to injure the Archbishop” and the Catholic Church. 

I am sure that Oliveira was quite proud of himself and he should be. He was able to do something - in fact two things - that I, after 3 years, had not been able to do myself: 1) get the Pope to take immediate action, and 2) provide a legal path to get Apuron into court. 

How "Karma-tic" that Apuron's boy-toy, his precious Edivaldo, is the one in the end to bring down Apuron's Thirty Year Reign of Terror and bring about Apuron's own "arduous and painful closure" to his assignment - which will soon be followed by that of Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira.

Thank you, Edivaldo. Thank you. 


  1. Not being facetious but "Where's Waldo"? Still playing deflector and defender by Apuron's side in Rome? Are they staying inside one of the Vatican apartments, with accommodations provided by the Holy See or at our Archdiocese's expense? Can they be extradited to Guam to be deposed or do they have legal protection while inside the Vatican? Can they move about as they please to other countries or is there travel restricted by the Pope? Sorry about all the questions but inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Apuron is touring Italy staying in NCW communties. He is not inside the Vatican. In fact he seems to be rather enjoying himself. He still holds credit cards drawing funds from Archdiocesan special accounts. No shortage of funds to continue his lavish life style abroad. Yes people of Guam still paying for his expensive dinners!

    2. You can catch his comedy show at Our Lady of Peace parish in Chalan Pago. You'll see why I say comedy show if you ever attend one of his services.

    3. Actually Darlene he is back in Chalan Pago wrecking havoc with his silly sermons. Still pulls off the Roman Collar when he gets a chance or he wears it haphazardly. After his protestant blessing of the food at a recent Rosary he says "let's attack the food". I think he was making fun of the Chamorro's in the hall that evening.

  2. Pride, Arrogance, and their Narcissism got the better of him! It simply amazes me that these guys in the Chancery and the hanchos of the Neocats and the Seminary think they are invincible! They have no idea who they are up against! The Laity of Guam is a major force to be reckoned with. With guys like Dave Lujan, the families of the victims; the Laity Forward Movement; the CCOG; the Silent No More Group and the many supporters giving this vibrant Blog (JungleWatch), facts; documents; first hand observations of the wrong that is seeping through our Church; photos of illicit masses and disregard of the Holy Father's admonition regarding the Sacrifice of the Mass; etc., they and this Archbishop from Rome, Hon, STILL DON'T GET IT!! YOU AIN'T GOING TO WIN, SO GIVE UP, and FIX the PROBLEMS AS IDENTIFIED BY THE LAITY!! HON GET MOVING!! The forces of Good are with the Laity. They are inspired, motivated, and demanding justice for the victims of sexual abuse by Apuron; they demand removal of the cancer and the puss that is causing division among the Faithful--the Neocatechumenal Way. I understand that a Bishop or Archbishop has the authority to tell them to conform to the Magesterium of the Church; their statutes as approved by the Vatican, and subsequent directives by the Pope to correct some of their practices when offering the Mass. So, Archbishop Hon, here's your chance to take care of this matter right away. If you need evidence, we can provide that to you. Read JungleWatch!

  3. Thank you, Edi Boy!

  4. Hehehehe! It just shows you how inept these people are in the Chancery when they are challenged! This is the real world, Edivaldo. In business, if you did what you did to your boss, you would be fired on the spot. Go back to Brazil, son. You don't belong here.

  5. Mr. Tim Rohr, don't you also have grounds to sue apuron, edivaldo, et. al for slander and libel? If so, I say sue their asses off!

  6. So this is the silver lining to having endured Monkey-Valdo's presence on island, with his ill-conceived homilies regarding sucking oranges and masturbating monkey's. Seeing that he led the "way" for justice to be wrought on his pedophile Archbishop and himself, well, it's just priceless and so worth the filth we had to put up with all these years. Thank you Monkey-Valdo! Thank you!

  7. I've been thinking about this all weekend, so here's a thought. The punchline of all of this is that the Neo cult has switched gears now to this whole "forgive forgive" thing. It's not just hypocritical a la Waldo's threats and all that crap, but it's such a twisting of the Lord's words.

    If justice is a virtue, then at its base it's giving to others what is their due. When we're talking about an abuser, that's a no brainer. When that abuser is the chief pastor of souls, it's the spirit of Judas at work.

    But if justice is a virtue, and in its divine capacity it is the the making beautiful that which has been deformed, then it means justice requires not so much punishment, but a clear acknowledgment that the way things are is a deformity. The rape of Walter and the molestation of the others deformed them in a very real way that they are still dealing with. To even intend to make things beautiful again means owning up to causing the deformity. And it's then that even Apuron can participate, at least at a distance, in the the re-emergence of beauty that he would have tried to bring back.

    That's all these victims ever wanted.

    And now their whole "But Christians forgive automatically, no matter what, regardless of the damage, so you should forgive, or else you're not a good Christian like we are"--without any acknowledgment of the harm done--is nothing more than Neo shit. For them, we are just terrible creatures, so let us be content with our deformity. Let us revel in deformity!

    So now with Hon and Fr Joel--just be peaceful with deformity and cancer. We're all sick, so let's be ok with sickness. That's where the Church is today. We've transcended cynicism and made its conclusions into something that passes for hope. It's a conflation of presumption and despair into the same avoidance of holiness.

    And Waldo is the crown prince of this brave new Kiko-world. Luther must be laughing himself silly in hell.

