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Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch correspondent from Spain.

"La ignorancia es atrevida", we say in Spanish to mean only the ignorant dare to mess up giving lessons to others. Neocatechumenals are very ignorant and then very brave in their ignorance. 

I am convinced the Neocatechumenal Way is the charism to model perfect brave ignorant people.  In that sense, Opus Dei is the opposite example of well formed people in catholic Church Teachings and Doctrine, so they use to aspire to vanguard positions everywhere. Neocatechumenals are called to be the large populate on streets, those who are carried here and there to clap, sing and dance.

You can not wait for excellence among neocatechumenals. When a neocatechumenal one is the best option to have, then please pray and penitence. Mediocrity is in the pack. Do not expect more. That is the real danger of all these people reaching at positions which require some responsability. 

Diana is a nice example. If she represents the highest level of knowledge in catholic matters, then pray and penitence as well because I prefer not imagining the level of people around her. 

Diana, the Neocatechumenal Way's voicer in Guam, surely is able to tell some misdrash to neocatechumenal children and even to pronounce some jewish words in her monitions and catechesis, but she is an absolute ignorant of basic questions of catholicism, maybe she was dreaming with flowers and coloured fish when attending to her First Communion catechesis.

She dares to correct somebody as Chuch Withe in doctrinal matters with afirmations which are typical of, in Spanish "maestro de todo, aprendiz de nada", in English more or less "Master of all, aprentice of nothing". A "disaster-master". 

Fray Luis de Leon's classroom at ancient Salamanca University, Spain.

Her argument about Kiko's real status of Prophet (only recognised among neocatechumenals, of course) is based on next Pope Francis words: "all of us who are baptized are prophets". By beautiful Love, Diana, all of us, catholics, are prophets, priests and kings through our Baptism from the beginning of the times, but not since Pope Francis has said it, it is an essential catholic truth you could have read in your Catechism in 2016 and even before! 

Maybe you have not done yet that stage of the Way where you have to use the Catechism, I know. I have to consider you are a baptized catholic with still a faith of Little Boy Jesus, as Kiko says. I have to consider Catechism is not a well seen book for neos and that all of you will never read it if Kiko did not tell you. 

So, please, if you want to show Charles White the sources of your wisdom, please, be serious. This remindes me a very elocuent and funny moment during the Third Scrutiny of the Way, when my community was at lost stage, Election. 

One of my brothers in faith dared to say to our catechist: "The Truth will make us free, as Jesus said" and our catechist, who never had liked that brother since he entered the Way, shout at him with violence: "Do not put in Jesus' mouth your fucking slogans of cheap propaganda". 

He was black with rage, he wanted to hit him, but our parish priest, who was in our community too, shouted in loud voice: "do not hit him, please, he is not saying any propaganda slogan of his own, I read it in a banner when we come on pilgrimage for the WYD in Poland" (refering to the first one celebrated with John Paul II in his country). 

I could not belive it! Our parish priest was a dominican, supposedly highly skilled for predication and with many hours of study, and he belived "Truth make us free" was a nice sentence he read in a banner during a pilgrimage with JPII. I can imagine why dominicans are close to dissapear. Historically they were the Domini canis, dogs of our Lord, to bark and bite in His defense. 

That dominican was failed, he was a complete mediocre in catholic formation. He ilustrates, as my catechist, what kind of enemy we are facing. Diana, please, read the Catechism and go to original sources if possible, it would help you a lot, but do not use a mere speech of a Pope, Church has been studying for many centuries to offer you all you find in catholic Catechism. Value that effort. 

Dear Diana, Kiko is a prophet as you as me, he is no more prophet than any baptised catholic. He is also king, as you and me. Also a priest. But that priestood given to us by our baptism is not exactly the same as ministerial priesthood. In the same way, he is "king" but that royalty does not mean Kiko would be King of Jerusalem, would't he?. Continue the deduction: Kiko is not a prophet as the prophet you read in the Bible, although all neocatechumenals do adore him as if he was. 

That is the aspect which makes Charles White and every catholic well formed laugh a lot. 

Please, use the link you give in your blog to read about Apologetics. I would recommend you to go further. Take your Catechism with a pencil and a paper and take notes about documents you could read like Encyclicals, very easy to find in libraries and very cheap to buy. Those written by John Paul II were very easy to read and comprehend, Benedict XVI had more intelectual level, maybe a bit more difficult if you are not familiarised. And of course, Pope Francis is very easy to read, easier than reading misdrash, I am sure. 

Of course your argument about Kiko Arguello's words on "natural religiosity" and the concept of "natural religion" defined by catholic Apologetics are very different things. Let me compare it with apples and bananas. You talk about apples and the concept underlined by Apologetics is "bananas". 

Both are fruits but anything else. Kiko's despective expression has nothing to do with the natural tendency in men and women to look for God because are his creatures. It means a man born in Madagascar as well as a man born in France is a religious being by his own nature, because he has a natural, not cultural, tendency for religious sense. Animals do not have it. Only humans. Searching for God, then, is something given just for humans. That natural religiosity is something previous to the fact of being muslim, catholic or atheist by decision. 

Kiko refers to those people who decided to be religious -in the sense of practising a religion- only as a cultural or social behaviour, without more worrying than obeying some precepts as a minimum, thinking they just fulfill. Kiko talks in that sense about "cumplimiento", which have two terms: "cumplir" (fulfill) and "miento" (equal to "-ment"), whith the "funny" thing that in Spanish "miento" also means "lie". Kiko says their faith is pure cumplimiento with that joke or language game: fulfill and lie. 

Apologetics developed that natural tendency in humans for religiousity in the context of explaining if a man or a woman would go to heaven if he or she had not have a chance to hear about catholic Church and baptism. What happens with those cases? Catholic Church says given that natural tendency to look for God and the good in every human individual, it does not matter if you lived far from being evangelized by Church and far from hearing about JesusChrist, you will be saved even when -in that case- was impossible for you to receive the sacrament of baptism. 

To finish, just a third precision, Diana. Next thing Charles knows perfectly, you do not. The Pope does not always talk ex-cathedra, only in very few circumstances. The last Pope who talked ex-cathedra was Pius XII in 1950 to define Assumption of Mary as an article of faith. The simple wikipedia will help you to understand it. 

So, please, do not consider like ex-cathedra everything said by any Pope in any circumstance. If even the Pope does not always talk ex-cathedra, of course even less Kiko. 

Kiko likes being considered like talking ex-cathedra. Please, Diana, take all recommendations given by different Popes for Kiko and Carmen and Neocatechumenals. Just read and compare with reality. 

And think about the way the Church tells you to obey the Truth and where is that Truth kept for you to read and know it by your own. It is quite different to the obedience you have to pay for -self named- "prophet Kiko". If you read Sacred Magisterium by your own, I granted you will discover how Kiko reinterpretes it for you. Good luck and enjoy it!

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