Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Posted by Tim Rohr

We must never lose sight of the fact that Hon is here for one reason and one reason only: to save the Neocatechumenal Way, not just on Guam, but worldwide. 

The kiko-hierarchy knows that what is going on in Guam is extremely dangerous to the NCW's global operations. This is why they did not send some trouble-shooter type auxiliary bishop to Guam to fix things. 

This is why, instead, they sent the Secretary of a major Vatican congregation, a congregation thoroughly compromised and infiltrated by the kiko's. 

A big red flag telling us that this is true is the fact that Hon has ZERO pastoral experience, never having pastored not even so much as a parish let alone a diocese, and let alone one of the most troubled dioceses in the world. 

If Rome really wanted to mend the division in Guam and restore unity, they would have sent us someone with some experience as a pastor. Instead, they sent us a bureaucrat with orders to dismiss and steer clear of the sex abuse allegations - which is why he did so until presented with a law suit. 

Don't be misled with his "the pope sent me" stuff. This is the same crap the kiko's tell us. "The pope sent us. " 

The pope, since he is the big boss, in effect, "sends" everyone. But the pope wasn't sitting at his desk personally reading all our letters and documents and then got the bright idea to send Hon. Hon, when things got too hot for Apuron, was selected by the neocat powers and the pope simply gave his official stamp to the mission as it was "sold" to him, which is why he told Hon to take "urgent measures." 

But Hon's real mission is otherwise as we can clearly see.

Thanks to the people on the streets who will NOT let up, and who did not go away after "two weeks," Hon's job got a lot harder than he planned. However, you can bet that he is working over time on how to sneak his agenda around us. 

He will find a way to preserve RMS because those are his orders. 

Even if he is presented with hard evidence that the seminary property was stolen by Apuron, and even if he is somehow forced to see to its return, there is nothing keeping Hon from keeping the seminary going. The return of the property will not shut down the seminary. In fact, he will use the "return of the property" as a foil to mask his plan to preserve RMS.

It won't matter that the seminary is a sham. And it won't matter even if we can prove it. He can continue this fraud as long as someone will pay for it.

The truth about Hon's mission can be seen here. 

The information here is disgustingly deceptive. He is trying to buy us by pretending to show that he is supporting the "local" seminarians (SJPG) just as much as he is the kiko's (RMS). 

The absolute absurdity is that there are only TWO "seminarians" at SJPG and not one cent of the $92,370.80 being spent on these two "seminarians" is going towards any legitimate formation because the "academic" arm of the two "seminaries," the Blessed Diego Institute, has NO verifiable current academic charter, NO demonstrable curriculum, and NO evidence of stable professorships. (Read Frenchie's investigative series here.)

What a bunch of sick crap this is. 

Aaron Quitugua was denied entry into an off-island seminary because (he was told by Adrian) that the the archdiocese did not have the funds. Normal costs for an off-island seminary averaged about $32,000 per year per seminarian - and it was for a real education. 

Here Hon has us spending (so far) $46,000 per year per seminarian (at SJPG) for nothing but a money laundering scheme where (and get this) Fr. Francesco, of "meeeellions and meeeellions" fame, and who couldn't test out of kindergarten, is the freaking Latin teacher. 



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