    Keep up the pressure, folks. But keep to Eucharist (daily if you can), and always the Rosary.

  8. Waldo ,
    Have you been to see Tarzan? Some of your relatives had leading roles. Actually they were better looking than you.

  9. Young man, fix your priestly collar properly? Edivaldo you're young and not born yesterday. What the Catholic Church in Guam is experiencing here Rome was the role model. And Edi If you have a problem or any other concerns then I suggest you "Write your concerns to the Vatican?" Edi you smell all the good things coming to an end? The comforts Arch Apuron has showered you with, kiss it good bye.

  10. Hon and priests read read Wisdom ch.6 in your Catholic Bibles

    Synopsis: Wisdom applies justice equally to all. Therefore, scrutiny demands the great and powerful be more accountable to righteousness than the small and weak.

    "Listen therefore, O kings, and understand; learn, O judges of the ends of the earth. Give ear, you that rule over multitudes, and boast of many nations. For your dominion was given you from the Lord, and your sovereignty from the Most High, who will search out your works and inquire into your plans. Because as servants of His Kingdom you did not rule rightly, nor keep the Law, nor walk according to the purpose of God, He will come upon you terribly and swiftly, because severe judgment falls on those in high places. For the lowliest man may be pardoned in mercy, but mighty men will be mightily tested. For the Lord of all will not stand in awe of any one, nor show deference to greatness; because He Himself made both small and great, and He takes thought for all alike. But a strict inquiry is in store for the mighty. To you then, O monarchs, my words are directed, that you may learn wisdom and not transgress.

  11. Did Harold abandon ship?

  12. Muchas gracias, obrigado
    To the presbyter Waldo
    For your antics entertaining
    Leading to a court restraining.
    "Por que estou queimando?"

  13. so what is going on. Heard there might be changes in Agat and Merizo with the priest down there.

  14. Feeling sorry for his Parish....what's left? The solar panels!

  15. Tim, is this photo of Edi boy real? It is horrid.

  16. Wow, maybe the NEO's are gonna use this blog and counter sue us for saying stuff about them, oh no worries, it's all true what we say about the NEO's and AA. Hope we can watch the precedings live.

    1. Yo, OJ...where's your law suit??

  17. Suspect this OJ is a scandalous individual. Longed believed this.
    He has no place on Guam.

  18. Fr. Jeff,
    You probably read this from canon law. You have power. Use it for the Church.
    Code of Canon Law
    IntraText - Text
    Previous - Next
    Click here to hide the links to concordance
    Art. 1.


    Can. 475 §1. In each diocese the diocesan bishop must appoint a vicar general who is provided with ordinary power according to the norm of the following canons and who is to assist him in the governance of the whole diocese.

    §2. As a general rule, one vicar general is to be appointed unless the size of the diocese, the number of inhabitants, or other pastoral reasons suggest otherwise.

    Can. 476 Whenever the correct governance of a diocese requires it, the diocesan bishop can also appoint one or more episcopal vicars, namely, those who in a specific part of the diocese or in a certain type of affairs or over the faithful of a specific rite or offer certain groups of persons possess the same ordinary power which a vicar general has by universal law, according to the norm of the following canons.

    Can. 477 §1. The diocesan bishop freely appoints a vicar general and an episcopal vicar and can freely remove them, without prejudice to the prescript of ⇒ can. 406. An episcopal vicar who is not an auxiliary bishop is to be appointed only for a time to be determined in the act of appointment.

    §2. When a vicar general is absent or legitimately impeded, a diocesan bishop can appoint another to take his place; the same norm applies to an episcopal vicar.

    Can. 478 §1. A vicar general and an episcopal vicar are to be priests not less than thirty years old, doctors or licensed in canon law or theology or at least truly expert in these disciplines, and recommended by sound doctrine, integrity, prudence, and experience in handling matters.

    §2. The function of vicar general and episcopal vicar can neither be coupled with the function of canon penitentiary nor be entrusted to blood relatives of the bishop up to the fourth degree.

    Can. 479 §1. By virtue of office, the vicar general has the executive power offer the whole diocese which belongs to the diocesan bishop by law, namely, the power to place all administrative acts except those, however, which the bishop has reserved to himself or which require a special mandate of the bishop by law.

    §2. By the law itself an episcopal vicar has the same power mentioned in §1 but only offer the specific part of the territory or the type of affairs or the faithful of a specific rite or group for which he was appointed, except those cases which the bishop has reserved to himself or to a vicar general or which require a special mandate of the bishop by law.

    §3. Within the limit of their competence, the habitual faculties granted by the Apostolic See to the bishop and the execution of rescripts also pertain to a vicar general and an episcopal vicar, unless it has been expressly provided otherwise or the personal qualifications of the diocesan bishop were chosen.

    Can. 480 A vicar general and an episcopal vicar must report to the diocesan bishop concerning the more important affairs which are to be handled or have been handled, and they are never to act contrary to the intention and mind of the diocesan bishop.

    Can. 481 §1. The power of a vicar general and an episcopal vicar ceases at the expiration of the time of the mandate, by resignation, by removal made known to them by the diocesan bishop, without prejudice to cann. ⇒ 406 and ⇒ 409, and at the vacancy of the episcopal see.

    §2. When the function of the diocesan bishop is suspended, the power of a vicar general and an episcopal vicar is suspended also unless they are bishops.